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Hello Dracarian,

We don’t have a a set schedule just mostly a FFA in terms of bumping.

Secondly I have never healed so can’t say if they deserve a buff or not, they however amazing in BGs

Also, they are the best class to slap gathering professions on (mining and herbalism). So, best gathering alts.

Still on the lookout for Hunters, Druids, and Warlocks these days, but have room for any focused and dedicated raider of any class on our Main Roster.

every class has its strengths and weaknesses, druids are very strong levellers and do good pve damage with power shifting its probably the most complex dps rotation in vanilla. as for pve healing it is kinda dry. druids are very strong in PvP and are always welcome.

every class is good and has its place in vanilla, if you listen to the elitist pencil pushers that just look at the potential highest DPS HPS and D mitigated then yea sure hybrids, and hunters are trash but they don’t ever really look at the other niche things hybrids and hunters offer throughout the game.

Druids are in a much better place than say shamans are imho for vanilla.

I knew I recognized that name.

I wish I had a g.i.r.l.friend, or a loot council that just gave me all the stuff I wanted.

“seriously, we’d DE them before we let other people have them” still has got to be one of the funniest incorrect assumptions I’ve ever read.

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GoT is awful

What about paladins and hunters. can’t count them out.

All loot is Hunter loot

Coffee bump

Nutella is love

personally im not a fan of it

I’m with Zinek on this one, tbh.

Strawberry jelly > Nutella. A-n-y d-a-y.

105 and a half days to go!

It feels so good knowing the exact day now.

Much excitement, now lets just hope we get into the beta

Wouldn’t it be “Willfully Suboptimal”?

I am suboptimal

Both work though “Willfully Suboptimal” might imply ill intent or cause harm intentionally without regard.

Which we don’t feel quite is as accurate of a description for the guild as willingly.
So by our choice, we decide to play classes that by the majority are considered sub-optimal to a point of extreme where we put more effort than most to make it work, or in some cases be near-optimal.

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play the sub-optimal classes optimally xD

Thanks for the reply. I was just curious. :slight_smile:

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