You have stolen a game from me, please return my property to me

I’ve bought classic ROC and TFT several times over the years (due to losing keys). all under the assumption that it would be able to run on my PC as advertised in the pc requirements info.
I’m pretty sure that stealing things is not only a bad way to treat your customers but also illegal.
So please return my property in the form of a classic wc3 server, thanks.
Or were you going to send me a new PC in the mail to play your 1500% more laggier version of the game on?


We all knew the legacy BattleNet was going to go the way of Wii online functionality.

Also you can still play single player using the CD install and stand alone patches.


Ohh so because we all knew it its okay? Sorry but my property my rules. I would simply like to reclaim my product as it was advertised. including a server with all bells and whistles. Not some buggy 15 times more laggy substitute.
Also what functionality exactly are you talking about in that analogy?


its not your property and it never was. it always was blizzards property and you only bought the license to use it. same goes for all steam games people buy.

i have a thousand steam games and they could get deleted if valve wanted and theres not even much i can do about them because they own them and i only own a license to use them as long as they make them available. same on the bnet


I don’t think you own the server blades you’re asking for.


You bought the permission to play that game = the license. It’s Blizzard’s game.

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So the product I have lying in front of me with the exact pc specifications and feature’s listed on the back is no longer mine? Nice twisted millennial logic but it seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen.


When an online service gets suspended/disabled (shoutout to City of Heroes) that tends to happen, yes.


whatever a city of heroes is, it seems to be f2p now. another failed analogy pulled-from-as’s to excuse blizzards shameless practices? there seems to be a theme with you huh

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ok zoomer

No, the source code was freely distributed and the publishers of the game haven’t taken any action against private servers. There’s nothing formal for it anymore.

Show me where I’ve said that this stuff is okay. I’m just saying it is what it is.


Pointing out what/where the game industry is at right now isn’t the equivalent of complacency. I also, would like regular access to my games and their regular features. I also miss physical media when it comes to PC gaming. The last Steam game I bought I think was Space Marine and the disc barely had any data on it. There was just a slip of paper inside with a Steam key otherwise.

There was a recent thing with Tron Evolution where I think it was the servers were shut down and the game cannot be installed/authenticated because of that. So the only way to play it is a cracked version. This is also bad. If it was just the multiplayer servers, alright well still sucks. If it’s genuinely impacted and rendered the game unusable when there’s a singleplayer component, that’s even worse. The typical game shouldn’t have an expiry date.

I don’t know what you want to accomplish with the “sheeple” comment or what you want/would like to see me accomplish as just One Dude That Plays Video Games. I can’t snap my fingers for you and fix things, pal.


it never was yours. whats yours is the packaging and the discs. the product itself, the game you played never was yours.

its not millennial logic, its business laws. only because you didn’t know this it doesn’t change the facts :wink:

edit: there is always an eula you have to accept before playing and in this it states that the product belongs to the company and you only get the license to play it and that they can do whatever they want with it


alright sir show me your best blizzard critique. or did you expect me to check all 3500 of your posts? Not really in the mood for that. But I promise whichever post you send me i will end up reading it completely. that’s more than can be said for yourself right?

nice little wc3/wc3:reforged semantics distraction. you know very well what I meant.

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You cant blame a company for shutting down game servers 15+ years after the games release. Tons of games have done this over the years, its nothing new and you have never payed for You payed for a game and got a service along with it.

You can still install your Warcraft 3 original game, from the disc, and play offline lan, no issue at all. So you infact still have your game that you payed for, you didnt pay for servers to be up forever, that was a service blizzard provided, free of charge.


Distraction from what? I’m not up to anything sinister. Relax, my friend.

I thought you said that if you paid attention to how/why I visit the forums. Surely you’ve paid enough attention to my posting habits of “defending/shilling Blizzard” to notice when I break said habits.

Actually the first time around, on your actual S3xytime account (before you doubled down on the belligerence), I did read it and is why - again tonight - I said that you probably do have valid points. You clearly have more game knowledge and a higher skill level than me to know what you’re talking about when it comes to your perspectives on unit and map tuning.

As for my posts, I did have a much longer and more elaborate one but even I can’t find that in my own profile’s search function. There’s this one at least -

I could get more finnicky and get really specific/further opinionated like how I think the general homogenization of roles (more in the last few expansions than ever before) in World of Warcraft has dumbed down an already simple enough game, Legacy of the Void doubling the starting workers of Starcraft 2 has ramped up gamespeed tremendously and in my recent forays back into ranked - I’ve been having trouble keeping up with production and macro, I genuinely don’t think the Overwatch team has any real long term goals or clarity as to what they want to do with their IP (let alone balance/design characters so that they’re not absolutely infuriating to play against).

Then I’ve got my (currently incomplete, still haven’t finished the campaigns and haven’t touched matchmaking yet) list of things in Reforged that could still use work (varying from a lot to a little).

Stuff like the trees still not being blended very well into the terrain they look like they’re sitting on.
The portraits are kind of wack with the very harsh, white rim lighting. Audio mixing seems to be all over the place.
The UI just generally looks ‘off’ without the elements of it running along the entirety of the top and bottom of the screen.
The new unit death sounds genuinely throw me off because there’s been one for each unit since 2002/2003 and were each so distinct that it genuinely gave good audio feedback to what’s happening in the moment to moment gameplay.
It’s an old thing from the beta, but I’ve been still having occasional problems with mouse accuracy where my cursor is over something and right clicking is missing somehow or I have to mouse to a strange spot to pick up an item or select a specific unit. I’ve had sounds and voice lines play twice or even overlap themselves.
Custom game’s search bar seems to only apply to the game name - if I want to search for a Wintermaul I can’t just type in “wintermaul” to filter for any map filenames that fit the criteria.
Outright disabling something like Reign of Chaos multiplayer (or the actual original campaign files - though I’m sure you can just run those through the editor or some other vaguely backdoor-like way) has kind of been a surprising and bad first for Blizzard considering the recent comparability re-releases of Diablo 1 (including Hellfire), Warcraft 1, and Warcraft 2 on GOG.
I still don’t like that the Reforged tauren borrow a bit more from the modern tauren look where they’re more anthropomorphic bovine people rather than the more monstrous minotaur look they had in their Warcraft 3 debut.
I think greyscaling all of the Undead for Reforged was a mistake for visual clarity. The classic Undead all still had/have a deathly colour palette but it was ivory, pink, blue, various greys, and whatnot.
A lot of units could use another team colour pass to varying degrees. Some just need a little speck here and there. Some could use another entire surface.
Reforged in general is a memory hog. I haven’t had any genuine performance issues but it’s just funny to look at its spike in the processes.

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The real spicy take would be that I was/am ready for a D2 remaster and would’ve liked that before Warcraft 3, along as it’s in the same vein of the SC:R one where it’s just the graphics.

Now I’m kind of nervous about that and thankful I have a bunch of Diablo 2 backups across all sorts of storage.

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Well, to be fair on Blizzard’s part, they didn’t really have anything to do with those re-releases. All those were compatibility updates carried out by the GOG team. As for the original campaign files, sorry to say but there’s been changes to them too (Grom is still called Hellscream, even in the old campaign).

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You would absolutely 100% think it would just be them dragging the old files out of the directory and dragging in the new files rather than just genuinely editing the originals.

They really should’ve gone with a “you can play both or whichever you prefer” fully Reforged route.

Have you ever heard of the concept of ‘taking the piss’?

Sometimes it’s just talking about why something might be the way it is. Shoutout to the ‘Jaina looks nothing like Jaina’ saga forever ago.

Sorry random person on the internet, I don’t.

I did. Again, you’re clearly a much more experienced player when it comes to these design aspects but it gets bogged down by the whining about how your post was received by the moderators. Bonus points for the “safe space” buzzword/phrase, though.

I’m more or less a Dude That Plays Warcraft and if we really want to gauge, I dabble in everything but proficiency wildly varies. Saying stuff like visual and design clarity or audio feedback or even something like Reign of Chaos just not existing anymore are ‘small problems’ is an… interesting statement?

Granted I’ve missed some big ones too like the alleged AMD performance issues, the huge rollback of what actually was going to be developed for the game, matchmaking is apparently hanging (finds a match but doesn’t connect at all), and no ladder on launch for a game with a history of competitive play.

I don’t think my approach is anything. I’m posting on a forum. People can take from it whatever they want. I can respond to them however I want (within obvious reason, given that moderation is a thing).

Or is an express ticket to just getting your post blasted into space.

If I was getting paid for it rather than just airing my thoughts, I can guarantee you I would be far more of a troll about it. Unless they’d blitzchung me and take my money.


Why those specifically? His full post history should be talked about, not just cherry picked ones. Hell, if we need to cherry pick, why not pick topics that he’s made?