What are you making Blizzard? Reforged or Remade?

I think Blizzard has to ask itself the question, are you remaking this game or actually reforging it like you promised? Yes the graphical updates are nice, but for many including myself the revamped campaign was one if not the most anticipated feature of the bundle and that hope was just shattered in one article;

And it begs the question blizzard, why are you pandering to a crowd of #nochanges? The reason why no changes was even a thing for Classic WoW was because there was no alternative to play legitimately. But with this game, it’s nonsense. The old game will always be there, people can always play it.

Why don’t you make both the reforged campaign and the old campaign playable? Or is this just a cheap excuse not to have to do the work on actually revamping the campaign? Because now it sounds like you will just copy and paste the old maps and scenarios. And if that’s the case then I’m out.

Some clarification on this subject would be appreciated.


This. They can just play the original if they don’t want changes. The original campaign is not perfect.



As the above entity said: you can just play WoW if you want changes.


Your logic makes no sense as I can counter it with;
you can just play the old campaign if you dont want changes

The existence of a new campaign doesn’t affect you.


Yeah it doesn’t make any sense. I was really looking forward to a new way of experiencing the game.


I am terribly disappointed that Blizzard is not touching the campaign. I was looking forward to the New Silvermoon and other place/map, but my dreams are broken :frowning:


Really, I can not find a word to say how disappointed I am with Blizzard. Certainly I prefer the originals voices, but I would still like to have the choice between the new campaign or the old. What interests me most about Warcraft 3 are campaigns and custom maps. It’s not Reforged, it’s just a texture pack.


Warcraft 3 fans don’t want revamps and retconning. This is warcraft 3 not warcraft 4 or world of warcraft. The warcraft 1 campaign should be the warcraft 1 campaign, the warcraft 2 campaign should be the warcraft 2 campaign and the warcraft 3 campaign should most definitely be the warcraft 3 campaign.

Bunch of weirdos on this forum that think they have the slightest idea how to design a video game.


And you do know how to design one? What’s the point of reforge then?
Just a graphical upgrade to you?

Because blizzard promised it was more than that. That’s a fact.

Besides, you don’t speak for warcraft 3 fans. The warcraft 3 playerbase is tiny compared to what it was originally.


Reforged is just a texture pack at this point. Not worth 30 dollars anymore. I loved it initially


Where did I say I know how to design a game? IT SAYS ON THE BOX WARCRFT 3: REFORGED NOT WARCRAFT 4. Do you even understand that this reforged is based on warcraft THREE? And yes I do speak for the warcraft 3 fans because I’ve been playing this game since 2002.


All the people who are saying they love the original so much they want Reforged to be exactly the same are the kind of player who plays melee for a few years and then stops. Most map makers and custom map players would prefer new content in the campaign for more models and more opportunities.


The lack of self awareness on your part is laughable.
So you admit you don’t know how to design a game. Then why call people out when they don’t know it either? Everyone can have their opinions that’s the point of the forums.

You see what you are saying absolutely makes 0 sense. Yes, it is Warcraft 3 reforged, but reforged seemed to imply an actual enhanced version of the original with additions where possible.

You sir, are selling this game short. You could have had 2 campaigns; the old AND the new for the same price. And because of idiotic purist nonsense we now get nothing.

Good job.


So I say that people don’t know how to design a game and then you immediately assume that just because I said that means I know how to design a game? Your logic is absolutely mindblowing. Try a different way to strawman me mister debater.

You are the type of person that is so delusional they can’t even make the difference between game titles. If you want two campaigns then make a petition for a warcraft 4. If you want retconning cause you’re gonna play the campaign once and then move on to world of warcraft then demand a warcraft 4. Oh wait you can’t cause the RTS genre is dead and you know they’ll never do it and now you come on this forum with your personal agenda that you and other people on this thread want to inject into an old title.

Piss off.


great news.
keep wow lore quarantined in wow, don’t let it spread.
loved it.


You have posted cringe.


this is a terrible way of arguing, what if someone tells you “if you wanna play wow just go play wow” then?

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Absolute shame and laziness from blizzards point. Wc3 purists are disgusting


You should really search up what ‘Reforged’ means before embarrassing yourself like this. The literal definition for reforged is “forge or create again or differently.” key word “differently”.


Please at the very least update campaign maps geographically and maybe gameplay-wise, even if you leave the story untouched… else it’s just a silly hd remake, not reforged.