05/23 - 05/29 Arena Points Given as Honor

And discounts were not applied to vendors. This is really frustrating to see the same mistake over and over.

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Same. Honor points.

Can we fix this right first time.

Really Hoping this will be fixed quickly, same issue happened last season we got honor instead of arena points…


Confirmed all arena points from every character awarded as honor. Please look into this as it appears to be the same bug from last season.


Confirming the same bug has occured on Oceanic.
Please acknowledge and resolve this for Oceanic realms - before the new season this time…

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We are aware of an issue where players are receiving Honor Points instead of Arena Points.

We’re working on a fix that will award the missing Arena Points.


you will be a hero in these forums soon :two_hearts:

so it’s fixed if you haven’t logged in. but if you received honor pts earlier we don’t have arena pts yet. if you’re freshly logging in it gives you arena pts

Ty for the update, regretting logging in so promptly on my main now…
Hoping the arena points reimbursement isn’t too far behind.
And seconding Disperion’s note - OCE realms need the lovely fix this round.

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This is so frustrating. Don’t know whether to spend points and hope last week’s come later on. Or will spending stuff the whole thing and delay it etc?


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man I am in the same place, don’t know what to do. I don’t even want to do the daily’s for arena points just incase it effects it

Hey thanks for the update, but would you a eta on the arena points for the people who logged in before the patch please?

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Only half of the job is done. People who logged in prior to your Fix still need to be helped. We have Honor Points, not Arena Points


Fingers crossed, also didn’t get arena points for last week.

Can confirm getting arena points from both daily random BG, and the daily pvp quest. Hopefully they will be able to restore the lost arena points, as there is no way to recover those in time from just 50pts/day (if you even have the time for that)

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I am still missing my arena points on two of my main characters. My mage ‘lofihíphop’ and my priest ‘dabegoodmon’ You guys posted on the forums the fix has been applied. A fix was pushed for arena points yesterday where anyone that logged in for the first time this week AFTER the fix would get arena points, but anyone that logged in before the fix got honor instead. I am still missing my arena points. Please resolve this.

are we getting any closer to being given our arena points? holding off on buying certain gear if we are going to get them

Still missing arena points as others have mentioned in this thread for anyone who logged in prior to the fix being applied…

Yup, still missing arena points. This is absolutely unacceptable! First of all, how TH do you even let this happen in the first place? And how has it not been rectified yet? So wildly unacceptable!!!

What about tier 2 weapons? Are their current prices finalized or are they supposed to be reduced more?