Warcraft III: Reforged PTR -- Version 1.35.0 Build 19836

Not sure if complaining about lack of diversity is reasonable. UD can play lich or DK first in 3 out of 4 MU (maybe all of them). Crypt Lord is good against HU, although is not played cause lich is broken in that MU.

To some extend Crypt Lord is playable vs ORC and DL playable vs HU. Wont favor the UD, but they are playable.

UD is by far the race with more viable starting heroes overall.

Although I do agree with the ghoul suggestion. Giving them more life but less attack speed will make them easier on lower lvls and weaker at top lvl. Is a reasonable change. A rework on necros would be nice also.

For the sake of game diversity I would also make the undead base weaker. So they can die (or at least suffer) to timming attacks. But if you do that, you have to give UD a stronger tier 2 army, maybe throught necros.

ORC and NE are getting new toys. But HU, although is getting buffed, is not getting new toys. Maybe pala rifles vs ORC. But thats pretty much it, cause vs UD fast expo is not viable. The other buffs to HU are peons a bit less fragile and cheaper tier 3 stuff. Would be nice if HU had another decent starting hero. Hard to do that without breaking the game though, since all the HU heroes are good supports already.


I want to say thank you for keeping up with patching recently but please make it one of your priorities to fix the “Waiting for results - ERROR - Failed to retrieve data” bug. There was one point were 100’s of wins and 100’s of losses (more losses) were added to my statistics/profile in 4v4 after multiple matches played. What is the point of this patch if this bug continues? Also, what is the point of playing ranked ladder if statistics don’t update correctly or at all? I hope this issue is resolved because its extremely deflating to play Warcraft III when the outcome of a match is recorded as an error/loss every single time.

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-FARM? the MOST USELESS BUILDING only +6 Foods instead of 10, not just waste time to build but need 2 peasants to have similar foods supply compare other race. and often get disturbed by enemy while building not progressing and peasant try to run and die 100% , in my opinion, peasant should be a faster build compare to other race since it’s vulnerable.
pls make them able to hide peasant and heal peasant while in farm and add speed build.

  1. blizzard need to improve benefit use of farm, example 1 farm should be able to hide 1-2 peasants and while peasant in farm help replenish his life and get speed build duration eg: if player let them sit inside farm will generate 1-2 hp per second(imagine acolyte stay on the blight get fast healing), then if they stay longer than 10 seconds, peasant have the ability to move fast, speed build. (edited)

-ORC’S BURROW , PEON can hide and shoot as a tower.
-ZIGGURAT, 1 ACOLYTE can summon multiple at the same time, can turn into cold tower that have very OP slow duration.

No warden nerf. No moonwells nerf. rip wc3

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Agree. Warden is super OP and fun to play. its like cheat hero


Will you guys ever fix the bug where if someone joins/leaves or moves position in the game lobby, the chat box gets unselected and you have to re-select it in order to type, this is annoying asf, especially when you wanna use the -swap command or try to chat with people while people are moving around or joining the lobby

something so minuscule should be fixed… especially considering the negative effect on the playerbase, I know tons of people who complain about this just as I do

but need to say, that warden isnt absolutly braindead onehero army like pre-nerfed bm in old patches

sad that dreadlord, necromancers, abominations and meat wagons got no improvements.


The headhunter change seems pretty much null to me after thinking about it. Balance team do you think they were a problem or not? It is crazy how you completely backtrack on the ghoul frenzy hp addition when literally math dictates ghouls per gold value / xp value are gritty compared to footies and grunts. (Aboms are also trash compared to knights and do not get stronger the later the game goes on. Since Disease Cloud does not stack ((and I dont think this should stack the way it is now but maybe be reworked)) so 10 aboms give the same value as 1 aboms when it comes to cloud. There are only 2 undeads that can keep their ghouls alive even after t3 when things hit really hard and things like stomp and clap and breath of fire negte ghoul usage. You have to buy 2 scrolls to even keep them alive late game.

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can you FIX the SUPER LONG GAME SEARCH TIME issue for ASIA/SOUTH EAST ASIAPLAYER? because we can’t find the fast game like it used to be in 1.32 PATCH, it used to take less than 1-2 min search game, now it takes forever after 1.33+ onwards its like 30-40minutes or longer

siege engine is worthless unit. especially if u they cant even hit unit and they are slow as hell and i prefer raider than tanks. fast . high damage. fast attack speed. i can chop the whole base and run away unhurt.

Wagons really is weakest unit in a game, just too low dmg and hp for 4 limit, compare to other 4 limit units.
Cripple also need rework onviously. Nerf, but autocasting and low manacost, or other changes, etc.
Spell is just unplayable in current condition.

Few years ago was a ptr necro remake with cripple as first spell. But reputable balance advisor Grubby blocked this change. Because this makes his bm a bit harder to kill everything of ud at t2, lol

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Obsidian Statue spirit touch mana restored reduced from 3 to 2.
On the one hand, for someone who has never played Warcraft, it’s only 1 mana per second, pfft.
On the other hand, a standard undead match with someone lasts 20-25 minutes. Let the undead walk with an obsidian statue for 10 minutes. 10 min * 60 sec = 600 mana per unit.
DK per game will regenerate 600 less mana than now. That’s 8 coils.
Lich without getting the same 600 mana will not throw an additional 5 Frost Nova.
There is also a third hero, we won’t even take him into account, because there’s enough already.
The undead have no staff, and no scroll for 70. The only thing you can save the unit with is coil . Less than 8 coils = undead will lose -8 units.
The undead have no net, hammer, or other enemy unit control other than Frost Nova or Impale. Both are mana dependent. 600 mana is 5 Frost Nova, 5 enemy units will be saved.
Strategies with the masses of necromancers or banshees will not be played at all. Crypt Lord and Dreadlord will not be taken at all, since they are strength heroes, and they don’t have much mana anyway.
(enforcers of other races have a mana pipette in the store, or wells, what should undead enforcers do?)
Sorry, but this is very stupid. If this change goes into release, there are no words even here, even the keeper throwing endless roots from the dark, from 1.30, was better.

ps if possible, in the next patch note, add a comment from the developer to each item, why he thinks this change will help.

                  The Elf heroes, few units and buildings need buff and rework.
  1. Demon Hunter: return +1 agility and +1 armor in base stade. Mana burn range increased from 300 to 350. Buff evasion from 10/20/30 to 15/25/35.
  2. Keeper of the Grove: Keeper of the Grove base Intelligence from 18 to 19 and Entangling Roots cast range on 700 with lvl 2. Increased treants damage base from 14 to 16. Thorns aura also work equally against melee units as well as long-range units.
  3. Potm: Owls Scouts buff like more duration, trueshot aura buff from 10% 20% 30% to 15%/25%/35% and base attack cooldown reduced from 2.33 to 2.00. Hide: duration for Potm from 1.5 to 1.0 second.
  4. Warden: Buff intelligence from 16 to 17. Fan of knife unit cap 5\6\7 and buff fan of knifes from 75/125/190 to 85/135/200. Agility on +1. Shadow Strike mana cost return from 75 to 65. Warden has used 4 spells and solo tanky hero so I think it will not hurt to give she’s a little bit buff spells and also that this hero survives at the end of the game. Hide fade duration from 1.5 to 1.0 second.

Buff hp for wisps and back for them mana lose to units heroes from 40 to 50 and hp from 120 to 130 or 140 hp. Was buff hp for peons, acolytes and peasants so please buff hp for wisps too.

So now about units.

Archer: return hp from 255 to 260 and time to hide from 1.5 to 1.0 second.

Huntress: Huntress time to hide from 1.5 to 1.0 second.

Hippogryph: add +2 armo or hp from 525 to 550.

Dryads: Rework. Please buff hp for Dryads HP from 435 to 450 and bring back Abolish Magic damage against summoned units 300. Main mana 300 and initial mana 100 and mana regeneration: 0.95 . Reduce the experience gain from Dryads from Level 3 (60xp) to Level 2 (40 xp). Because the elves absolutely do not have enough dispel mana and damage for dispel also the dryads themselves as units are very weak so it would not hurt to add a little hit points.

Druid of the Claw( Bear Form): after return mana from 125 to 100 so for compensation return and add +1 attack damage for druid of the Claw(Bear Form).

Druid of the Talon: Buff Druid of the Talon please, a little bit buff hp and spells faerie fire duration for heroes 50 and for units 80 and the cost of Magic Fire mana is reduced from 45 to 35 . Also guys back fortified on t3 for orc. Because orc have Reinforced Defenses(fortified) and Spiked Barricades on T2. It”s so imba op and too much have 2 upgrade for buildings on t2, this is not only for NE hard to play vs this also for HU same. So please put one of them on t3.

Mountain Giant: Make it so that the elf players can produce MG’s without shop. After buff Taurens and Knights like u give for them 25% pulverize and sundering blades defaults so give also for Mountain Giants Resistant Skin or Hardened Skin default and Mountain Giant supply reduced from 7 back to 6. Also after u nerf double taunt, this units no used and no playble in 1vs1, so recuced for mgs from 14 to 5 second cooldown taunts. Also please dont nerf harderen skin to 8 armor because this units no playble in 1vs1 in pro lvls. So i think nerf to 10 harderen skin armor enough with 2 base armor.

Chimaera: movement speed return from 250 to 270.

Now about the buildings: Free of lifes buff Nature’s Blessing Armor Bonus on +2.
Nature blessing upgrade cost reduce from 150 gold 200 wood to 100 gold and 150 wood. Free of life build time reduce from 120 to 110.
The next build Ancient of War: base attack increases from 36 to 40.
Chimaera Roost: Build time reduce from 60 to 50 second.

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Pls stop this
Everyone already heard your position

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wow with that damage buff with immolation, I can see that 180 is a new best fit. thanks blizzard for making Demon Hunters more op. :’)


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Ye ye, but UD have speed aura, coil, frost armor, burrow, anti-magic. That a lot things to save unit. Stop cry. Statue are OP as f…


Ye ye, but UD have speed aura, coil, frost armor, burrow, anti-magic.(с)
speed aura - nerf in the patch
coil, frost armor - statue nerf
anti magic? AMS? - 2 nerfs: from the statue and in the patch: Anti-Magic Shield can now receive the summon same magic damage inflicted by dispel, purge, and abolish magic.
What is left there? Burrow?
What is the patch for? Balance, discover new strategies and diversify the game, right?
Balance? We have 2 players for the undead, should we reduce it?
Does it diversify the game? Tell me how can the undead play Crypt Lord and Dreadlord now?

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And humans have 0 ties S players. Even when chaemiko and sok play almost perfectly they almost never win against a top UD. I’m fine with chaemiko and sok consistently losing against tier S undead. I get that they are not on that lvl yet. But if you check the stats (on 2022) chamiko didnt even took a map from happy on series. He lost 4-0, 4-0, 4-0, 3-0 and 4-0. While Sok only took a map, his record is 4-0, 2-0, 2-0, 2-1. This does not reflect the gap in their lvls. Moreover, these are not only numbers. I saw most of their matches. And a couple of times chaemiko and sok outplayed happy (u can check b2w vods). But the balance favors UD way too much for that to be enough.

With this nerf, statue mana recover is similar to brillance lvl 2 for 6 units (provided statues are casting ofc). And the heal is similar to the one provided by 3-4 priests. The major difference now is that after a big fight, UD will need 33 seconds to fully recover instead of just 22. UD still will have one of the best expos in the game with ridiculously insane base defence, and a very good late game army.

This patch will not kill the UD. In 2023 the pro undeads will earn two or three times as much as HU pros. Compare that to 2022, when the UD race got over 5 times the money humans got. These changes are in a good direction.

Maybe Ud will have a weak MU against ORC. We have to be careful with that.


ok, statues op.
nerf their hp to 500 from 550 some patches ago is ok
nerf mana from 3 to 2 is painful, but ok
nerf +50% xp for kill, with prev. nerfs… over the top, obviously.
even for non-ud player

Its ud t2, weakest point, its not t3 unit.
Need to keep in mind orc vs ud matchup, - bm 3 lvl and not a single statue will survive. With those xp they became primary, but absolutly unhealble 270 move speed units.

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