Exploiters Xfering From DF to Base-Game Despite Rules Saying They Cannot

The bug has been in the game since LEGION. Despite the Character Transfer Information and Restrictions support page clearly saying: “You cannot transfer a character from an account with the latest expansion to an account without the expansion.” The fact is, it has been quite regularly happening. I bring this up now because the support article was updated just two weeks ago, but the issue has persisted for years.

The reason this bug is so bad, is because it allows a player to BUY power, using real $$. An example being a player is able to acquire ilvl 389 epic level 70 gear from Dragon Flight, without leveling past 60.

They then buy a SECOND base account (no DF), and THEN they pay the transfer fee to move the toon to that second Shadowlands locked account, where the highest ivl you can reach is 311-- And that’s assuming you reached the rating of 2100+ before DF released.

To reproduce this bug, a player only has to have two accounts, one with DF, and one with only the base game. They then simply attempt to transfer the toon from the DF account to the base account… And that’s it. Nothing tries to stop them.

Side note: the issue was reported here earlier in the week, but I felt the OP did not include enough info up-front, AND some of the exploiters caught wind of the thread-- They attempted to muddy the issue as much as possible.


Hey, this is the OP on an alt! The chest piece and the boots shown in the imgur pic have been fixed on the ptr by slapping a level 70 requirement on them :fireworks: :fist: :fireworks:
HOWEVER, THE RING IS NOT YET FIXED, and still requires the same treatment.

That said, whoever saw this-- or maybe one of the other threads on the subject-- Thank you for acting. Please keep up the good work!

Btw, this was the previous thread– Just mentioning, if anyone was curious after reading my above aside. Also, if you get a 404 error, hit the refresh button on your browser (seems like a bug)

As a 70 running bgs to stick with my old bg group (still at 60) I’m getting stat shrunk to 30k solely for the feeling of community.
Its extremely easy to spot the ONE guy mid field wrecking whole bgs with pieces of gear like those shown above.
This needs fixing. Similarly to crafted items going from 60 to 61, set these to having a level req.
Theres plenty of “twink” gear available at 60 without needing to hop into DF content

So, a number of lesser items have been fixed, along with the previously mentioned chest and boots… HOWEVER, the ring remains without a level 70 requirement. I have to believe this is an oversight, because there is otherwise a notable level of inconsistency.