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I used to drink strong coffee 3 years ago, but I switched too weaker ones because expresso shots weren’t good for my health. Too much cafeine ain’t good.

coffee is a drug! drugs are bad mmmmkaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy

Coffee is life excuse you sir

Bump for coffee

Yeah what they said

Bumping for Latte>Coffee

Water is the best coffee

My friend and I are looking around for a home in Classic, but we’re probably going to wait until servers are announced until we come to a final decision. I remember great stories from my brother when he played on an RP server. Like having bartender alts for guild RP events, or the time most of his raid wiped on Onyxia but she phased so he got to be part of a 4-man kill. Would be great to be part of a big community.

Not sure about joining yet, still some time before character creation, but I’ll keep my eye on you folks and wish you fortune in the wars to come.

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Bless the rains down in

feel free to join the discord and just chill out :slight_smile:

Saturday morning bump and such

Time to spam X to get it to proc Reckoning, lads

That doesn’t work anymore.

People have been saying that it does work, only because of spell batching the sitting down and being crit doesnt work, but smashing X quickly to have you seated to garentee a crit but then also standing on the next server tick when the attack is calculated the server assumes its a normal crit and you get the buff. see


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I’ll spell batch your sheep with my fear.

If you haven’t yet, you should hop in the Paladin Classic discords, there are two of them, and you can catch up on all the recent news regarding sit-reck. There is also this.

HYPE TRAIN smash that x key into oblivion! replace your keyboard and do it again!

We have grown to over 130 folks in total across the three teams along with casual friends and family, and we’re still on the lookout for more.

Xael will need many spare X keys to replace the broken ones.

its gonna be like doing a silly walk as you level X run X run X run lol