10 Characters required!

Hownow brown cow?

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No problem, if you have any further questions feel free to message us on discord :slight_smile:

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Haha! Quick story.

One of my friends and I were creating characters. That is what we wanted, this guy and Browncow. We went to every server to find both names. We ended up on Arygos!


August 26th is going to be a glorious day.

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It will be. Time to prepare for it. I’ll start a new workout routine and burn all that winter fat before Classic hits. Gotta open space for the new fat that will appear due to non-life gaming.

Me want cookies! GIMMME!

if layering works as it was explained to me than i welcome it for the opening days and weeks. having say 100,000 players on every server and then having 33 layers for 3333 players per layer or so. should work nicely.

Layering works best when its made with choc chip cookie, vanilla ice cream, choc chip cookie. :+1:


This person gets it


Nutella layer cake sounds bomb

The classic Oreo I think goes best with Classic wow :wink:

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Simple. :slight_smile:

This is making me hungry.

I do love me a good ice cream cookie sandwich

I love me 5 in one sitting, kthnx

Gib more, plox

5 for 1 happy hour needs to be a thing

Coffee bump for the bois

I had Coffee once.

It was terrible.

You should try a Latte. Way better than regular coffee.

Yeah 100% not a normal coffee kinda guy, though I did try one of Madrina’s cold brew coffee and I enjoyed it.