18 bots in Steamvault on my server, all 58 boosted

NB4 Delicious “Uh excuse me but there are only 13 Level 58 bots in Steamvault on your server WHY MUST U LIE” posting

That’s one way of looking at it the other is that before you can sell your time as gold it has no real value at all. It doesn’t have to cheapen the experience that’s just a problem in your mind. Look at the Chinese market they demanded pay to win in early classic. The people playing all day realized it only added to the value as they could actually sell the work they did

Just wait until they farm enough to justify buying new account+boost and blizzard will ban them

“bUt BoTs wOnT bUy ThE bOoSt!!1!!”


Tell them to get out of there and crash the market on terocone instead.

How do u know they did BC has been out for almost a month maybe they leveled.

The Chinese market demanded it because they have legal limitations on play time. IE: They literally can’t dedicate the time investment because the game will auto log them out as dictated by their government. So it artificially creates a legitimate environment for those services.

Apples and Oranges argument there.

Someones time investment in open society and western countries is based off what that person wants to invest or is able to. How much money you have does not come into play, nor should it ever. Allowing that cheapens the game experience and chips away at the integrity of the game. The end result is retail.

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I’m talking about the fact the lack of pushback as far as the boost is concerned. While Blizzard certainly marketed pushing the boost out for altruistic purposes, (i.e. “PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!”) the reality is this was a marketing decision.

Polls, surveys, player data, market data, etc. We know all of these kinds of things are why any company does what it does.

So, the boost is what the majority of players wanted as evidenced by the fact that Blizzard pushed it into the game at all, regardless of all the negative feedback rife throughout these forums and elsewhere.

Something a lot of folk who regularly use these forums need to also understand is that very few people who play WoW actually read what is on the forums. As much as I make posts on here expressing my own desires, I know–fundamentally–that all it will amount to is me blowing off steam.

That’s really the point to what I was saying:

Blizzard is making decisions based on market data without recourse for what will happen when malicious actors (bots) take advantage of that. And I think only a small minority of people who play this game actually realize and understand that.

Meanwhile, the majority of players are just enjoying a nostalgia fest without a care. Like Jay Bauman from Red Letter Media says, “Don’t ask questions. Just consume product and then get hyped for next product.” Bots, boosts, gold-buying, etc. and how it’s all connected…meh, doesn’t really matter.

It’s just way too complicated!

“I just wanna do Kara again!”


And yet, here we are again, sliding down the slippery slope turning TBC slowly into retail without focus on the integrity of the game and the root reasons why so many are/have flocked to it in the first place.


That’s just your personal opinion I don’t see any logic to that argument at all. No promises were made for TBC like classic and they are losing money by not implementing it. People already buy gold accounts boosts etc so you thinking it would cheapen things is all in your head IMO. Money already comes into play with time if I’m rich I can not work and play 24/7 if your poor you cant so that’s also a bad argument. The entire idea of integrity in a game is joke to me though its just a game. One that we already leveled in before its not different than clash of clans. Blizzard gates content players want “endgame pvp” behind a gate “leveling” then let whales pay money to avoid that gate. Result is profit. Your mind reading abilities need some work IMO Chinese like pay to win in almost every game they play time limitations or not. We are just behind the times in that regard. You don’t want people to bot or buy accounts or pay people to level accounts? You make it legal otherwise casuals will always buy accounts/gold boosts etc by 3rd party means. Its win win and the only issues is the mental gymnastics people who don’t want to face the fact they waste way to much of their lives playing this game do to avoid that reality.

Is there information about this online?

I don’t know. Still like 2-3 days played they could farm mats instead. With the current gold prices it’s like a lot of cash you are losing. A lot more than the boost costs.

Not to mention the risk you are getting banned before you even reach 58, which is reduced if you directly get 58 and farm the mats in instanced content where only a gm can watch you.

I can’t post links. Google “time limitations on wow in china” and you’ll pull up the info. It’s all legit.

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You’re calling core game play “gates”

Core game play is not gating by how the community defines it.
Waiting to the next day to continue progression or unlock things that are already in the game is gating.

Paying money to skip game content and skip playing a critical and intrinsic part of the game weakens the integrity of the experience of the game for everyone.
End game is “part” of the TBC experience, not all of it.


Isn’t that only for childs?! Like people < 18…

I was being sarcastic. I’m very aware bots are boosting.

They also will use bnet balance to buy the boosts so they don’t actually spend the money.

That’s where people get tripped up in the idea that they are spending money. They aren’t, they liquidate excess retail gold into boosts.

They have stacks of ores posted on AH as level 58 characters in Steamvault, dungeon with most ores.

It’s called thinking. How does level 58 reach ores in dungeon with 68-70 mobs?
Either flying, or mining underground (which also requires flyhacking).

“childs” ?!

No, there are limits put on every account at varying levels. I’m sure if you’re a member of the upper levels of “the party” you don’t have them… >.>

No. People like me will not say why is this thing so expensive. I will say wow, why is this ore so cheap. Oh yeah, cause if the bots. Ty bots. I can level my bs so much cheaper now. Ty ty ty bots.

And if they sell thier earned gold and raise prices. I will sell my stuff at a much higher price and then be able to get my epic flying much sooner. Again, ty bots.