10.0+ Character Customization Request Megathread

Don’t forget the Farstrider tattoos and tattoos in general, scars, damaged ears, and rune scarification for Blood Elves.


Go play other mmorpgs, they all offer this and thats why no one plays them

Name checks out. pinches your angry little cheeks.

Who is little, you are little barbie elf made in Dalaran Toy Factory Inc.

Barbie elf, that’s cute. I could eat you right up, in fact I will. But first some seasoning~ (sprinkles you with salt, pepper and a rosemary sprig.)

My axe is bigger in size than you entirely. You are barbie elf made in Dalaran. You can do no harm

Compensating for something? No harm? Tell that to all your paladin friends. Oh wait. You can’t. I’ve made them all very agreeable.

haha very funny. Brute warriors aren’t gentle paladins who need bubbles and light. You are no harm to mighty warrior, too cute to even do harm

This has been fun and adorable, but I’ve had my fill of this delightful conversation. Tata, mighty warrior.

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I believe they call it a dining room. Also I don’t take after the Windrunner sisters.

More like a barbie house for tiny barbie elf

pets your head.

You’re an amusing human.

I would like to add a Dark Iron Dwarf specific Bolvar style fire DK eyes. That would be really cool.

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Mag’har orcs need love for custimizations.

Hair Styles

Hair Colors

Jewelry (teeth necklace and single tooth necklace for both male and female)



Hair glitter and hair highlights toggle option for everyone.


You totally killed it with the worgen and goblin suggestions. Thing i think would be good to be added is the green orcs with more corrupted skin colors (red specially and etc.), and for the mag’har the all customization options for every specific orcish clan, and why not the same treatment for all races.


i noticed that when i switch from narrow face to round face on female humans, the eyeLASHES change.

i prefer the eyelashes of the narrow face but i want the rounded face…

i’d like it if they seperated these difference and let us pick eyelashes seperately.

female mechagnomes also have smaller eyelashes than regular gnomes. i’d love to have the BIG ones on my mecha.

also, skinny versions of kultirans. they already exist in game. it’s like slightly fleshier undead but i think their posture is different. (no hunching) i’d really love that.

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