Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes - PTR Version 1.32.7

EPIC, they need 1 month to fix a bug with a timer, which clearly is only a display problem but they haven’t even address the fact that sometimes players are not given victory after winning a campaign mission… THESE ARE CALLED PRIORITIES :slight_smile: In such a speed of fixing and such an epic prioritisation, we will have ladders, clans, profiles and fairly stable game (like TFT before “reforging”) in like 3 to 4 years. This is not even funny anymore. It’s a perfect example of:
a) incompetence,
b) money making decisions instead of reason (aka: terrible people at the management),
c) no respect to customers.

I wonder if they even expect many people to buy future “games” of them…


When is patch coming out? I want timer feature die campaigns. Been waiting for this since beginning

Most importantly! THE FOOT PRINTS!!!

I don’t think there are thousands of people doing nothing. I think there is around 3 coders that sometimes borrow an artist from HotS team or something else.

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See you next month (or maybe more coz your “monthly” patches are not monthly anymore)

i did not play the game for about two months now and yesterday i tried it after all the recent updated… and now i cant play any game both single player or multiplayer it just roll down a screen with ERROR… cant load save games… usually it says “error loading save game” or just crushes… before you say anything about driver and specs… the game worked perfectly well two months ago while i was still playing! so thanks for the update GREAT JOB blizzard!

Yeah, maybe after a few years we’ll see a new fancy ranked matchmaking

when is next patch coming?