★ {A} Jac's Bartending

Posted around Stormwind and Boralus is the following parchment flyer:

Orcs getting you down? Want a change of scenery from Stormwind? Follow Jacquell Jenkins the Wandering Bartender as she rents and makes part-time employment contracts with various Kul Tiran restaurants, cafés, bars, and taverns. She also offers her independent catering and supplying services. Ask about job or trade opportunities for being a bartender, cook, advertiser, supplier, bouncer, or bard. Where will she show up next? Regulars and newcomers are encouraged to find her! Please invite your friends; there is something for everyone. Enjoy and discover the many places Kul Tiras has to offer amidst good company. Jac currently works at:

My friends, I have returned to the mainland to help our troops. If I go to my death, I do it for you and my country. Light willing I will make it back soon to continue my taverns, and for you to be there, too. THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING TWO YEARS!

Inquiries by post: Snug Harbor Inn, Tradewinds Market, Boralus, care of Jacquell Jenkins.

Discounts for soldiers. For king and country! For the Alliance!

:beer: :beers: :champagne: :clinking_glasses: :wine_glass: :cocktail:

Jacquell is currently: OUT
She will be in again on: TO BE ANNOUNCED . . .
Current waypoint location:

Warmode off. Whisper Jacquell-WyrmrestAccord for a group invite as phasing can interfere. Any level can attend by taking Stormwind’s ship to Boralus. Ask if you need a flight to the location; someone will come get you. Cross-realm characters are welcome. You do not have to be there at start; come when you can.


Hello! Jacquell was a neighborhood bartender in Stormwind early 2017 and she made her long-overdue comeback in September 2018. I have her rotate establishments to keep things interesting and bring more parts of Boralus and Kul Tiras to life. The menu in her bio does not change much for convenience but boasts in-game drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), food, and dessert. You can look forward to fun, quirky, and holiday themes, games, contests and giveaways, freebies, and little-known locations. Short link to this thread:


:page_with_curl: MENU :scroll:

If you do not have an RP add-on to read the menu, no worries—just ask for a recommendation or request something specific. Some items have level requirements. Apologies! Real gold tips are appreciated when given as they help me pay for the items served (and sometimes my subscription); whatever you think is fair.

:tada: EVENTS :confetti_ball:

Events are typically hosted two consecutive Fridays followed by a week off, 5pm PT/server time and can go through the night. I will be taking a break to enjoy Shadowlands for awhile but will be back soon.

When I am ready to RP, it will be announced here and in General and/or Trade chat. I make an in-game calendar event for each bar; let me know if you would like to be invited on these to stay up-to-date. At the time of the event, I do not utilize the calendar’s “Invite Members” feature that sends an automatic mass invite, so whisper me even if you signed up. Hit the Bookmark button at the end of this post to set a forum reminder for the next event.

If you would like an event or guild meeting catered or to acquire inventory from her stock, contact me and we can work something out.

:anchor: ROLEPLAY HOOKS :trident:

  • You are an Alliance loyalist with strong convictions, do not want to share a bar with the Horde, and heard Jac does not serve them.
  • A free bird with an unscrupulous past, word on the street has it that Jac knows a thing or two about anything shady. Illicit arms or booze, smuggling, fencing, potions, the dirt or scoop on people, you name it. She can point you in the right direction.
  • Looking for a quiet corner to draw, write, or relax? You have a place here.
  • Soldiers and travelers looking for distraction and drunken antics? You got it.
  • Seeking directions or passing through town? Right this way.
  • You want location recommendations for your own events.
  • You are looking for somewhere to meet up with or bring your guildmates or friends or neutral ground to hold a business conference.
  • You want bartender anecdotes, gossip, advice, refuge, a shoulder on which to cry, to vent the day’s burdens, or to tell stories.
  • You are a fortune teller, entertainer, merchant or anything else looking to sell your goods, offer your services, or to work and make a profit at the taverns, be it a one-time or permanent gig.
  • You seek a caterer, supplier, some muscle to get a job done, or a healer.
  • One may recognize Jac from Stormwind’s Golden Keg in the Dwarven District as a bartender, Gilneas’s “The Rose” pub in the slums as a saloon girl, or the Gilnean gang “Aristocracy” that posed as nobles (for which she did prison time).
  • One might remember Jac from Elwynn Forest or Stormwind where she frequented back alleys, Old Town, The Slaughtered Lamb, The Shady Lady, and the harbor.

:musical_note: MUSIC :notes:

I have curated playlists of sea shanties and tavern tunes, perfect for RP. Listen to them here; they will play in the background and without ads.

Bar Tunes Party Mix (Shanties, Vocals, Instrumentals)

Bar Tunes (Instrumentals)

Sea Shanties

Medieval/Renaissance Easy Listening Tavern

Medieval/Renaissance Gala

Ship/Tavern Ambiences (No music. Play simultaneously with other playlists here)

Tavern Ambiences (With music)

For more:

Short link:



Jacquell is a "lone wolf" freelance bartender, employed by or renting in-game bars, with an independent business and following. She does not run her own and is not associated with any guild; however, help and catering is welcomed! Among the only Alliance-run bars, it helps fill that need and will never be cross-faction. My intent is not to compete with player-run establishments but coincide peacefully. Anyone can feel free to reach out below or via in-game mail or Whisper if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.

Come visit Jac and experience adventures with her as she brings people together and “tavern-hops” to her jobs! Please share this post or spread the word where you like. Thank you for the support, friendship, compliments, and to all who have advertised and networked. I look forward to seeing you! Jac accommodates her patrons and will help the unconscious and those who cannot hold their liquor. Every time is unique, from taking shots to shoot-outs, brawls to bar fights, dancing to drink experiments. I am here to give you the ultimate pub experience. I try to bring back that authentic feel and lively atmosphere of a classic, old-fashioned pub when you walk through the door—a familiar face, warm hearth, new tales, and spirits aplenty. You have friends here. Welcome home.


Hoorah! Jac’s alt here as Blizz won’t let me reply to my own thread…

While Jacquell’s bars have been on hiatus for the holiday season, I could not miss having a Winter Veil party! Events will begin more regularly in the new year. Hope to see you there and welcome to the new thread!


The best bartender ever, and the chicken plate was delicious!


Thank you so much, Thorgannann! Best patrons ever and it is always a pleasure to serve you guys.

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Tomorrow! :smiley:

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Obligatory bump. And a shake.


My Internet has been acting up, so if I can’t make it tonight, I can’t even get online.

Hopefully it’s fixed by tonight


Wet dog shake :slight_smile:

Starting soon!

@Banrok If it’s still acting up, you will be missed! <3
Edit: I’ll give Bari his presents another time!

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Great time tonight! We had quite the crowd, some exchanged gifts, sang carols, and we played “Who am I?”. Merry Christmas all, and see you in the new year for new adventures!

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Happy 2019! We will next be at Pinky’s Groggery for some spirits and celebrating! Plenty of seating. I also added some fun, juicy roleplay hooks for anyone interested or looking for ideas/an IC reason to come! I would be honored if you worked one of Jac’s bars into your character progression. Catch ya on the flip side!


Hey! Jac’s other alt here as Blizz won’t let me post more than thrice in one thread on a “Trust Level 0” character ROFL…

It’s getting to be almost that time again!

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What do ye know? A fantastic looking Rp event on a night I be off! Definitely will try to swing by for this. :beers:


Awesome to ‘ear, lad, thank ya!
Startin’ soon! (In-game and ready to go!)


Wow! You guys knocked my socks off with that turnout! Thank you to everyone who networked, advertised, got the word out, and went to the bar! I couldn’t do this without you. :slight_smile: More exciting things to come! Next week: The Loose Cannon.

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Thanks for the Milk!


No problem! It is the strangest request I have received thus far…although I’m not sure it topped the time when I had to pour spirits into a walking mechanical robot. Whatever makes my customers happy. :slight_smile: I like strange requests, they’re fun.

The Loose Cannon is tomorrow, everyone - make sure to swing by for piratey fun and lots of spirits! I added directions to the top of my first post so that no one gets lost or runs into an unnecessary amount of mobs.

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It’s almost time!

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Hello, 100th post! Quick update to let you all know that the next event will be on the 26th plus three more upcoming events for Lunar Festival and Love is in the Air. February will be a busy month. Don’t forget to mark your calendars with the dates from the table up top! Any questions, leave a comment!


Hey everyone! Just a reminder to let you know that the next pub is tomorrow held at Scully’s which is a very short distance from the Tradewinds Market!

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There and ready to invite so shoot me a whisper and come on down!

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