So uh... Does this really meet the Blizzard "Quality" standard?

Not gonna lie I have been pretty hyped for this WCIII remake because WCIII was such a great game from my childhood. So I just booted up the game and decided to mess with some game settings before starting the campaign when I noticed two things.

First off, when trying to set up custom key bindings this is what you get?!

(Note: I don’t have MVP status on these forums so I have no trust level to images so please bear with me on this.)

That, in 2020, in order to set up custom key bindings you need to go and edit a text file in your installation directory?! Really?

Oh, and I also highlighted an interesting bit of text. I am playing the release client, the full game, and it still labels it as a BETA!

Like, reading all the things people have been posting today I went in with a mindset of “Eh, its the forums, they always blow things way out of proportion!” but within the first minute of starting this game up I am already getting really bad vibes.

Do the plaques around the Blizzard courtyard statue even matter anymore? These values are suppose to be held in such high regard but as of late it really feels like they are not, especially when pertaining to these two here.

Especially in regards to the latter plaque.

I really hope that things improve moving forward with this but seeing some of these threads, such as this one with its great comparison video

It does not fill me with much confidence.

This does not live up to my personal expectations of Blizzard Quality and honestly, depending on how it plays once I actually get a chance with it I may try to get a refund… Thought I would really hate to lose out on the mount in WoW…

This is not looking good so far, hope things improve or Blizzard at least has the guts to do what Square Enix did with FFXIV when it first launched and consider starting over.

This seriously gives me worry for Diablo IV and WoW:Shadowlands…

Update 1: So, keeping this topic as fair as possible I will give credit where credit is due. The models look great, I don’t understand the complaints that they don’t look good and the game runs fine for me and my potato of a computer. I can’t run it on max but even with the settings I am using it looks good and has been smooth.

I suppose I will see how that changes once entering larger battles, but seriously I like the artwork so far. The models are great in my opinion. I am extremely disappointed that even in “Reforged” game mode it feels like the “Reforged” features are mission (Like what the video in the above linked thread shows)

With that said, I noticed camera jitter with the first in game cutscenes with Medivh when doing slow pans. Also, in the scenes where you can see the sky boxes its not that pretty. Also, the camera is not the best and, as someone who does not normally get motion sickness and who played the original WCIII when it came out, some of the hills in the tutorial mission made me kinda sick/dizzy with how everything moves around and how rapidly they rise and fall even though in game it looks like a small mound.

I am honestly trying to be as fair as I can with this and will continue to update my post, right now I am on the bench with this game.

Update 1.5: So minor update, one of the features I like is the transparency feature, the “Fade Occluding Objects” option except… it fades objects that don’t make sense at times. Like, the Gate you have to break down in the second mission is faded unless your camera is ABOVE it which makes it practically invisible. Its not blocking the vision of any of my units or anything but its faded.

If it was hiding unites I would understand but its not, its just transparent for no real reason unless I move my camera above it and into fog of war. Why?

Also, noticing a lot of inconsistencies on what I can and can not kill/destroy. For instance, in the first mission I can destroy Gnoll Huts and Murloc Huts, kill pigs, deer, ect. So far in the second mission I can’t destroy any of the Gnoll huts and I tried to kill a Sheep, you know stick it to the Alliance of Man, and my orcs instead made a peace circle around it because they couldn’t figure out how to kill it? I know this last bit is SUPER nitpicky so feel free to consider it “complaining for the sake of complaining” but its inconsistent in my view. Not a game ruiner but slightly annoying. I have an Orcish Army, let me raze my enemies structures and slaughter their livestock!

Update 2: I just refunded the game and had the refund approved. I just couldn’t take it, while not even playing I couldn’t stop thinking about the game and getting more and more frustrated and upset the more I thought about my experience. I only played through two missions but I couldn’t take anything past that.

On the Support Feedback for my ticket for my refund I left ~5 pages worth of feedback on WCIII reforged and I hope that said feedback makes it to the WCIII Reforged team.

Very let down by my experience.


In ages past those plaques might have meant something. To some employees they still might. The Blitzchung incident had some employees walk out as a form of protest (No idea what happened to them actually…)

The higher ups though? Well, there’s a reason their offices are in the upper floors. That way they can take aim at the statues and actually stand a chance of hitting their target with their literal piss poor accuracy. Any bystanders are just extra points.

They literally reskinned a 20 year old game. WC3 was the best strategy game at the time, but 20 years are 20 years.
Like saying that Super Mario bros is better than Super mario Bros 64

This happened to me on a competitive game. Archers were not responding to destroy a tower.

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