If new cutscenes are scrapped you're going to deal with a lot of refounds

I can deal with the disappointment of not having extensively revamped campaigns, but for cutscenes this is what you promised us:


Failing to deliver the new cutscene will make this literal false advertising.
It’ll be even worse if the tools employed for these kind of cutscenes, which also were promised will not be included in the world editor.


I lost the 1-year hype for Reforged in just 2 days.

I still expect a miracle from todays pannel. So dissapointed :frowning:


Same here. I was so happy when i got picked for the beta but now i just feel like i got scammed


The thing is they said as i can understand the scrapped new cutscenes, but does it include all cutsenes? I mean what I thought is that here would all cutscens with all the characters located on the same place but with some camera adjustments to make everything look more cinematic, so what wii it be?


So much for promises.

I don’t have glasses powerful enough…


Wait, what? How do you know the cutscenes are scrapped? The panel is in a few hours! I’m not getting it!

Back2warcraft interviewed the devs and reported as much.

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Alright, now this is a betrayal and a knife in the back. A final farewell by YourArthas. I feel distraught and desolated.

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Wait what? Vanvan is YourArthas?

No, to the contrary. The spirit of the former communist Lich King haunts us and casts us back into the original campaign, alas.

As a storie lover, i pre-ordered something and get nothing. A copy paste of Classic War3 they should rename from reforged to remastered they didn’t make anything better than SC:R (oh my bad we have skins).


i cannot describe the letdown, i was so hyped for something new! the closest thing for a new RTS warcraft!
it really hurts…

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