We got scam ( Evidence )


Yes, we did.


God the animations on the old one are so bad! It’s better that they removed them so I don’t have to watch that tripe.


i told in other thread already… biggest scam in gaming industry in 2020


The new one looks so bad comparatively that the absurdity of it makes me laugh.


unbelievable. I have been watching this unfold during the last 10 or so hours and I am simply flabbergasted how Blizzard can do this to their customers. Boycotting their shit from now on.


If you paid attention to the news surrounding Reforged, you’d know that feedback was not favourable to how they ‘altered’ the game as much as they did. Originally the plan was for much more in depth changes to cinematics, animations and the like.

But the feedback was pretty clear. Folks wanted WC3 with a new coat of paint. They didn’t want a remake. So while the bones of the Culling cinematic and the map is there, the rest of the game remained as close to the original as possible. A few changes here and there to camera angles, but ultimately, they tried to stay as true to the base WC3 experience as they could.

So, if you want someone to blame for the fact that Reforged has been changed from Blizzcon to what it is now… look in the mirror. You lot asked for the game to remain unchanged, they listened.


lol dude, look at any thread on this forum and see what community wants


What the community wants now, isn’t what they wanted shortly after Blizzcon, and the folks on the show floor were giving feedback after playing the missions as well.

Yes, feedback is a mixed bag. I too wanted a full remake. After playing through the Culling mission as it is in Reforged I’m absolutely amazed, not only because the map is so much better, but also because of the smaller inclusions of Meathook and Salramm the Fleshcrafter as bosses you can fight.

But I understand that my voice is only one in a sea of voices, and the vast majority of folks who left feedback about the game didn’t want a full remake like the Reforged team was aiming for.


They MAYBE they should have had a bigger alpha test group than 10 people from the same background.


I did pay attention and I’m calling shenanigans on this post. There was no ‘pretty clear’ direction of the feedback. Actually I would argue that that the most clear feedback was that people liked what they saw but were skeptical of new voiceovers and rewritten dialogue. This is a really poor damage control for the video shown in OP.


Blizzard literally talked about this multiple times after Blizzcon.

“Last year in the culling, we saw a new way of displaying the cuts-scenes.”
“They will be go back to the initial, to the original way of displaying the cut-scenes, of course remaster them. Maybe some new camera angles, um, maybe some new lighting, but they won’t redo them all as far as we know.”

These are quotes taken from interviews post-Blizzcon about how WC3 was not going to be fully revamped. Sorry, but if you weren’t paying attention, that’s on you. Multiple sites covered this between then and now.


It doesn’t matter which fans wanted what, or if a few fanboys whined on stage. Blizzard marketed the game with this Stratholme mission and cutscene trailer repeatedly up until release.

If Blizzard decided to backtrack on their original vision to this degree, then they should have deleted the original Stratholm trailer and uploaded some new campaign gameplay, but they didn’t. They even kept it out of the beta. I’d wager that at some point a higher up realized how messed up it was that such a big part of their marketing was this misleading. So instead of drawing excess attention to it early and possibly losing sales, they decided to show nothing more of the single player campaign until release. That’s wrong no matter how you slice it.


So that interview says there was “divisive feedback” but your earlier post said “the feedback was pretty clear” … that speaks for itself, your earlier post was just wrong. it wasn’t clear at all, it was ‘divisive’ …

playwarcraft3 dot com still has the original culling campaign trailer video to this day. it is misleading.

like I get your point about not paying attention but there’s no excuse for this. maybe i would agree if it had been a battle.net news update or on the official site - was it? otherwise, they did a poor job and it is reasonable to expect you to accept that fact given all circumstances and evidence. little interview tidbits on gamer news sites is not more important than the official website of the game advertising the sale.


As you said: Interviews. Not everyone looks at every interview.
What about an official announcement? That would’ve been more fair to the customer.


It would be one thing if they didnt’ say a damn word. If when launch day came, we expected X because we were shown X and not told any different, but instead we got Y. That would be classified as a bait and switch.

But Blizzard specifically told us, multiple times, that they were dailing it back, that Reforged would be closer to how it was back in the day in regards to how the story would be delivered. A few changes here and there, but nothing like what was shown at Blizzcon.

You clearly didn’t pay attention to that, so that’s on you.

And again: what about an official announcement? Don’t you think the whole thing that’s goin’ on on the forum would’ve been avoided, if Blizzard would’ve made an official announcement? :slight_smile:

That’s Blizzard’s great weakness. They don’t talk to the community.


I can only partially agree with you…

Honestly while you might want to use “purists” as the group to blame, think and stop for a moment. How big is Reforged team? and how much work it would have required for such small team to create EVERY cutscene like they did the Stratholme demo ones in 2018?

Ive said this time and again, but its not hard to count 1+1…Reforged team’s original plans were simply too ambitious for the size of the team they had to accomplish in just about 1 year.

The biggest mistake Blizzard/Reforged team made was to leave their original trailer of Reforged in their YT channel showing what the cutscenes would look like.

As soon as it became clear that they could not remake the cutscenes like that they should have been more clear about it and delete that Culling trailer especially and make sure that everyone understood what they were/were not going to get with this remaster…and that it was going to be visual/graphical remaster most of all and not a remake that unfortunately many people even to this day were expecting to get.


Well they had to outsource asset creation, so the team wasn’t that big.

That being said, the team they picked to do the assets is a team with a fantastic track record and a big list of high-end clients and games. Same folks that did the Starcraft Remastered assets too.

Blizzard KEPT the Stratholne trailer and promotes it in their marketing.
It’s still on the official website as a “campaign teaser” for Pete’s sake.

That’s totally dishonest. People shouldn’t blame the fans for not coming to the same conclusion about a vague answer given in an offsite interview. On the interview you mention they talk about walking back “retcons”. few people would consider the improved cutscene animations and camera angles in the Stratholme trailer as “retcons”. The characters and lines themselves remained unchanged.

Blizzard walked right into this themselves. I only wish they had been more forthright.