1 hour q for shuffle

I just wish there was a ‘Duel’ bracket for shuffle. Where 6 players get rotated into 1v1s in seperate arenas. Or we can do away with the silly arena thing altogether and implement Solo-Queue Rated BGs.

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Ya imagine queuein as arms warrior to 1vs1 a ret pally, gonna be soo enjoyable lmao.

Sometime i have 40 misn queue sometimes i have 12 mins queue at the exact same time periods, really dunno whats going on.

I play from Brazil i dont think this ever happened.
I assumed all rated content happens at a USs servers and thats all.

1 hour queue, then either go 3-3 where no one leaves due to either a bad healer or a bad DPS and gain 0 rating, or go 5-0 and someone leaves and gain 0 rating. Or you get someone salty that just refuses to heal you for 2 matches, fun times.

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I’m assuming by “someone left today” you mean after the game has started? Or is it during the queue before it finally pops? If it’s the latter there isn’t much you can do about that. Peoples’ patience has limits as does their available playing time in most cases. If it’s the former, Blizzard’s working on fixing what happens when you leave. They’re intending to experiment with lowering both standard PvP rating and their hidden MMR value if you leave before the match is complete, which right now is the biggest complaint about solo shuffle.

The functionality never went away, it’s just that the available player pool for solo shuffle is extremely low (likely due to the aforementioned “leaver” issue making people not want to bother anymore) and the system has no choice but to combine regional pools in order to keep queues as low as possible. The default is still to pair players with others in the same region when possible.

Lack of players in the pool is what’s going on. Some days are better than others, hence the disparities you see.

The solution of course, is simple: Increase the players who want to que for Solo Shuffle.

How blizzard does that, or doesn’t as the case may be, is up to them.

I believe there will be changes coming soon. I think there was a blue post about this last week?

Yes, that post is here.

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Bursty af dps, hypermobility, don’t peel for healers, entering with 150k hp. Hmmm, I wonder why the ques are so long.

But it’s always degen hours here in Australia.

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Well, you could always RLPVP with the local fauna. Since, you know, everything wants to kill you down there. :upside_down_face:

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This is believable.

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I said it once, I’ll say it again:

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Oh no, it was after. Quite literally, every solo shuffle I got into, round 4 or 5, someone left. That happened 5 times in a row, and it was infuriating. Because every queue was 45 minutes to an hour. And I understand the fix being implemented. I just don’t like the game mode and people have soured my experience with it thoroughly.

Sadly that’s both understandable and likely a very common response to how people that leave have until the last reset been able to get away with their actions unscathed. IMO because low to medium ranked players can potentially earn back most of what they lose (assuming an average of 150 lost rating per bail) the penalty needs to be doubled such that they can’t simply recoup those losses with a one, maybe two matches where they curbstomp the competition.

I sincerely doubt the current penalty is harsh enough to deter hardcore bailers. Guess we’ll see over the next few weeks. Hopefully it won’t take Blizzard that long to parse enough internal data to determine whether that’s the case or not.

You never gave any suggestions of making it better, so methinks that’s not your objective in making this thread, just saying.

So what you’re saying is queue based content can have much worse results and cohesion than making a pre-made group?

I don’t pvp shuffle… but why are the queues so long?

lack of tanks?
lack of healing?

Lack of healers.