10 Characters required!

I need to start a donation page so I can buy as many X keys as I’ll need, it’s surely to be in the hundreds.

it will never be enough. one key a day is probably about right :stuck_out_tongue:

That is kinda a low number, I’d say atleast 5 a day, minimum.

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Who stole my cookies!!!

WTS Cookies

Ideally lock cookies ty

Now that’s more like it

Darth Vader

Seeking lock cookies

Give me some bag space first, geez.

bags clearly go to mages first, they have to make food and water, warlocks just make stones. clearly thats less overall space :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want cookies

are you the world of warcraft cookie monster :open_mouth:

Do not underestimate soul shards.

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Time to make sure you farm an absolute incredible amount for each raid!

Like I said earlier, gimme the bags first and we shall talk about soul shard farming.


Better slow down on that noming, there is a CD ya know!

Stress test today woo!

That was a properly fun stress test.

We also had our first large guild meeting and it went really well, this game is going to be glorious.

It is not a beta if you do not see an oversized GM.