10 Characters required!

and of course Onyxia fighting Patchwerk

That was truly glorious.

I was rooting for Majordomo.

The Warsong Gulch streams this weekend are going to be insane.

Let’s see if they can hide the flags outside of bases xD

oh god i hope not. I dont want to have to wall jump into the abyss and chase a FC across seven kingdoms for 4 hours to get the flag back.

Those were the real battles, and it again shall be GLORIOUS.

Its not real vanilla if there isn’t druids wall jumping the border of WSG


#allchanges :stuck_out_tongue:

classic+ ofc


Dragon Isle!

I would like to see it all tbh I just want a classic WoW esque MMO again, new and fresh but stays true to its origins of “classic”

preach it!

We just need them to finally start inviting more people in T_T

I am interested. I intend to roll a mage or warlock on the Alliance-side, on an RP server, and will be looking to eventually raid to Naxx. This guild sounds like exactly what I am looking for.

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Hello there

Hehe, heya. :slight_smile:

Feel free to join the Discord and join up :smiley: