What are you making Blizzard? Reforged or Remade?

I get where you’re coming from and you can call me purist if you like, but the thing is, playing old warcraft 3 campaign on new graphics wasn’t a thing, it was never stated that one can do that, in theory yes of course it makes sense, but devs never said that, it was old graphics with old campaign and reforge with new retconned campaign, so we as you call purists want old campaign with new graphics and upgraded maps, because story is great as it is, letting wow writers remake story is really bad idea, as you all can see what Sylvannas did to fuking Litch King :confused: I mean it’s GOT season 8 lvl bad :stuck_out_tongue:


“Hey, i would like an improved warcraft 3 campaign”

that’s you right now


Before : xhttps://www.polygon.com/blizzcon/2018/11/2/18057924/warcraft-3-reforged-classic-compatibility-blizzcon

Now : xhttps://www.polygon.com/2019/11/1/20944518/warcraft-3-reforged-story-retcon-world-of-warcraft-wow


Just found out the news and wildly disappointed with it. I’m not even disappointed, I’m angry. Of course, changing the graphics is a very pleasant improvement, but I was hoping that Blizzard would finally close the plot holes remaining in the old campaign, that if the game had new players, they would not start stupid disputes between the WarCraft III and World of WarCraft plots due to inconsistencies in their plot lines. No, I’m serious. Why did you do a new voice acting in this case? Why did you draw unique models for each unit, for individual heroes who were not originally in the campaign? In order to just drop everything before the release, referring to the crowd, which most likely was not even going to buy the game?
The plot was the second reason after the graphics, why I was waiting for the Reforged. And now I’m in such a state that I just don’t understand why I still have not canceled the pre-order … And I also thought that during this year you were engaged in work …


they just could not do it in the given time… now they lie and say that they want to serve the players…
Who believes this?


OK another account created just now to criticize the game kkkk Come on Vanvan, 1 day ago? Wow, where were you bot? Have you purchased the game yet? No? Oh i know why, you won’t give money to a “comunist” company isn’t? “Free Hong Kong” isn’t? Blizzard forum managers should really take measures to prevent these fake accounts to create this criticism towards their products.


You again. Just close you. Your spam in each topic is more like a bot’s behavior.

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Dude, my account has existed for over 10 years. I just never posted on the US forums before. Stop making assumptions and think about it.


Blizzard forum managers should take measures to prevent shallow douchenozzles from insulting others. But you’re still around so I guess they’ve got to improve on that, don’t they.

Criticism of products is the foundation of product development.


I didn’t want to get involved in your argument but, hypocritical much?

If they do not change the campaign as PROMISED EARLIER. I will demand my money back, because it’s not the product that they promised to release!


Criticism and insults are slightly different concepts.
If I say that I have the right to ask for the changes promised to me and condemn their cancellation (of course, without going over to the individual) - this is criticism.

And if I write to you in every topic that you are a political bot - this is an insult.

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I had over 8k posts on this account but it was wiped when they changed the format for battle.net forums.

Anyway, as much as I’ve loved this nerd brawl, i have to say that when I put my money up. It was purely for them to update the graphics. I feel pretty indifferent about extra campaign things. If we get them, whatever. It’s not our call to make. If you guys feel this passionate, the World Editor is that way.

When SC:R was released, they got a better ladder and a rotating map pool. That’s it but it’s huge. Hoping for the same here.

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Yeah, I should’ve quoted the whole thing

Saying this is what I meant to say is hypocritical. He wants people who insults others banned which is understandable but he just called someone a “shallow douchenozzle” which sounds like an insult to me.

Oh. Yes, that sounds rude. I am not as good at language proficiency as it should be, and my translator simply missed that word.

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Aye, it is indeed hypocritical and I am very glad to be called out on it, especially since I was not in the best of mindsets. Sidenote, a sauna session does wonders for retrospection.
Gelinho however has been the kind of person that ticks me off in all the wrong ways. And it takes a lot to tick me off. But if being called a shallow douchenozzle is what it takes for me to unload some frustration around here about someone who hasn’t got a clue what they’re talking about, I’m ok with it.

That being said, I won’t apologize to him.

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Don’t you have a better excuse? 10 years and no post on US forums? I don’t know who’s worst, you making this excuse or those who believe in you kkkk
Besides, this profile tells otherwise.


The guy behind this bot must work harder or they’ll deactivate his account and fire him.

Dude, there is only a US forum for WC3:R which is why it said I joined a day ago. As I posted here for the first time a few days ago.

Just go to one of the eu forums and try to post something there. it will say you joined just now.


This is really lame. They even put a “classic campaign” option too. What’s the harm in new content?


Someone at Blizzard overestimated themselves with the deadlines and was not up to the task and now going to start butchering it. Whats gonna happen to all the Silvermoon, Dalaran assets etc we saw ? They gonna make Silvermoon stay a village with houses made of straw and wood? -,-