Warcraft III: Reforged PTR - Version 1.34.0


We’ve recently begun public testing of our next update to Warcraft III: Reforged – version 1.34.0.

This update focuses on: Clans, Player Reporting, and additional improvements. We will monitor the PTR closely, and we intend this patch to go live soon. We encourage all tester to provide feedback here in this forum.

Thank you very much for testing this patch with us!

–The Warcraft III Team

Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes

Version 1.34.0


  • Players can now create and join a Clan.
  • The Clan option is accessible via the social tab.
  • Members of Clans will have the following ranks:
    • Tauren Chieftan
    • Shaman
    • Grunt
    • Peon
  • Chieftains and Shamans will have the option to kick, promote or ban clan members.
  • Clans will have their own unique Clan channel.
  • Player Profiles now display your Clan, Rank, and Clan Tag.
  • Players’ Clan tags are displayed in Social Menus and Chat.

Player Reporting

  • This update adds automated player reporting to the game.
  • Players can now report others for: Language, BattleTag, Clan Name, Clan Tag, Clan Description, Clan Message of the Day, Clan Chat, Cheating, Game Name, Offensive Content, or Gameplay Sabotage.

Custom Games

  • Added Join-by-Name functionality.
    • Players can join games by typing in the game name in the text box at the bottom of the Custom Game list.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Matchmaking backend processing pipeline has been split up between AT and RT.
  • Added an information screen that explains ranked play in-game.
    • This can be accessed via the “I” icon in the Versus menu.
  • Chat refreshes properly when switching accounts
  • Improved right-click context menu consistency to support Report Players, Invite to Team, and Invite to Clan.
  • Added a notification indicator on Social button when you receive a request.
  • Various visual improvements to ranked badges.
  • Various visual UI/UX improvements to the Leaderboard.

BUG: Preload files are being cache’d.
Pretty much every single custom game with a large player base is using these files to track player stats. Essentially, this bug is breaking the integrity of 95% of hosted custom games.



what does this mean? at vs at only and rt vs rt only? this is a really weird way to say that if so. please clarify.

It means AT and RT won’t be matched together. Seperate queues i.e. seperate pipes.
At least, that’s probably what this means. I suppose it’s also possible that it means something entirely different, but hopefully we could get some clarification.

that appears to be what they suggest, but its listed as a bug fix (at vs rt was a feature initially), and its a really esoteric way to saying that. i’m not sure it means what you think it means.

Yeah, it could also be something else, like the mixing of the two having unintended consequences that were fixed, maybe MMR wasn’t being calculated correctly for matching, something like that. Who knows, clarification is needed.

At what point are you going to acknowledge the myriad of P1 bugs that have existed since August?


There’s a statement on the ranked info screen that states “different seasons may have balance changes.” I guess that’s essentially adopting the same policy the OW2 team lived by originally when they at first said “no balance changes between seasons because we want seasons to have an identity (which is dumb).”

Though they did later clarify that they meant they just didn’t want to make knee-jerk adjustments.

But anyway, it certainly implies that if any balance adjustments are made, it will be between seasons.

nice, thanks guys, just wanna say that we did report some bugs introduced with 1.33 that are still (worryingly) present such as SD models being broken (certain naga buildings and others)

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I am unable to post threads in this forum section, it says I don’t own the game.

But I can post in this thread. ???

Ladder stats is still broken and you are adding clans?!?


The leaderboards need to be fixed and the MMR required to be in each league needs to be adjusted. Since release, there has been only ONE person who has made it to gladiator. You would still need an additional 1200 mmr to reach Champion. Adjust the arbitrary numbers to percentages. x% in each league would be much better, or just get rid of them altogether. The only other solution would be to increase the amount of MMR gained for winning and decrease it for losing.

As another commenter mentioned in an above comment. It would be nice to get clarifications on exactly what the “AT vs RT pipeline” change means.

If I queue up for 4v4 ranked RT, does that mean I will never meet an AT team? What about 2-man or 3-man AT playing in 4v4? Will they still be allowed to play and how will it work? Right now 2-man and 3-man AT playing in 4v4 ranked seem to be treated as if each person is playing RT which is not good. 3-man AT in 4v4 is still incredibly overpowered and will steamroll over most RT teams.

Also I don’t know what happened recently but the stats and leaderboards for 4v4 is completely messed up. Just open the leaderboards for 4v4 and you’ll see what I mean. I went from having 7k MMR to now having like 300. No idea what’s going on. There is no point to ranked or leaderboards or any of that if the fundamental ranking system is broken. This needs to be fixed or any further “improvements” to the matchmaker is pointless.

We can’t make new thread on the forum either… so how can we report bugs

I appreciate the work you do to bring the ladder into a playable state, thank you. But the professional and streaming community still needs a balance patch to make the game more competitive. I’d love you to see current tournament prize statistics according to the race and region and figure this out. There’s not that much to do with the balance. The easiest way to make the game more competitive is to slightly nerf statues - their effectiveness in healing and restoring mana, which is enormous, and nerf headhunter’s price and build time overperformance. Of course there’re opportunities to make something more to diversify the gameplay, but those 2 changes might be in my opinion, crucial and wholesome for the pro community.

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Please, God, work on getting the save/load feature for multiplayer working next. Not having it makes playing long maps with friends nearly impossible unless you can sit down for 8 hours straight, which is unrealistic to get a whole group together for.

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The Rexxar campaign is broken and cannot be played since the last patch. Please check the Bug Reports forum, the thread has huge views and posts.


I can’t even launch the game after august update.I hope that issue will fixed

Greetings dear developers, in the recent version 1.33, I found that I can’t switch “Spoken Language” to English. Seriously a lot of our players now feel disappointed about this.:frowning:
Here is a BIG ISSUE that suddenly appeared in V1.33 which makes “Spoken Language” and “Text Language” bound together, this means that which spoken language you have will totally depend on which text language you choose. :sob: It also CAN’T BE CHANGED in “Game Settings”.
We sincerely like the settings that the text language is our mother tongue but keep the spoken language to the original English version.Because the English quotations are our best memories. :smiling_face_with_tear:
Could you please fix this issue in the coming version?
Much appreciated! :sob: :+1:

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