We want a New Playable race! Pick One or Two Blizzard

Burning Legion

Extra races
Forsaken(undead Variant)
Scarlet Crusade(Human Variant)
OG Orcs with Ogres/Red Dragon roost intact(Blackrock Mountain)
Proper Blood Elves with new heroes


None. New races should be left for potential new installments, but sadly those will be largely influenced by WoW and they will be less awesome when compared to initial Night Elf reveal in WC3 for instance.


I would be alright with them adding a new race, but only IF it was released later as a full expansion. Right now, its best to just focus on making the game as perfectly compatible with the original as possible

I would choose either Naga or Burning Legion, as they were the closest to be completed back when wc3 was first developed


While new races sound cool, it would become a nightmare for game balance. If they add new races, in my opinion it should only be for single player content.


The game is already unbalanced, just make it more fun


By making it more unbalanced? Good attitude.


Extra races what you mentioned can be skins for already exists races(but I don’t get how they can create forsaken skin or race, they look like scourge).


YOU want* Not we. Don’t speak for everyone with your desire to tarnish the classic WC3 feeling and experience.


Leave new races to custom games.
All the races you listed are fleshed out in maps like Ultimate Battle and while it is a blast to play something somewhat different the experience you get in maps like that is far far different from what you get out of melee. I’d prefer we leave melee the same as what we have now for the sake of all the hardcore melee players who love the game they have now.


Honestly, I think they should finish the Naga. I don’t think that they should be playable in ladder games, but the Naga are so close to being finished that Warcraft III: Reforged is a great opportunity to finally make it happen.

They could finish and implement the Naga as a playable race in custom games only with them being an option that the lobby host could toggle on or off; much like how we can toggle on / off settings such as allegiance breaking or black mask.


I requested that Blizzard make a way to ADD these custom races, as a user, and produced a video of how binary hacks that I downloaded from China can do the same in SD Wc3, saying that “none of this is real” in the video because hacking is bad and I wanted to just talk code theory:

Honestly, maybe it would be cool if Blizzard adds a finished Naga but it would be WAY MORE AWESOME if they unlocked the potential for users to add hundreds of custom races of their own. Currently you can, but they are not choosable on the dropdown out-of-game like in this video and like in Starcraft 2.

Edit: Blizzard says they will create HD upscale versions of all existing models so that fan-based maps work. This means that the half of the Naga race that was created in TFT will have HD working replacement models. FrozenFire, myself, Kam, Unregret, Sunreaver, the Nirvana mod, and others have all created SD fan-made versions of the Naga race with their own unique designs. You can download and play any of them, and from what I understand, you will be able to play any of them on WC3 Reforged. However, without a system to load them dynamically in Custom-Mode Melee Maps, each of these Naga races is locked to a particular map file, so the experience you get when playing them is more stale than it would be if they were “addons” that could be loaded for any map. So, I would hope they create a “race addon” support feature! However, some maps like DotA are going to want to block any injected user customization of map data, for security and to prevent cheating, so it would also be important that certain maps could toggle a setting to “block loading of addons” in this sense. Perhaps only Melee maps would allow this?


I wouldn’t mind if they finished and balanced the Naga out, past that I think they should stick to minor changes such as adding heroes to the tavern or adding new creep types.


More playable race’s = more fun.


More playable races also increases the bar to play competitively. If there was a world where a bunch of competitive players already have 15 different techtrees memorized, then new users feel even more confused by the vast array of unit types on their screen. If a new player plays against these hypothetical pros, it would be possible for the new player to be facing a new techtree for each of their first 15 games. He or she can’t learn and grow as quickly, because of overflow of information. More playable races probably only belong in the custom game sector, as something for people like me to add for fun.

Edit: I created a mod for Warcraft 3 SD 1.26 called Heaven’s Fall that used to replace the dropdown on all melee maps with an option for 6 new races. You can probably find it online. Since it used the binaries from Nirvana from China, it never was updated after 1.27 and is no longer available, because it would not work anymore. Speaking from experience, I got to know my mod too well. The balance was often bad, because players would only play this mod a handful of times, and would almost never know the enemy unit types, nor their strengths and weaknesses, because of the increased complexity. So I would win the most because I created and memorized all of the units, and then people think it’s just bad game design created to make myself win. Over the years, I started to think that when I lost, I felt victorious, because it meant someone cared enough about that creation to learn how to defeat me.


“We” doesn’t seem to include me. I don’t want new races in ladder games. If they wanted to include more units, models, or even fleshed out tech trees for map creators to play around with, that would be great. If they wanted to include additional campaigns for such races, great.
But please, please DO NOT include more races for ladder games. Balance is finicky at best as is, and the addition of single units would completely throw it off, let alone an entire new race. Every second spent on developing a new race for multiplayer is better spent on balancing. Every single second.


Either burning legion or naga would be cool in my book. I won’t be disappointed if we don’t get a bonus race, but if we do I will be very pleasantly surprised.


I’d like to see a new race in a coming DLC of some kind. It would be so cool to at least get some new missions, and the one showed on Blizzcon exited me pretty much and I’d like to see the old missions changed a little bit. Like Lady Vashj’Campaign or something like that.


No new races. Maybe race skins though.


New races or units would be amazing. But I don’t think its a realistic thing to wish for. It would just take to much time and effort to implement it (from a balance perspective), and thus would need a lot of commitment from blizzard.

But maybe we will get those things in new add ons, if reforged is successful enough


If anything, add new skins for multiplayer, and keep the same four playable races. But for other units unrelated, like lets say a, satyr archer, or forsaken deathguard make them new creeps for new multiplayer maps.