We got scam ( Evidence )

Ye the biggest mistake in all of this and why I understand so many ppl are blaming Reforged team/Blizzard of a scam now is that they kept ALL of that original footage from 2018 Blizzcon in their channel when they should have taken that all down as soon as it was clear they could/would not make the cutscenes play out like that.

That + they should have make clear statement on the site what was changed and be honest about it. Transparency unfortunately is something that very few companies have these days, but what can you expect when Activision-Blizzard is in charge…and perhaps it was not good idea to fire all those people in the marketing department…

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The thing is they don’t have to listen.

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I have never, not once, seen a single person say ANYTHING like that. In fact, all the PUBLIC feedback I had seen was very positive with the “reforged” improvements to the game.

So when you say–

Just who on earth are you implying said any of that.

From my understanding, that “Feedback” came from internal/private testers and not the greater community of which I had seen ZERO posts stating they didn’t want the upgraded features. The vocal communication, especially ever since rumors of those features being cut began to surface, has been concern that the rumors could be true and disappointment.

Which is also concerning… Who the heck does Blizzard gather feedback from because this was certainly not the Blizzard communities public feedback from what I have seen on MMO-Champion and the Blizzard Official Forums.


I can point you to multiple game companies that have trailers still visible for games that have been released that have slight or even major downgrades. Hell, CDPR did the same thing with the Witcher 3, showed trailers that looked fantastic and showed off amazing technologies, but when the game launched? None of it was there.

Ultimately the Culling remains relatively unchanged from what was shown in 2018. The camera angles are different, as are some of the minor animations but the graphical quality is the same, the mission plays the same, and I’ll say this again, they told folks what they were doing. This was news after the announcement, covered by multiple sites. This was not secret knowledge that only the privilged few knew about.

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Is this the first time people here are becoming aware of the term/idea of “bullshots”?

I don’t have a dog in this fight. I don’t care about the cut scenes as I’m mad about other features being absent. However this post is where you lost your argument. You should have stuck to your original point or admitted you were wrong.

The “other people do it too!” trope is desperate at best and I think we all hope that you don’t think that Blizzard should hold their standards to the worst practices other companies sometimes commit.


You have fools whose will continue to buy their products

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It’s common practice, is my point. It happens ALL THE TIME.

Blizzard has done this with multiple games and expansions over the years. Announced one thing, released with something different. In all the cases where this has happened, they’ve told folks in advance.

Again, if you weren’t paying attention, that’s on you. Blizzard cannot be held responsible for the ignorance of the individual.

Yeah, I know that was your point. That’s what I said was sad. I truly cannot believe you’re sticking to your guns on this argument. Murder happens all the time too - it doesn’t mean someone should get a pass for it.

And again, did you just gloss over the part where I said I didn’t care about the cutscenes? Why are you calling people ignorant for wanting to hold their favorite game company to a higher standard than the worst of industry practices?

Be better dude. I’m out. Enjoy your argument.

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Well some people wanted remaster, some people wanted reimagined Wc3… So people do not know what they want, but one thing is sure: THEY ALL WANTED STABLE AND PLAYABLE GAME as far is possible. Now did we get that? No. Vast majority complains on performances, black screens, lack of custom campaigns etc… Not matter if you have 2018 or whatever ,imagination" of warcraft. Game is not working as supposed!

There’s a big difference between murder and marketing.

I really shouldn’t have to explain the difference, I’m sure you’re smart enough to realize how horrible that comparison is.

I agree, but no one said that they will remove this, they even encouraged this. One step at a time. We live in an age where games get updated and patched… even TBC was unplayable for a week, and it turned out superb. Not making excuses but these things happen. Shame that it happened for WC3 Reforged as well.

I’m just mad that people talk shit about something that’s not true… but the crashes and bugs are there and they’re right to complain about that, everything else is just hate/drama/trolling.

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The only difference is in scale. You’re straw manning and you know it. Both are morally wrong - but you know this. You know the analogy was about the “if others are doing it, I get a pass on it!” and not about the magnitude of the offence. You know this, but you’re more worried about the perception of being right than having a conversation. You’re listening to respond instead of listening to understand. I have no idea why I’m responding when you’re just straw manning and deflecting. Keep your ad hominem insults. Good day sir.


Sure, it’s pure scam. Lol, they didn’t even translate text on maps (loading screens in campaign). xhttps://imgur.com/a/1j40XAp

I was expecting a remake. I only seen the blizzcon footage and don’t really play other blizzard games atm. or for the last 9 years or so really. so it’s disappointing to see the bare minimum done to remake this game. though it is a pretty regular tactic for developers to use footage at events that don’t really line up with the full release.

MY POINT OF VIEW: Honestly, I tried to defend Reforged in front of every friend and person who was laughing after beta started… TBH all that was cool to anyone I spoke to after first presentation was in game cutscenes and now I will look like total idiot in front of anyone…I tried to defend price… I believed that at least few of the cutscenes will be as Culling from Blizzcon so things like Muradin not dying and Illidan being only wounded will be clearly visible with new cutscenes (THEY ARE NOT! Its even WORSE in term of story telling you cant even see shard of ice hitting Muradin in C9 and that plastic slow cinematic fight with illidan in final TFT mission is even more missleading because you don’t see illidan lying in pain on the ground, you see him not moving from bad angle…WTF??)

If there were only at least 3 in game cutscenes like that one from demo in every race for RoC and 3 for every race in TFT it would be perfectly ok for me… HELL if only the interludes would be LIKE this I would be ok with that because it could add to the game alot to make things more clear… but they just scrapped that and not only that! They scrapped some of the gestures and animations from cutscenes in that release version of culling…

Srsly anyone who defend this final decision must be total madlad because this was SELLING point for me and alot of people I know so who is that community which wanted it to be more like original when everyone and I mean EVERYONE I spoke to loved cinamatic cutscene from 2018 demo! Do people which was not ok with that rather watch standing NPC with bubbles in WoW instead of cutscene?!

Hell this is even worse than Ubisoft downgrades…

Not to mention advertising thats why i feel SCAMED and ROBBED!
I tried to follow as much information about Reforged… But Blizzard gave us almost 0 official update changes in term of video or article on official page or in battle net client… Till release I believed there will be cutscenes like in 2018 Demo…
Not to mention to scrap of that new UI… whats the reason behind that when we were told that you can CHOSE from the OPTIONS old or new UI… SO? Point behind deleting it?

Culling Demo trailer is still on the main page lying to everyone who just saw it and bought the game because of that. There is still advertisment for 4+ hours of Reforged cutscenes and UI is also in that text.

This is biggest disappointment of the last decade for me. I lost faith in Blizzard… They killed RTS Warcraft at this point…

(Sorry for my English I’m not native)


Im so agreed with you


What bothers me the most is: they took my money.
Then they took matchmaking,Tournaments,Clanfeature,Profile page etc.

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Where is the secene where he stands on the hill?

I wonder it will be Blizzard’s official comment on this matter