Vulpera Customization Thread

I would like to have hair styles of some kind or beards.

every single race in wow needs a customization overhaul



Vulpera don’t have all that many customizations available as is, though, and I don’t usually see threads devoted to them in that way anymore so I figured I’d be the change I wanted to see.

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Gnomes have mohawks, those work well with big ears, I think you could pull a “road warrior/junkrat” aesthetic as a vulpera with tattered ears and scars and a mohawk lol

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If you do it right with guild shirts and the boots that cover the whole foot, you can make a heck of a biker outfit.

It IS strange isn’t it? You’d think they could’ve given them something more like different cheek floof to make up for it but they left them very barren.


Awesome ideas!

I’m collecting ideas for a megathread for 10.0+ here:

I’ll add stuff people contribute on this thread there as well!

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People play vulpera?

Tons. Hard to argue with that much cute. Played Pandas for the same reason.

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More people probably play Vulpera than Goblins.


Vulpera are the second most played race under blood elves despite only being in the game since the end of BFA.

One would reason Vulpera would be an optimal race to give more customizations to after blood elves have gotten all theirs since it would get the most players happy :stuck_out_tongue:

:fox_face: The fox is strong :fox_face:


No mechagnomes need it more

I agree. They need it. But this is a thread about Vulpera. Foxes got needs too. Perhaps you could make a Mechagnome thread and help us see some potential?

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I would really like to see them implement hair for Vulpera in a way that doesn’t look weird on them.

All of the above

Ok, would yall be okay with female vulpera having beards? I think it would make it look more mystical foxy.

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Absolutely! That sounds ok to me!

I’m not like trying to push an agenda or anything but this is a fantasy game, so lets have unique features for races that would look abnormal to another race.

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Oh you’re good. If I didn’t shave it off I would have a beard IRL as a lady so it’s fine XD haha :stuck_out_tongue:

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A single lady?

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Nope. XD lol