10.0+ Character Customization Request Megathread

The fact that someone already reposted your entire list in post 6. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh cool. Ty.

I have an issue with Lightforged Draenei males. They have this huge jewlery piece around their tails. Can we have the option to recolor them please? Right now they’re bright yellow and it swears a lot with many transmogs. I know the Lightforged have this golden color scheme going on, but this piece is huge, bright and yellow.

edit : Actually nevermind, all of this has been announced. yay!


I spent a lot of time making a mog work with that big blocky tail gem and no clipping and I for one…

Am thrilled it will be less annoying in the future.


the black mark on their face!

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I really like all of these ideas and I hope blizz are planning at least some of these for each race some time soon. I especially like the option to make the character 5% or 10% bigger/smaller that would be really cool, I also really like the more specific class changes which I think are sorely needed to be honest.

The only thing I don’t really like is night elves getting dark ranger options, just no.

Red eyes for void elves.
Classic void colour throughout the history of the game and fantasy trope in general, especially with the emerald nightmare.

Bald pandas

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Actual bloody hairstyles for Worgen.
Something that breaketh not such niceties as the collar on the new Venthyr attire, or bith not to the ruin of nigh every helm availed us.


Losing what? We still have our customizations.

It’s just that one other race is getting more options. What is the problem with that?

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boob sliders

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Blind eyes for all races with natural (Non glowing) eyes!
It’s so dumb that only certain races can have white, cloudy eyes. As if gnomes, pandaren, ect… are just incapable of going blind.

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I have one brief request for void elves.

Please make it so that void elves can use any face with any skin tone. That’s not possible right now.

The copy/paste of blood elf faces and skin tones was not done very well and didn’t allow me to use a blood elf face on my void elf unless I chose a blood elf skin tone (or vice versa for those that want to use a void elf face with a blood elf skin tone).


I think, honestly, since Blizzard is skittish with stuff like this, a more realistic ask for 9.1.5 is to have them do a second pass over what the core races got and add some uniformity to them all. Because the stuff we did get was very inconsistent between the races and even the genders, to an extent.

As an example: Draenei gained the ability to pick jewelry separately from their hairstyles, and then are able to pick from a variety of colours for that. This was also grandfathered in to their tail rings, previously locked to skin tone. However, they have no option to change eye colour, at all.

Their TBC contemporaries, Blood Elves, however, gained a ton of new eye colours, but some of their new hairstyles have jewelry linked to it, and you cannot change the colour. Moreover, the older styles that also have accessories, you can’t change the colour of said accessories either.

But there’s no real reason why they both shouldn’t have those basic options. And giving them such would grant more customization using existing assets for barely any effort at all.

The list goes on for a while, and it even applies to allied races too. Night elves get scars independent from the face they pick, same as Orcs, but humans don’t, their scars are locked to certain faces. In addition, all the races can apply their new hair colours to all their hairstyles, while human has all but one new colour locked to their new hairstyles for no apparent reason.

There’s also no reason some of the allied race features can’t be shared with their base races, and vice versa. Gnomes, for instance, have so little new stuff that they didn’t even get a second tab, why not give them mechanical arms as an option that they can also choose the colour? Taken right from mechagnomes, easy.

Doing a second pass and looking at what’s missing from one race as an option that one or more other races did get would be a way to open up a ton of new combos for even less effort than giving Void Elves new hair colours.

Edit: Also, trade hairstyles with appropriate races, I mean holy cow, it’s been done before in Wrath. Again, uses existing assets, with bare minimum changes to fit the new race, and boom, new hairstyle.

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  • Separate hair colour from fur colour. If you have black fur, you automatically have black hair

  • Allow us to actually change our hair colour instead of just small streaks. Currently we have TWO actual hair colours, black and brown.

  • Blonde hair option, as part of separating from fur colour.

  • Different face shapes, as opposed to just patterns on face.

  • Separate fur pattern from fur colour. Some fur patterns like the stripes are only available to the red panda, and not the black one.

  • I would happily trade for some female dwarf and DI dwarf hairstyles.

Female dwarf:

  • facial hair options, even if it’s just some sideburns

All races: age variation.

As in wrinkles, thinner faces, scarring, more shading of silver in hair or fur. I’d like to play an older lady Gnome, just like I am in real life. Why? Maybe because it makes me feel more connected to my character. Call it RP or realism, other games can do it and I think WoW should too. It could be as simple as a click button where you pick Young, Adult, Senior which gives you a base appearance and then you can change your hair, etc or have it as separate selections. I dont care really, but it would be nice to have those choices.


It’d be cool if dwarves could get lightforged features like the glowy yellow eyes, and glowy lightforged tattoos.

Also, make dwarf demon hunters, kthx.

Dwarves need more Wildhammer Clan options, since they merged the two clans together, I’d love my braided, feathered beard/hair and moustaches. Make them more distinct then just tattoos.


Updated list with Highmountain Tauren options on 9.1.5 so far on PTR.

I would like to see forsaken to have the ability to choose which bones show, right now the boney options shows: fingers, shoulders, spine, ribs, elbows, knees, and toes. I would personally like to hide the elbow and knee bones, and keep the rest, so if some granularity was added to that option, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.