Warcraft III: Reforged PTR -- Version 1.35.0 Build 19836

I think it will make sence to add cooldown to mirror image and buff Cloak of Flames. And agility to paladin and dreadlord.

Fantastic news, great to see the different iterations of the PTR. I think that the result is gonna be great and I am really keen to see the bug fixes especially on the ladder & profiles.

need to say, really strange way to fix undead
No t3 nerfs(cloud only), no rod and orb nerfs
No t2 buffs
And t2 pretty heavy nerfs…
This will make ud goes in t3 even faste at all costs.
Instead of buffing t2 with t3 nerfs to give way to play t2 in any of the matchups

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This nerf to statues is the heaviest nerf UD has gotten.

This renders both Dreadlord and Crypt Lord much weaker, these heroes both rely only on their spells because Vamp aura doesn’t do anything for UD and Spike Carapace is a terrible passive. Crypt Lord doesn’t do anything without mana, he will remain a dead hero after he was nerfed into the ground.

You should have kept the +30 HP on Ghouls, atleast this way players could have played Dreadlord with vamp aura for the first time ever, without Ghouls being focused down and feeding exp.

Now Crypt Lord and Dreadlord need a buff in mana regeneration. Otherwise UD will simply use Dark Ranger or Naga, since these perform better on low mana.

Where is the rework on Necromancers? Players are constantly asking for it. Casters are asking for it. Disucssions on reddit are daily about them. And yet you did nothing.

When will Frost Wyrms become usable? They haven’t been used in competitive for months even with a cheaper boneyard. This unit needs changes to be worth building.

Overall this patch is a massive slap in the face for all Undead fans. How can you justify nerfing UD but not giving anything fun or any fun tools, or the rework players have been asking for?

Meanwhile Orc, Elf and Human are all getting a few changes for new options. This is not fair and this is not how you design a balance patch. The philosophy should be about giving all players something fun to enjoy.

How are Orc T3 Troll Berserkers still not nerfed? They still keep 475 HP, 550 range, buffed Troll regeneration for only a 2 supply unit. Its about time the Berserker upgrade is nerfed! Reduce HP to 425, then this unit will be more fair. Orc has been massing this unit since tier 1 for such a long time because of how overtuned the t3 upgrade is. Enough!

Dreadlord and Ghouls deserve a buff to be usable by the average UD player without 120 or Happys micro.

Increase Ghoul HP and think about reverting the recent attack speed buff on Frenzy. Then players with average micro can use Ghouls for once. No one asked for even more attack speed on a squishy unit. This only favours UD players with insane micro. No average player can play Ghouls because of this change. Ghouls need more HP not more attack speed.

Buff Dreadlord and Crypt Lord. Crypt Lord especially isn’t used by anyone. Is this really what you wanted? Why buff him in the first place if you nerf him into the ground again?

Give us the Necromancer rework we have been asking for. So many players keep discussing about it…

Buff Frost Wyrms and/or overhaul this unit.

Buff Abominations by simply reducing their collision size, making their turn rate faster so they are less clunky.

Its so sad that UD has to rely on Fiends for so many years because all other options are simply not competitive.


I like UD changes(nerfs) but i agree they need to give 30 hp buff to ghouls because they received other nerfs …

P.S i am an ORC player…

Also if you give BM mirror image to give XP then you need to revert them to 25 % dps instead of 15% because 15% is not worth feeding opponent hero s with XP…

As for Siege engine i propose rework that could work for human is make them more like Golioths from SC1.
Single target long range anti air (piercing dmg) high dps that should counter units like Destroyers Frost worms Chimeras and on…Armour could heavy or medium.

Pit Lord

Doom spell (lvl6) Doom guard summon should not be dispelled like new Death Knight Animate Dead ability…


I do like the balance overall. Although I do think nova should be nerfed a bit. Great single target, great AOE, slows and a ridiculous range. I think on lvl 3 is an 8 second slow on a 8 second cooldown. Lich is game breaking at lvl 5. Even with this dark ritual nerf.

But I do get UD are getting a lot of nerfs as it is. In any case nova is something to keep in mind for the future.

Thx for the update.


Please can we fix the desync issue. I tried to play a custom game this morning and then got booted out. Does this Dev team even remember that we’re supposed to have a lag screen that shows up if you’re lagging? Sure it’s 2023 but lag still exists dude!

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You mean the change is bad or that it says increased instead of decreased? :smiley:

Hey, thank for the work on the patch! I guess, the patch is pretty much set in stone and there is a low chance that we are going see anything new added. However, I’d like to bring discussion to the magnitudes of changes and numbers. In general, a rule of thumb I’d like the developers to use is: if hesitating between two options, please choose the one with the lower magnitude of change.

Entangle. It is a hard choice for the developers to choose between quality of life change 9/17/25 or nerf 8/16/24. Both make sense and here I am actually not sure what is a right change to implement. The decision should be made by looking at the balance changes in each of the NE matchups.

Thorns Aura. Many players recommend to change 15/30/45 buff to 15/25/35, which is still +5% on all levels. The most important ones are Level 1 and Level 2, which gain a significant buff. Imagine how strong is 45% return to melee damage! We already have ranged armies meta and melee units will suffer even more now. Don’t forget that KOTG is a summoner, ranged, and one of the best starting heroes and he has to become weaker in the late game.

Immolation. The current damage per second is 16/24/36, which is very strong! For the sake of keeping numbers clean, can we make immolation’s dps to be 16/24/32?

Dark Ritual. The 33/55/80 looks very ugly as a number progression. Don’t forget that Level 2 and Level 3 abilities have to be strong and that Lich will have much less mana in the late game due to statue nerf. I’d gladly see something around 30/60/90 which is much more pleasant to the eye and it will still be a nerf.

Obsidian Statue. Have mercy on Undeads that got no buffs. The statue mana nerf from 3 to 2 is a killer. The editor allows for decimal changes. Maybe we can start with a slightly smaller nerf from 3 to 2.5? Next patch, if there is a need, the nerf can be extended. Don’t forget this nerf affects all undead’s playbook.

Mirror image. Mirror image giving more experience with increasing level of Blademaster is concerning. Many times Blademaster is low on hp in fights and uses mirror image to simply escape. Mirror images can be dispelled, could be low hp, giving the opponent a lot of experience. Something has to be done about this.

Wand of Mana increases mana steal from 50 to 65. A pro-player explained why this is a dangerous change. Say, we have a mirror match, if one finds a wand of mana steal in the early game, runs towards opponent, drains opponent’s hero and uses that mana, the game is very much over. You steal 130 mana and gain 130, so 260 mana difference. Maybe reduce 65 to 60, then?

Legion Doom-Horn and Ancient Janggo of Endurance. I still don’t see the reason why these Level 5 items are nerfed. Their stats should be closer to 10% of level 1 Unholy and Endurance auras.

Altar Heroes Gold cost reduced from 425 to 400. Sorry, but I still don’t understand why do we need to decrease altar hero cost. What imbalance do we fix with it?

increased from higher numbers to lower numbers? :thinking:


I really have no idea where developers want to go with Orc changes in this patch. What initially looked like intention to give them a buff against NE and now looks like nerf vs all races. It’s another patch that heavily nerfs Orc heroes with nothing meaningful in return. HU vs UD has been adressed in couple last patches and there’s nothing done in the most skewed matchup Orc vs NE. Mirror Image change is even worse than what is now. After the patch it’s by far the worst summon unit in the game. Dps of peon, low tanking ability, and now it will XP. I genuinely would rather have current MI than feeding Elf more XP. Thorn aura reskill in lategame will absolutely destroy Orc. 45% return damage is absolute insanity!
Stop nerfing Orc heroes and fix the damn matchup that you broke with 1.30. NE don’t even buy moonstone, their moonwell regenaration is enough to get free hp/mana anytime they want. Witch doctor changes are completely meaningless. Nobody is going to use them because healing ward got 5 hp “buff”. This is ridiculous.

Not a fan. Buffing hu teir 3 means nothing. Spellbreaker getting their armor back won’t change much as clap was the only reason why humans were winning vs orc. Major buffs to orc doesn’t help this either…

Kotg nerf is nothing. Why do they get free unit kills for 75 mana? When dispel is available keeping that mana for treants or rejuv is ideal. Dispelling entangle isn’t going to win the game. They’re by far the most played race and it’s because it’s the easiest race to play.

Ud nerfs were needed but you removed the cap on nova and never addressed nerubian towers. Statue nerf is a plus but other then that you fumbled again.

Orc buffs… Like what are you thinking… honestly just a waste of time playing this game knowing the people in charge of it are complete clowns

                     The Elf heroes, few units and buildings need buff and rework.
  1. Demon Hunter: return +1 agility and +1 armor in base stade. Buff evasion from 10/20/30 to 15/25/35.
  2. Keeper of the Grove: Keeper of the Grove base Intelligence from 18 to 19 and Entangling Roots cast range on 700 with lvl 2. Increased treants damage base from 14 to 16.
  3. Potm: Owls Scouts buff like more duration, trueshot aura buff from 10% 20% 30% to 15%/25%/35% and base attack cooldown reduced from 2.33 to 2.00. Hide: duration for Potm from 1.5 to 1.0 second.
  4. Warden: Buff intelligence from 16 to 17. Fan of knife unit cap 5\6\7. Agility on +1. Shadow Strike mana cost return from 75 to 65. Warden has used 4 spells and solo tanky hero so I think it will not hurt to give she’s a little intelligence and also that this hero survives at the end of the game. Hide duration for warden from 1.5 to 1.0 second.

Buff hp for wisps and back for them mana lose to units heroes from 40 to 50 and hp from 120 to 130 or 140 hp. Was buff hp for peons, acolytes and peasants so please buff hp for wisps too.

So now about units.

Archer: return hp from 255 to 260 and time to hide from 1.5 to 1.0 second.

Huntress: Huntress time to hide from 1.5 to 1.0 second.

Hippogryph: add +2 armor will be help for this units or add hp from 525 to 550.

Dryads: Rework. Please buff hp for Dryads HP from 435 to 450 and bring back Abolish Magic damage against summoned units 300. Main mana 300 and initial mana 100 and mana regeneration: 0.95 . Reduce the experience gain from Dryads from Level 3 (60xp) to Level 2 (40 xp). Because the elves absolutely do not have enough dispel mana and damage for dispel also the dryads themselves as units are very weak so it would not hurt to add a little hit points.

Druid of the Claw( Bear Form): after return mana from 125 to 100 so for compensation return and add +1 attack damage for druid of the Claw(Bear Form).

Druid of the Talon: Buff Druid of the Talon please, a little bit buff hp and spells faerie fire duration for heroes 60 and for units 90 and the cost of Magic Fire mana is reduced from 45 to 35 . Also guys back fortified on t3 for orc. Because orc have Reinforced Defenses(fortified) and Spiked Barricades on T2. It”s so imba op and too much have 2 upgrade for buildings on t2, this is not only for NE hard to play vs this also for HU same. So please put one of them on t3.

Mountain Giant: Make it so that the elves can produce MG’s without shop. After buff Taurens and Knights like u give for them 25% pulverize and sundering blades defaults so give also for Mountain Giants Resistant Skin or Hardened Skin default and Mountain Giant supply reduced from 7 back to 6. Also after u nerf double taunt, this units no used and no playble in 1vs1, so recuced for mgs from 14 to 6 or 7 second cooldown taunts. Also please dont nerf harderen skin to 8 armor because this units no playble in 1vs1 in pro lvls. So i think nerf to 10 harderen skin armor enough with 2 base armor.

Chimaera: movement speed return from 250 to 270.

The next build Ancient of War: base attack increases from 36 to 40.
Now about the buildings: Free of lifes buff Nature’s Blessing Armor Bonus on +2.
Nature blessing upgrade cost reduce from 150 gold 200 wood to 100 gold and 150 wood. Free of life build time reduce from 120 to 110.


Hello Kaivax and the Team

Thank you all for the work that you have been doing, we are all deeply passionate about this game and any work you do towards it.

Can you please fix the Campaign crash that happens when sending workers in the transport boat in Blood Elves01 - Misconceptions. I must’ve spent 2-3 hours loading in, instructing the workers(Elf Peasants) to hop in the transport boat, setting sail and then the game crashing before giving up and cheating to just get through the mission

Also the tiny town hall has no title and crashes the game whenever it’s used in that map.

I know it’s not just me as i found this forum on the blizzard discussions website. Some of the comments were directly relevant to my issue. WC3 Reforged Campaign Crashing

And yes, I’ve already tried lowering the graphics, stopping other applications, using a better computer with a better graphics card and higher ram, prioritising Warcraft 3 Reforged on task manager, restarting and updating the computer and anything else I could think of.

I Love Warcraft 3 Reforged and am just dying to keep the experience as you all have intended it.
Hope you can acknowledge this message and fix the issue.

Kind Regards,
Thaddeus Vilain

Fix the ladder, win count, mmr and matchup. Fix the reporting system to actually matter.

Nothing else matters until you do.


Warcraft 3 Korean user.

Why do Korean users’ opinions not reflect the balance?

Blademaster is a hero that is too easy to catch. especially mana management

A hero who disappears soon

Blademaster ultimate mana consumption

Please give us a direction to promote from 200 to 150.

Over time, Grunts and Tauren seem like event units that only give experience.

Please increase your defense by +1.

And the night elf base units recover 100% moonwell recovery.

Let the heroes heal only 50% of the Moonwell’s value. fighting on the battlefield

I drink Moonwell right away with the teleport staff and recover and return to the battlefield.

This is a balance destruction that kills all Orcs and Humans. Please reduce the night elf hero recovery amount. If you look at the competition right now, all the night elves are

are winning

Every time you give Blademaster experience, the Blademaster will have low health. Doing a lot of damage in battle and mirror image sometimes gives you 100-300 clone health. This becomes a unit for the experience event. If giving experience, increase it back to 25% from 15% damage. Something’s wrong with this.

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I always thought it would be cool if footmen didn’t have shields by default and then after researching Defend they gained the shield, similar to the Marines in Starcraft 2.

“The Warcraft III development team is now focused on bug fixing.” I look forward to it.

Exactly, i will switch race in new patch. Gonna play human now.
UD will be no fun, you cant even play banshees anymore.


I think it may be ok as it is. As you said, we have ranged armies meta. That makes thorns weak by itself, so it needs a massive buff. Keeper will not be a good hero in late, even with this buff. just a little bit less trash.

I think that the only place where it has a major impact is on late game vs mass gargoyles. Which is ok. I think that should not be a strategy playable as late game strategy. At some point (if the game is not over) the undead should be forced to transition out of it. U cant have one of the most mobile armies in the game and also be a good fighting army for ultra late game.

It will affect the bear mirror ofc, but there is no imbalance. And may encourage a more diverse mirror, which is always good… for the viewers at leasts

Maybe vs ORC it can be a problem. But orc is getting several buffs, so it may be ok. Although, if the NE has panda 5 and kotg 5 then it may be a serious problem, is next to impossible to play hh vs panda 5.

Agree with that. They are on a good place atm. If any aura item needs a nerf I think is khadgards. And maybe only when found by an UD. I think that is the place where it breaks more games. Maybe khadgars should not affect mechanical units (AKA statues) or something like that. But UD mana is already nerfed in this patch, so a khadgars nerf may be not needed.