"We've got exactly what we wanted"

And you’re really arguing that your not a troll? Ha! Made my day. Thanks for that.

Nah. End of 2018 was when blizzard stock dropped into the abyss, and even though is is slightly recovering, It will take another year at current speed to reach mid-2018 level.
It is very, very obvious that Reforged was one of the games Blizzard reduced fundings in a major way. Blaming it on people who wanted a game that is, in spirit, WC3 classic, is just a very, very bad excuse.


Could be true. I don’t know anything about inner workings of the blizzard team.

However, they are responsible for what they say… and they indirectly blamed the cutscenes on feedback, so i respond to that feedback

anyway, blizzard is responsible for this mess and this “apology” didn’t help me feel any better about the game

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Well, it is true that those people existed. The most prominent people were the ones that feared that the WC3 storyline would be butchered to fit into the WoW canon. But when I checked forums, it didnt seem like a major movement.
Acti-Blizzard is a huge company, and lets be honest here, Blizzard is very slow in changing things, how minor they might be, even if the forums get flooded with requests.
It just feels off that blizzard would scrap their whole concept in changing things up because of a vocal few.

Unfortunately, that sounds like that’s the exact case.
They could’ve expected the aftermath tho… they apparently aren’t pleased with what they did. (if you know you can’t do it in time, just don’t announce it or give pre-purchase)

I mean, the concept seemed good before beta released tho

I was a fan of Og wc3, and wow Fan, and I was one of the first people that ask for refund, I heard the blizz panel were they said, that they will not do the changes they promised.

You must have those computers not connected to the internet or blocked updates. I have the PTR actually, but is it TFT or just ROC?

Guys you don’t want those nice new animated cutscenes that do a nice job of bringing the game into this day and age, you want the original game with its crappy cut scenes. That’s why they barely did anything and charged us full price for it, it’s already perfect guys stop complaining.