120 Boost doesn't allow me to access Class Order Hall

I pre-purchased Shadowlands and with the free 120 boost I decided to get me a 120 Demon Hunter. Right away I didn’t have access to Legion content so I went the long way of going to Orgrimmar and taking the port to Azuna. I flew to Dalaran and no quest for my Class Hall were available. I am able to reach the little island off Dalaran where the portal is supposed to be. The area has the DH theme but the portal is grayed out. Started working on some Broken Shore quests but I am unable to progress further as I do not have access to the Class Hall. I submitted a ticket and got granted the quest “The Legion Return” by a GM. The quest is also bugged as the NPCs you are supposed to interact with are not available. I am not even given the option to skip the original scenario (done with with 3 other toons already). Anyone still having these issues in 2019?

Additionally, I never got my Dalaran Heartstone so I had to get it from the NPC and when I try to use it I get the message “This can’t be used here”.

What do you see when you go out the front gate of Orgrimmar and go to where Holgar Stormaxe is located for the “The Legion Returns” quest?

Is it just business as usual for the front gate OR do you see a lot of NPCs standing around for Vol’jin’s funeral?

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No funeral thing at all. Once I got the quest, i went to Holgar Stormaxe and gave me the quest to prepare for the legion trip but the NPC i am supposed to interact are not available

I just leveled a DH normally this morning, perhaps some of what I did can help you find where you are missing a step.

Soon as I arrived in ORG, I was sent to talk to Saurfang and then placed outside the front gate where Vol’jin’s funeral was located.

I did the quests there until it sent me back inside Orgrimmar to talk to Elthyn Da’rai at the Illidari camp atop the plateau.

After talking with her, I was then sent to talk to the Kirin Tor emissary (who is located in the portal room next to the Azsuna portal).

I was then placed in Dalaran (as it was being attacked) where I was able to talk to Khadgar and complete the transportation and be sent to the Broken Isles version of Dalaran.

I was then able to turn in the final quest to get my hearthstone.


its in here how to get the dalaran quest line started


I also boosted a demon hunter and just did every single quest on the heroes board hoping to open up the starter quests for Legion. Somehow I think we need to get to and do the DH started quests to start off Dal, but as yet I have found no solution at all. Blizzards support guide has no mention of how to do this as a boosted Demon hunter.

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Have you checked Stormwind Harbor for Recruiter Lee? The Legion expansion starts there for Alliance, you may need to turn on trivial quest tracking to see it on the map.


The quest “The Legion Returns” is not available on demon hunters. From what I can tell there is no way to start the class order hall quests on a 120 boosted demon hunter. I am stuck in this same situation, really annoying.

I’m going to put a ticket in today and see if they can find a solution. Boosted demon hunter’s probably should have been sent directly to the fel hammer on Mardum as they didn’t exist before then and you can’t get the starter quests anywhere else.

I just boosted this character. It appears there is no option for skipping past scenarios that other non-boosted characters could skip.

Holgar has nothing to say to me. Neither my adventure journal nor the warchief’s command board are of any help.

I spent a lot of time repeating the Battle of Lordaeron for no apparent reason.

After going to the Violet Citadel, I found Khadgar had the quest “The Hand of Fate” for me, which is what I needed to open Argus to do transmog runs.

Now I need a flight whistle. How on earth would I get that? Somehow I need to have Khadgar give me the quest “Uniting the Isles”.

Did you figure this out?

I have not made any progress. I’ve gotten into my class hall. But I can’t get any of the Legion quests from Khadgar prior to The Hand of Fate.

[That’s my warrior up there.]

Holgar shouldn’t have anything for you unless you need to do those quests. I’m not sure when you completed these, but it does look like you completed the intro to Legion on your Warrior.

For your Class Hall and your Artifact Weapons it looks like you started the quests but stopped before picking which weapon you wanted to go for first. Odyn is sitting in the Great Mead Hall waiting for you to do that.

Officially unlocking your class hall should lead you to get Uniting the Isles.


I had either the same or a similar issue. I couldn’t get the a working Dalaron Hearthstone or start the Demon Hunter order hall quests. After finishing the Demon Hunter opening quest and being taken to Dalaron, I believe I immediately left legion content and got to level 120 through other means.

I got the item Dalaron Hearthstone from the innkeeper in Dalaron but it doesn’t work and says I am unable to use it. I am assuming this is because I didn’t get it through the correct means. When I go to the floating island just outside Dalaron where the Demon Hunters order Hall is, there is no portal and no NPCs.

How I fixed this? I had a friend make a demon hunter and once they got to Orgrimmar, we made a party, party synced, and every quest he continued to get he would attempt to share with me. There was only like 4 quest that involved proving yourself to the Horde by using your sight to see demons and fighting demons outside of Orgrimmar. I had completed every quest he gave me until he got to the quest ‘In the Blink of an Eye’ which is the quest that gives you your Dalaron Hearthstone and teleports Dalaron to the legion area.

My friend was not able to share ‘In the Blink of an Eye’ with me but I was able to get it from the command board. Its just a guess, but I think you will be able to get it from the command board as long as you are party synced with someone between 100 and 108.

Yes I have a warrior and a DH and a priest who can’t get to their halls

Have you gone to Legion Dalaran, with Trivial Quest tracking turned on?

The 120 Night Elf Warrior and 106 Night Elf Demon Hunter?

For your Warrior you have Strom’kar, the Warbreaker, so you started those quests at least. You also did a few quests into the initial chain recently. You should be on Odyn’s Summons if I am reading this right.

For the Demon Hunter you appear to be on Additional Accoutrements which is with your Scouting Map.

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I see this is an old thread, with level 120 issues, but I’m currently having the same exact issue on my 50 boosted DH. I started the DH, made my way through all starting quests, received both sets of warglaives, got to Fel Hammer, and I have the Dalaran Hearthstone. However, I boosted to 50 after leveling to 28 or so, and when I got back into the game the Dalaran Hearthstone is gone and I can not get to Fel Hammer. I have not started the Maw questline yet, but Chromie is also unavailable to allow me to switch xpacs in order to try to get to the other phase of Dalaran. I want to start my DH mount questline, but how would I go about doing this?

I suppose I’ll start the Maw quests, and check again when I reach Oribos.

Have you checked your mail?