120 Boost doesn't allow me to access Class Order Hall


I pre-purchased Shadowlands and with the free 120 boost I decided to get me a 120 Demon Hunter. Right away I didn’t have access to Legion content so I went the long way of going to Orgrimmar and taking the port to Azuna. I flew to Dalaran and no quest for my Class Hall were available. I am able to reach the little island off Dalaran where the portal is supposed to be. The area has the DH theme but the portal is grayed out. Started working on some Broken Shore quests but I am unable to progress further as I do not have access to the Class Hall. I submitted a ticket and got granted the quest “The Legion Return” by a GM. The quest is also bugged as the NPCs you are supposed to interact with are not available. I am not even given the option to skip the original scenario (done with with 3 other toons already). Anyone still having these issues in 2019?

Additionally, I never got my Dalaran Heartstone so I had to get it from the NPC and when I try to use it I get the message “This can’t be used here”.

(Kyzera) #2

What do you see when you go out the front gate of Orgrimmar and go to where Holgar Stormaxe is located for the “The Legion Returns” quest?

Is it just business as usual for the front gate OR do you see a lot of NPCs standing around for Vol’jin’s funeral?


No funeral thing at all. Once I got the quest, i went to Holgar Stormaxe and gave me the quest to prepare for the legion trip but the NPC i am supposed to interact are not available

(Kyzera) #4

I just leveled a DH normally this morning, perhaps some of what I did can help you find where you are missing a step.

Soon as I arrived in ORG, I was sent to talk to Saurfang and then placed outside the front gate where Vol’jin’s funeral was located.

I did the quests there until it sent me back inside Orgrimmar to talk to Elthyn Da’rai at the Illidari camp atop the plateau.

After talking with her, I was then sent to talk to the Kirin Tor emissary (who is located in the portal room next to the Azsuna portal).

I was then placed in Dalaran (as it was being attacked) where I was able to talk to Khadgar and complete the transportation and be sent to the Broken Isles version of Dalaran.

I was then able to turn in the final quest to get my hearthstone.


its in here how to get the dalaran quest line started