"We've got exactly what we wanted"

Hey guys.

I have just read the developer update and it pretty much confirmed what i thought and didn’t want to admit to myself. I would like to say some words in name of my friends and other people who are not afraid of change. (and still have a bit of hope for warcraft)

Blizzard made the game for different people and is apologizing to different people than us (who complained about UI, Colors, Terrain and so on…)

Sad thing is, that I believe “we” are the majority of those, who forced Blizzard to make response like this in the first place.

The game developement started taking turns with first post after 2018 blizzcon

and pretty much stayed that way, given that there were people responding to every other feedback with “I’ve got exactly what i wanted and the game is good as it is”

Dear Blizzard, you don’t improve by listening to people that praise you how good your game is or was. You have to embrace the change and listen to the “new crowd” if you want to make a game that is worth something these days.

Best of luck
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Im one of the more active members of this forum, and I never once complained about anything Blizzard showed up. I was excited to see 4+ hours of new cutscenes, but what I really wanted was improvements to the game, like the new UI or increased unit selection for custom games. We didn’t get any of those things, and that’s severely disappointing.

It really sucks Blizzard listen to a few crybabies over changes to the campaign, I mean the original game is still playable, so to be against having a new campaign is immature and childish. I really think the people complaining about changes to campaign were not even hardcore fans of WC3 they were mostly WoW fanboys.

The fact Blizzard is more concerned about appeasing WoW fans (as evident with the pre-order bonus of skins for other games) is concerning. Obviously now they are trying to fix the problems, but its too late, the damage is already done. People will still continue to play WC3 for many years, but its going to take a long time for Blizzard to regain the respect they lost from their fans.


They are trying to fix the problems, but apparently they are trying from the wrong end.

I don’t know who is Blizzard currently concerned about but !@#$ those people.

Man the game got a remaster exactly because of how good it was.

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I don’t say the original is bad.
I just wanted to say the “true spirit of warcraft” in form of remaster is definitely not worth 30€.

and blizzard apparently misunderstood that

Not really.

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We don’t need threads like these right now. We are trying to heal. Go back to wow or read the books if you don’t like wc3. A new campaign would not have fixed this. We don’t even have the classic campaign!


I don’t know about you, but I still have my original copies of RoC+TFT installed on several computers running older patches, along with PTR and Reforged

Troll somewhere else. You don’t. If you play the game the launcher will patch and destroy it.
Andy you can’t even play online, if you don’t want this to happen. We also got no warning before.

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lmao you think Im trolling you bro? man are you ok? is something wrong?

I am not trolling, theres multiple ways to save backup copies of RoC+TFT without letting them upgrade to Reforged

cmon man, don’t be so naïve. Im not trying to insult you, Im just stating facts here :slight_smile:

No, I know you are.

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each time you call me a troll, the more you sound very immature

how about showing some maturity, and asking me how its possible to save back up copies of RoC+TFT so I can show you, otherwise Ill just label you as a fool and stop replying to you

But that’s what you are a troll.

Defending this trash is really low.
And my game is already infested.

The biggest issue from my perspective is they advertised one thing and then didn’t deliver most of it!

I also feel for the players that loved the game as it was and are now forced into the Reforged experience which is full of bugs and stability issues.

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Guys, i don’t know why are you arguing about irrelevant things… the post is easy to understand.
you either like it which means you agree with me
or you leave opposing comments that get likes which means i am bullsh*ting

there is not much else to do

again, you are accusing me of things you don’t actually know. I understand Reforged has problems. but Im smart enough to understand how to fix some of them myself, and I also realize theres bigger issues with reforged besides wanting to play on the old client

you just want to throw insults around like a 12 year old

Look, I can get copies of the game. That’s not the issue. If you can’t see this go away. You sound like a shill and not a player.

What they did is in no way acceptable. There is no way around this.
And yes there are other issues. Like their fraud.

whos throwing insults like a 12 year old kid? seriously are you still in highschool?

You right here. Showing us how “adult” you are. I say it like I see it. Stop defending a company after they committed fraud.

brilliant reply homey, so much supporting evidence to backup your claims, how did you possibly find the time to come up with such an amazing argument, I think you might have even brought a tear to the eye of Bobby Kotick