WC3 Reforged Campaign Crashing

Warcraft III: Reforged team:

This last patch ruined the single player campaign. I’ve spent most of my day replaying the Frozen Throne first campaign mission for the humans, “Misconceptions.” and it continuously crashes the game and closes it. There is tons of freezing and lag happening when using the “tiny” structures, and the “tiny townhall” doesn’t even have a name. In one attempt, I chose to not even use the tiny structures, but the game still crashed. I have spent so many hours replaying this, but it just keeps crashing and crashing and crashing.

It seems like no one else is reporting this, so it has to be from the update. I also reinstalled the game twice. Can we get a hot fix? I’d love to finish replaying this classic with your fancy graphics. They just don’t make RTS games like this anymore.

I am playing on a new gaming laptop with a 3060 graphics card, i7 processor. I can run about anything, except for Warcraft 3 Reforged campaigns…


I have the same problem. Played campaign before update without any problems and now can’t finish even one map in Sentinel campaign. Im wondering how many weeks/month it will take to repair this?


Why would you assume it would be repaired?


Same here, cant play campaign! It crashes all the time.


Look for an old version of the game. I think 1.28 is pretty stable.

Sadly, it’s the only solution!

How can I switch to older version while mine is updated? Can’t see any option in battle.net app.

did u notice the previous post said “look for” its pretty easy to find what you are looking for by searching google and/or youtube… just type “wc3 older patch”

the new Bnet app for Reforged does not allow running older patches, u have to install the original RoC/TFT separately (not sure if it requires a cd-key but u can use a fake one, it wont work on bnet or multiplayer)


thats the only one I can find but IMO 1.26 or 1.28 are best for campaign … 1.27 is fine too but 1.26 was the longest running patch from like 2011 - 2016 (basically its the last official patch by the original blizzard)

they made campaign on Reforged boring anyway, they made it easier… well thats how it was 1-2 years ago but, I guess they made it harder in the new patch (if it doesnt crash that is)

And here I thought the map was just broken and they never bothered to fix it. Instead it sounds like they broke the game. F*** you Blizzard… Leave the working s, alone. Tired of dealing with your modern era of horrible quality control. I go back to old games to get away from that. So stop going back to your old s and f’n that up too. See you in 6 months when you bother to notice something is wrong. Thanks for ruining the gaming experience in the mean time.


In all this time of not being able to continue the campaign… Has it ever occurred to you Blizzard to roll back to the previous WORKING version, in the meantime, so we don’t have to sit here for days while you fix YOUR relapse of stupidity?


Yeah… same here. It keeps crashing at the same points. And the game can not be played. Been like that for a few days now.

100% wont be fixed because Blizzard is a HORRIBLE company. Literally deserve all the drama they get.


I have the same problem when playing Campaign, it’s crashing and the program close automatically. This happens at Night Elves Frozen Throne Chapter 1 and I cannot continue to replay the story. Please fix this as soon as possible.


Same problem, campaign is unplayable with this latest patch.


u can play older versions of RoC and TFT pre-patch 1.32 but u cannot play Reforged on a previous patch bcuz that would break online play for everybody in multiplayer lmao… what r u thinking??

if u want to play on patch 1.31 or an earlier patch u can do that, personally I think the best patch version for campaign is 1.26 thats obviously not Reforged but that is the best way to experience the original campaign

if u want to experience the new reforged campaign, then u just have to be patient while they fix it… the entire map making community is in a bad place bcuz each patch causes new bugs for map makers, and thats pretty much always going to be true unless Blizzard can get a proper team together to work on the game (which they wont) so all we can really do is hope they roll out another patch soon to fix the current bugs

In all honesty tho, the campaign bugs are not a big deal out of all the problems in multiplayer and custom maps, the single player campaign is certainly the easier to fix, so theres no reason for people who only play the campaign to be acting as if its the end of the world lol… the campaign was pretty broken even prior to the recent patch anyway, like I said 1.26 is the best patch for campaign mode

Game is updated automatically. Nobody asked me whether I wish to update game to 1.33 version. Personally I play almost only in Campaign mode 'cause I liked it very much. I liked Reforged graphics (otherwise I wouldn’t purchased it lol) but I cannot accept how Blizzard is disrespectful about WarCraft fans.
As I said, I just wish to play Campaign without any troubles. No objections allowed.
If patch is not tested at all (as I can see) so it’s obvious not to launch it and develop further.

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Awesome, dude! A great proposal! I thought I had got rid of 100 bucks to acquire “Spoils of War” edition rather than just hope that everything be cool

spoils of war was an extra $10 on top of the $30 base price… thats not $100… and those spoils of war skins are absolutely stupid gimmicks for Blizzard to make a few extra bucks, u were had

did u not realize this over 2 years ago when Reforged first launched?? this is not new information here, ur acting like this is the first time the WC3 community has been wronged, and seriously the campaign is a fraction of why wc3 remains popular after all these years… the multiplayer community has been through much worse yet we continue enjoying the game despite all the bugs

sooo, have u not finished the campaign yet?? Reforged has been out for 2 and a half years, it should not take that long to complete the entire campaign lol… I mean, if u count the 20 years that we had RoC and TFT iv probably played the campaign nearly 10 times but for some reason the campaign experience is more important to u than it is to me?? why? just bcuz its the only mode u play???

Did u read ^this^ part of my post?? The campaign is easier to fix then multiplayer, the campaign bugs will be fixed soon enough… in the meantime why dont u try some of the other game modes?? theres a lot more to wc3 then just the campaign

I didn’t say it. Don’t make up. And if it is, so you must be as furious about all this situation as I am.
All I want is to enjoy (i.e. no bugs allowed) purchased game in the way I desire. Is it too mush what I want?

and nobody asked me or any of my friends and clan mates if we wanted to ditch our old TFT clan profiles for the new crappy Reforged menus with no clan support and missing stats pages

why is it any different for u then it is for me?? I was not given a choice in being forced to switch from TFT to Reforged despite not wanting to and I know plenty of people who also feel the same way, unfortunately for multiplayer we do not have the option of using an older patch like campaign players do

thats the reason i get mad is u want to roll back to a previous version?? WELL U CAN



Really? Please tell me how can I do that. I’d like to abandon 1.33 version until it is stable

i already said this to u in my first post

google exists