Version 1.34.0 is now Testable on the Warcraft III PTR


Are you going to fix reported bugs this time? That was not the case with 1.33.


Took you long enough to tell us a new patch is coming

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I appreciate that there’s still work being done here, and once again request that this patch does not get released until it’s actually done (pretty please with a cherry on top etc etc)

Aww nothing about custom campaigns :frowning:


There’s hope actually. the internal mechanism to access custom campaigns in the game was apparently unblocked, which means that it’s probably coming up next (Remember that it’s still the same Warcraft III game engine with a new UI slapped over it, which means they had to internally disable the feature, more than likely due to compatibility issues and/or bugs introduced with Reforged).

In the meantime, this change made it possible to mod the game to gain access to them.


please fix the fps problem, i play in classic mode and my fps stays at 2 but before update 1.33 i play with more than 60 fps and i play with intel hd 4000

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And what about fixes for the single player campaign? In the changelog there’s nothing about fixes to frequent crashes in multiple campaign missions and freezes in the Rexxar campaign when coming out of side area. It was reported here quite a few times. Can someone using the PTR check whether these are still present?

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Why does your company not realize that it is a misstake to listen a few players that continue crying about this? Most people I play with and I’ve meet in battle net that have a decend skill leavel enjoy AT vs RT the most. Especialy when u are only 2 people in your Team and you are able to play 3vs3 or 4vs4!

In every modern game like League of Legends or Call of Duty AT vs RT is possible. How can your company be so out of touch with modern gaming?

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I’ve meet in battle net that have a decend skill leavel enjoy AT vs RT the most.

Now, come on. While there are queue time benefits to keeping them together, nobody, not even you, “enjoys AT vs RT the most.” It’s something people put up with at best. Skill level is irrelevant, ATs always have a fundamental advantage when other factors such as skill level are the same. And I’ve never seen anyone (Other than myself trying to present all sides of an argument) argue FOR this until this thread.

But it’s beside the point because again, since you clearly haven’t read the thread, that isn’t necessairly what this patch note means. If they wanted to say “AT and RT will no longer be matched together” they would have said that. I’m really not sure that’s what this means.

But the only reason you could argue that you “like” this situation is because you take advantage of it. As I said, there is the upside of reducing queue times which isn’t a bad thing, but that’s the only upside. And for many, the unfair matches this produces are not worth waiting less time for a match.

Hey Kaivax and others,

I want you know I have many forum accounts on Reforged and I often would prod at people’s feelings the last few years on here to point out how the players and the custom game maker users often cared more about the game and knew more about the game technology than the people updating the game. I hoped it would lead to a future where your people were pressured to do better.
But I am now coming to see that it is possible your people might do nothing or make the game worse for players, for all time, so I wanted to tell you not to give up. Remember originally Reforged tried to promise everything to everyone, which shows the hearts of its original creators were in the right place. Do not give up the ship. Thanks.


How about wins and loses finally start count, it’s all nonsense without it

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I enjoy the AT vs RT situation, because of the fast search times. Another big point is that you can play 4vs4 with only 1 friend. You aren’t forced to play 2vs2! And if people complain about unfair games: Not everybody is looking for fair games! Nobody, not even the best wc3 player in the world (me) wants to struggle every single time for a win - because this is not FUN. People play games for fun.

edit: And of course I want to get rewarded for putting a lot of effort and time into this game: with more wins and a high win %!

First, seperating solos out wouldn’t necessairly rule out two pairs vs a 4 in 4v4.

Yes, I get it, it’s really convenient and wait times are shorter. But is that really worth it when most AT vs RT are a stomp against the RT?

Now, there are other ways they could improve this, by always making the non AT team rated slightly higher. But generally speaking ATs win the vast majority of the time over non ATs, which is why most people don’t want them. It’s a fairness issue.

And yes, not “everybody” wants fair games, but that’s what Unranked is for. The whole point of ranked is fair competition. You’re not doing your case any favors by saying “not everyone wants fair games!” It says a lot about what kind of person you are. I don’t want to meet someone in game that isn’t interested in fair play. So… I really hope you’re trolling.

You’re wrong. The games you fight hard to win are the best ones, as they validate your skill. If that’s not what you want, you should be playing custom games, not auto matched ones. Gather like minded friends, make a melee match in custom games, pick any map you want, and stomp them all day long. But ranked is about competition, and if you don’t want fair competition, you should not be there.

And I know all about streamers, particularly in COD and similar games, who are upset about skill based matchmaking in general because they get views by kicking butt and taking names, and they can’t do that when everyone’s tryharding, so they want to stomp noobs because having fun at other people’s expense apparently gets views. It only illustrates how crappy our society has gotten lol.


Indeed, every loser wants an unfair game, that’s a matter of fact :wink:

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Meanwhile, you can try the Campaign Splitter tool recently released at Hiveworkshop.

This tries to split a campaign apart into its individual maps, which can then be launched, while adding some polyfill and glue code to string it together for playing. It does not work for all campaigns but maybe can also still be improved.

I certainly hope Custom Campaigns comes in the next patch soon!

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Wow exciting, so many updates! Clans will be fun wowie! Oh yea baby oh yea wow!!

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I have high GPU usage with low GPU clock speed. Which I have never seen a game do that before.

Specs: i5 10500H, RTX 3060 (75W) 16GB DDR4 RAM.

Considering usaage by the same application will increase the lower the clock speed goes, it’s an inverse relationship, why are you surprised by this?