20 minute queues for 6 minute games

does it matter how long av is or does the honor and rep matter?why should anyone care you want an 1hr long av?

the honor and rep is all that matters from av.

I was Horde since Vanilla, so yeah I’m going to be Horde again! gasp I have also been Alliance for several years as well.

You know there’ve also been times when Alliance weren’t the minority due to racials?

You guys seem to forget such things. :woman_shrugging:

The option that alliance were told - reroll or go back to retail.
You chose the over populated faction. Common sense should have let you come to the conclusion you would have a queue time.


The queue time isn’t my issue. Me choosing to play Horde on day one has zero to do with math, btw. It is what it is.

The issue is that PvP RARELY exists in AV, so you spend all that time because Alliance don’t want to engage in PvP and instead ride straight to Drek… THE END. (and you cheat to do so, to boot)

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Yeah that was like 12 years ago. Then BC hit and Horde got all the elves.

You’ve not been a minority for like a decade. Enjoy your que times, nothing blizzard can do.

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No, Alliance had EMFH after BE’s existed, so you’re wrong.

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You want pvp there is wsg and soon enough AB. t’s like you never played AV. Stopping for a horde fight kills rep/honor gains as alliance so we don’t bother unless we are forced.

They told you the game would be 1.12 version of everything. Maybe you are just part of the ’ you think you do but you don’t’ crowd.

It’s a BATTLEGROUND, Princess. PvP is expected.

Rep is also a thing, so we have to AV!

ETA: I Play on D only. I go to AV and look for the PvP. I don’t try to escape it.

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Just chalk it up as being part of the ‘you think you do but really don’t’ crowd. You want the game to adjust for ‘fairness’ or to change AV in a non vanilla way for more pvp combat - go play retail.

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If I wanted to play retail I wouldn’t have ditched it 4 years ago.

Get out of here with your rergurgitated b.s.

Alliance roll on PvP realms when they don’t want to PvP.
Alliance players play PvE battelgrounds because they don’t want to PvP.

The AV we’re playing now isn’t even the original. The epic battles aren’t there.

It’s YOU who wants the change.

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It’s 1.12 version according to blue post - they have been releasing all content as the 1.12 version.

Yep, all Alliance don’t want to pvp. In the end it’s a player made issue and only players can solve it. Try racking your brain with your faction to come up with better strats to force your AV turtles.

I literally just rode along side the Alliance on their conga line to Galv and they did nothing. Lol pathetic.

Go play wsg for pvp interaction. There are 2 battlegrounds out.

Or better yet, Nova/sheep dismount them to stop them from playing their objectives.

Nova/sheep them? No wai!!!
Don’t tell me which buttons to press when you only know how to press W

Already got my main and alt av exalted so something is working with ally meta. I’ve done multiple 6+ hour runs through wsg which has been a blast since BGs have dropped.

Honestly sounds like you need a break or find people interested in wsg to play with you.

What the hell do I need a break from? Sounds like Alliance need to stop being afraid to PvP in a PvP battleground. There are plenty of dungeons for you to run instead.

WSG is my favourite BG, but this is a topic about AV so we’ll stick to discussing that.

Guessing you’re posting on a retail character because you’re classic toon is horde. Sorry, but not sorry. You all deserve it. You didn’t want to hear it when alliance were in the same boat. So get gud, re-roll, quit, stop QQ, or w/e other stupid things you all had to say when we were screwed.

Alliance always calling horde toxic but it takes some real self realization to realize how they act on the forums.

I would if I could faction change. I’ve already put 4 months into this character. I’d just as soon quit WoW.

Our server faction balance is 55/45. The issue is cross-realm BGs. I just hope they open up faction changes because this is brutally boring.