Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes - PTR Version 1.32.7

Aggressively Patching™


“a bit” is an understatement of the month… this is ridiculous lol. We waited a month for like 5 minor fixes.


disappointed but not surprised. WC3 is my favorite game of all time and its simple as adding ladder that would jump start this game again. 5 months later and we’re still without the features the original game had, its pretty disgusting at this point.


What are you smoking? Kiddo mad about NE for no reason…

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read post by Prizrak and you will understand my post

Being a Blizz employee must be one “hell” of a job. Keeping the right balance between “overpromising & underdelivering” in a way that the company can literally live by it for years is for sure an unmatched talent that deserves recognition. Maybe it can be used as their slogan someday. :pray:

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my care level for any patch which doesn’t restore the remaining removed-in-reforged features is about zero.

Any patches that are just bugfixes you may as well not even make an announcement about.

ladder… when???


eu ainda estou sem contar Vitórias e Derrotas na Europa
com isso não está abrindo novos avatares

Kinda pathetic efforts-wise. Sry but Reforged team must go… we need people who have at least 1 ounce of passion for this game

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You could have just pulled it directly to Production, no one will ever test it, lol.

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What about the visuals/models which need massive improvement? You know this requires the most, no announcements regarding this ?

I really feel I have to test this on the ptr.

Does Kaviax not have to feel ashamed? Monthly rhythm and those patch notes (worst ever since release) and btw as mentioned everywhere else: NO COMMUNICATION.



Kaivax is a CM. He has nothing to do with how Bliz decides to communicate.

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At least I see the time at campaigns after 6 months. I finally did get the experience I expected, thanks blizzard

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Activision, oh sorry I mean Blizzard. Can you please just release a roadmap with clear deadlines on feature releases. You already messed up so just own up to it and given everyone clear expectations to your timeline.

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Awesome job he has, basically sit here and don’t do anything. That’s success right here.

If a CM’s only job was the battlenet forums, sure, you’d have a point. But it’s not their singular duty. I don’t even think WC3 has its own CMs. Kaivax is a WoW CM so he doesn’t routinely hang around here.

You have to make a broad statement to people. You have been silent for months. You don’t tolerate the slightest criticism. You ban it immediately. Today I downloaded the dota map to play against the computer. My eyes hurt. Because the texture of the map is incredibly bad. It’s really bad. We want information from you. When will the expected features be added to the game? Should we wait until 2021 ? Your company’s new games will go on sale. Remember that people are angry with you. Sales figures will prove this.

I know I already replies cynical on this patch. Yet I feel compelled to make a bit of a more serious post to include some feedback. After all, I want this game to succeed.

I’m truly stunned by how poor this patch is. It does not contain a vast amount of minor updates which are literally just minutes of work to execute and of which many probably need very little amount of coding or in depth knowledge about this game. As Ryan is informed on Discord of many minor things it is weird to see none of these addressed.

For example:

  • MMR search ranges are still unclear, but empirically we see that this is still very, very poor balanced. You can pretty much copy past the methodology of W3Champsions, or basically an other game to have this improved.
  • Creep AI was altered; but is not mentioned anywhere (e.g. Maruk Deepseers now summon minons when the camp is triggered, instead of when the Deepseer takes first damage)
  • On Fulburg mountain the ogre camp item drops are fixed instead of linked to a item table; hence they still drop rings +2 which were removed from melee gaming a long time ago.


  • Thrall unmounted is still a mounted thrall in the world edit
  • Sylvananas is mispelled in the world edit.
  • Goldmines of NE still not showing up is still a thing
  • Many maps still don’t have critters
  • Massive, massive, massive amount of drops and desyncs







  • Persistance of joinbugs


  • CGs are split; yet versus games come cross reaml with insane ping

  • Versus matches don’t have a secrurity check to see if all players are entered into the game (3on3 versus game shown below).

  • Replays still flip ascend/descend sort after you watched game

  • Still not possible to see mapvetoes when in a team and you are not the captain

  • Still not possible to see the maps when in a team and you are not the captain

  • Still not possible to see which races your team members have selected after once everyone selected

  • Chat window still sluggish as hell, overlaps with CG lobby / information

  • Huge amount of clicks needed to go to replay, veto maps, host with observers,.

  • Still not clearly visible which icon is which race

  • Still no basic profile available

  • If disconnected; you can connect or play offline. There is no option to quit game.

  • Messages read in game still show as unread in social tab of the blizzard launcher

  • Occasionally, units fail to respond unless ESC is pressed first.

  • Basic in game commands are still not working (time, stats) and those that do work are not disclosed properly anywhere (!hideminimapsinigals !mute (name)

  • Selecting female version of heroes in collection menu is not saved if a game is played prior to closing the .exe (wut)

  • As far as I’ve heard, this security breach was not addressed

  • GUI Triggers for changing player name are broken.

  • No grace period for those who lose a single packed at their ISP introduced (was available since 15 years)

  • Campaing progress still only saved locally; yet support often suggest reinstalls. Voiding all campaing progress. As well if one changes to an other (new) computer

  • You can create a game with bots only (game will crash if started)

  • “Set unit movement speed” function no longer works

Some minor ones may be fixed, but note that the most of these were reported, take only minutes to fix and are fully neglected. This is so sad. The level of interaction with the community is poor, as was never blizzard his strong side. But even minor reported issues now do not seem to get communicated internally.