Warcraft III: Reforged PTR - Version 1.34.0

Dear Blizzard!

And what about the bugs in the campaign? (like TFT Orc campaign is not working when you change area, but there is some more when players stuck)

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Hey folks,

As for not being able to create new threads in the PTR forum, I passed that along to Bliz.

One thing to try is a full logout and relog into the forums. That should help if it’s just a matter of a license refresh. If it’s something else, we’ll have to wait for Bliz to fix it.

It took four months to make this patch that didn’t add a single feature?

Seems to be fixed now.

可以开发Can you develop a native key change function? Also, can you update the ZOOM adjustment in single digits, and the UI of the classic version?


I hope he is not talking about separating AT with RT, the game simply cannot afford that.

You say this, but most people oppose AT vs RT matching.

While I agree that it will impact queue times, for many its’ a fairness issue that trumps how long it takes to find a game, because match quality will decrease.

Hopefully they just mean that the RT team loses way less MMR when vs AT team.

Do not know if reported, but there is an ongoing bug where the editor crashes when you try to save the map.

The bug can be recreated by doing the following steps:

  1. Open first map and edit it a little
  2. Open the second map without saving the first
  3. Save the second map after editing it a little
  4. Try loading the first map and when asked if you wanna save changes, click to save
  5. The editor will crash

EDIT1: Units (Both original and custom) that have the id of a Beastery, Great Hall, Stronghold, Fortress and Chaplain (These are the only ones I noticed up until now) get their Size reseted randomly (This could be due to game updates, but it is annoying to fix everytime it happens).

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The MMR value will change as the number of matches increases in both solo and group play. There will be an increasing tendency for players of the same level to be lined up together.
So there is no need to worry at all that team and non-team players will play unfairly together. As long as you stick to the MMR ranking system, you won’t have opponents or teammates with huge differences in level after accumulating a certain number of games.

Please consider the developers, because this game has not many players, in the diversion is basically not match people to play. Suggest that the developers close the LAN function, eliminate the phenomenon of self-service, and integrate all the global Warcraft 3 players to the official platform to play.

Please do fix the bonus campaign. Thank you.

The problem is that at any given MMR value, an AT has an advantage against RT players, that didn’t group beforehand, don’t know each other, and wont be able to strategize as effectively most of the time. But this has nothing to do with their individual skill. The only thing that can be really done here while keeping the system would be to bias the matchmaking towards the solo players i.e. if an AT is rated 5000, match them with solo players that are a little higher (on average) like ~5100. As it stands now, win rates are already skewed towards the AT whenever they don’t get matched against each other.

And you know, before this patch came up, i’d never seen a single person argue in favor of keeping the arrangement (other than myself, mainly as a voice of reason and not out of actually feeling that way).

You can develop a game to the internal voice function will be able to solve. Now it can also be solved by in-game typing communication. In fact the higher the MMR value the less you need to communicate.

Even the top tierest players can’t read each other’s minds in every situation.

The only thing you’re making a case for is that the gap between an arranged team and randoms may be smaller at higher levels than it is at lower levels. But a gap is a gap, and that’s something that can be accounted for in the matching algorithm.

There’s still going to be a difference. If you took one of the top pro teams from LoL or DOTA2 and then the top 5 individual players that don’t overlap with those teams, you can be pretty sure the team of players that have been playing together regularly would be more likely to win than the team of pros that all came from different teams.

In-game communication can be voice and typing, and it’s not like you can’t communicate. Now the number of players in Warcraft is not enough to support the diversion. The development of an in-game voice function will solve the problem of unfairness

You’re missing the point. I didn’t say people couldn’t communicate. I said people could communicate more effectively. When you know each other you can develop strategies before you play, whereas random players can not discuss and prepare beforehand.

It really doesn’t matter if there’s built in voice or not (and if there was, I generally wouldn’t use it because of how toxic the community often is, which is another factor, people who know each other are far less likely to defeat themselves by squabbling amongst each other)

You can not change my mind on this, because it’s a simple fact. We can dispute all day the degree to which it matters, but even at the highest levels of play, it is a factor with non-zero influence.

Personally, I’d rather wait longer for a higher quality game than get matched faster at the expense of match quality.

Something they COULD do, would be to add a checkbox to indicate if you’re willing to be matched with the other type of group or not. But I have my doubts they’d do something like that.

The Rexxar campaign is Broken after Patch 1.33. The game fail to load UI after trying to exist an sub-map. Resulting in no control of the game afterwards, nothing works at the point other than AltF4. This makes the entire campaign unplayable. it has been 3months and there are quite few threads mentioned such problem. Please get it fix asap or at least acknowledge the problem. I hope Microsoft can fire all you useless a-holes and hire a more professional team after they take full control.

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hopefully delete Reforged version and make a new one or Warcraft IV


Please make a separate report.

I appreciate the work you do to bring the ladder into a playable state, thank you. But the professional and streaming community still needs a balance patch to make the game more competitive. I’d love you to see current tournament prize statistics according to the race and region and figure this out. There’s not that much to do with the balance. The easiest way to make the game more competitive is to slightly nerf bears- their effectiveness in healing and high attack, which is enormous, and nerf headhunter’s price and build time overperformance. Of course there’re opportunities to make something more to diversify the gameplay, but those 2 changes might be in my opinion, crucial and wholesome for the pro community.