How long are tickets actually taking now?

My wife submitted a ticket to recover her old WoW account that is pre-battle net. She’s unable to log into the account. It’s been a week so far and the estimated wait was 24 hours when she submitted it.

I’m really hoping she can get this resolved before Dragonflight launches. How long should we be prepared to wait for?

The 24 hours is during normal times, these aren’t normal times unfortunately since she’s arrived right in the middle of super busy prepatch times.

From estimates on the forum it’s about 2 weeks+ to receive an answer.

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Ticket times are horrendous right now and are averaging 10 to 14 days.

If you have her ticket number, please feel free to drop it in here. Perhaps one of our SFAs will pop their head in to make sure it was submitted in the best category. If she didn’t receive a ticket number - then the ticket never fully submitted.

Account and billing issues like this go into their own specific queue. Generally speaking, I’ve seen an SFA mention it was 2-5ish days turnaround for those. The general in-game issues pool, they are averaging at about 2-ish weeks.

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Unfortunately, some of the “estimated times” provided are static numbers that do not change dynamically with the reality of our response times. Sorry for the confusion, Maineiac.

As the others mentioned response times are a bit crazy right now and our staff are working through those tickets as quickly as they can. If your wife submit her ticket under the correct category, she could be looking at anywhere from a few days to a little over a week.

Account recovery tends to be a high priority, as with a lot of “can’t play” situations. If you can give me a ticket ID I can take a peak.


On that note my ticket US87706056 should have been submitted as an account or payment issue rather than “in game” issue, but I’m afraid to resubmit or add another and reset my wait time— I’m already 10 days in waiting. I have an actual/legit/straightforward request in line than can only be solved by CS. I’m afraid I probably have the lowest priority since I entered the ticket in the wrong category

Yeah, if you thought you were going to try and use the billing/account queue rather than using the proper one to not have to wait as long? It doesn’t work like that. If it was an honest mistake, then I’ll apologize for the pessimistic response. Either way it happened - if they saw it wasn’t a legitimate billing or account issue, they may have pushed it over into the appropriate queue for you to wait your turn there. I’ve seen people say anywhere from 10-15ish days for general game issues.

What you believe to be a “fairly straightforward response” may not be as easy as you’d like to believe it is, but you would still have to wait for your turn in the queue. I’m not sure what issue you’re trying to resolve, but tickets are answered in the order they were received in their proper queue.


Thanks, Vrakthris! I appreciate the reply. She submitted a couple tickets under different categories because she wasn’t sure. Here are the numbers:


I have a ticket submitted in regards to the cinematic client crash issue and it says that the AVERAGE ticket wait time is OVER THREE WEEKS. So, I wouldn’t expect a quick turn-around on ANY ticket right now.

I’m not sure what that issue is, but it sounds like you need to put your information in the Bug Report Forum, or use the in-game “Report A Bug” feature. GM’s do not handle bug reports through tickets.


There absolutely was not. Please stop spreading lies.


What are you talking about? Blizzard has not cut support staff since 2012 when they laid off 600 people.

The 2019 layoffs were esports, promotions, publishing, marketing, etc. Out of the 200ish laid off from Blizzard, only 14 had job titles in the GM range.

You can read the list submitted to the CA govt, as required by law, here. The PDF for it is at the end of the article.

Was there some secret support layoff that nobody has made public? If anything, they have more than they used to seeing as they support ALL Blizzard games and services, not just WoW.


No, the confusion lies with people who don’t understand how employees are labeled. They see “support staff”, and somewhat understandably, they think it’s Customer Support staff. Support staff are people like secretaries, part-time/intern help. Basically, people who support essential employees in doing their jobs.


Oh yes. Because a YouTuber/streamer who doesn’t work at Blizzard and relies on making wilder and wilder claims to gain subscriptions totally knows what’s going on.

Stop believing random videos you see on YouTube. Period. And not just WoW-related videos. In ALLLLLLL aspects of life.


I’ll believe an actual Blizzard employee over someone on YouTube who needs you to believe him so you’ll send him money by subscribing to his channel.


Eh, the guy is not totally off on some of his discussions, I have not gotten to the part about support yet.

Customer Support is not part of the WoW team though - and this video seems to be discussing the WoW team changes. It started with addressing the replacement of the folks laid off in 2019 out of marketing, social media, publishing, etc.

See that is the problem. Customer Support is not part of the WoW staff. They are a separate team who work out of the Austin Texas office and support EVERY game and service Blizzard has.

The “Support” part of each game team is admin. They support the game devs, artists, producers, etc. who make each game. For example there is an opening for an admin assistant for the OW team right now.

You are mixing up two very different things.


Yes, the ticket wait times are dreadful for ALL Blizzard games right now. It is not WoW specific

During high volume that is a first step because many issues are not something a GM can do. Others now have Self-help tools for a player so they don’t need a GM. The idea that they ONLY have that as a tool though is false.

Again, the Customer Support team is not part of the WoW team and was not part of that analysis. The WoW team “support” are admins who support the WoW devs. There were only a handful of them to start with so even a reduction of one would be massive as far as percentages.

You may feel that the Customer Support team in Austin Texas is not doing a great job right now and you have the right to feel that way. Just don’t mix that up with false statements that there were staffing reductions there when there were not. Changes to the WoW team that the streamer talked about, have NOTHING to do with CS.

I have actually been to Blizzard HQ a few times. Met with multiple games teams and also met with Support. There are NOT integrated or the same at all. Not even in the same buildings. Not even in the same State for most of it.

You might want to read the article Vrak wrote on what GM staff are allowed to do, it helps set some of the expectations. GMs are not allowed to do many things people THINK they should do.


Mine says it’s 37 days out. I feel outright harassed.

Please look up the definition of harassment. A long wait time does not constitute intentional infliction of distress on you personally. The number you see is the longest in queue, not a specific time for YOUR ticket. That number may go up or down, but has no impact on yours specifically. It is not a count down. Depending on priority, your ticket will likely come up in queue way before that. More like 1-2 weeks.


That’s not a countdown, it’s the oldest ticket in the system in general. Turn around times is 10 to 14 days now.