*2nd Update 8/8/19* Classic wow - BG Forum Fam

I set up a Discord server. The invite link is https://discord.gg/KttxkFE.

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Thanks Floyln. I put this in the original post.

Grobbulus RP-PvP

This is the realm we will be on.

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Hype is intensifying

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Yea you’ve spread this on all of our classic convos. If you don’t want to play with us it’s cool but no need to try to discourage others from doing it.

Speak from your own experience on rp pvp realms instead of just relying on what a few outliers are saying.

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I didn’t notice it in this thread. I guess it was buried in another thread?

Just giving others a heads-up about some of the players on their realm. People can read that thread if they’re bored. It’s kinda amusing.

“Others” are 18+ and don’t need mommy’s teet imo. All you’re doing is bringing in negativity for no reason.

Yea Classic :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

Enjoy your short trip down memory lane then remember why TBC and every xpac to follow was an improvement in one way or another…

Class :face_vomiting: ic :poop:

lol cool story bro

seek help. thank me later.

Apparently playing classic is a great way to get away from idiots. At least that’s what my intuition is telling me lately. I can’t quite explain it.

ok yeah I could but nah.


Lol! You have to go with your gut on that one.

left alone for reasons… but nah.

you’re adopted. its what your intuition just told me but it didn’t want to go into the details.

Great now my mom is wondering who got c-sectioned out of her all those years ago.

Methinks thou doth not know how intuition works.



I think he’s just an angry subscriber looking to blow off steam on the forums and feel good about himself when he gets banned. Let him wander off to gd where he get’s insta banned.

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Oh I don’t mind helping someone get banned :smiley:

I’m a helpful gnome.

more like bored. banned you say? sub expires in seconds. :sunglasses:
MMO addiction is a real issue. I seriously suggest you go get help.

Lol I’m not addicted. Your post in the other thread was me talking about ashes of creation… a new game in the works. If you actually read a conversation before engaging you could do wonders.