Warcraft III: Reforged Patch Notes - PTR Version 1.32.7

this is a joke lol cant even give us a profile with stats. keep ur silly custom game updates. ridiculous…


Happy with this patch bug fix, but isn’t it the time to address balance and look at this year statistics (look at liquipedia warcraft Earnings 2020)
Elves, orcs and undeads are always on top! Most of those games played even before bears buff and rifles nerf. Human race players goes lower in lower in every rating since 1.30.0 meanwhile elves maintain top, undeads moves and orcs just maintain middle position.

And against CL humans just can’t breath! Help us!
Top 2 world humans are switching race to orc or elf against undeads since 1.30.0 and with 1.32.6 changes everything is going to be even worse.


Guys …
All the community is waiting for clans and ladders since 6 months.
This is ALL we want.
WTF … now the game is more dead than ever …
How u cant provide this after 6 months of the release ?
We just ask for features wich was implanted for 15 years !!!
What the heck we are exhausted …


Well, give for elf race in night time from 0,5 to 0.25 hp per second. Аlso give for wisps -30 hp and damage to summons to 200 and cap unit mana detonate because these slaves are too cheap and do lost of useful stuff even in 30+minute long game.
The next units bears: give the bears -2 attacks and HP from 960 to 920 and -1 armor in druid of the Claw(bear) and -1 armor in druid of the claw.
The next units are archers HP from 260 to 240 and -30 movement speeds
The next units: dryads HP from 435 to 335 and Abolish Magic damage against summoned units 200 and range from 500 to 450 also nerf Slow Poison from 1s to 0.5s.
The hext units: hunts give them base damage 15-16.
The next units Druid of the Talon: Rework Druid of the talon base hp from 300 to 270, base damage 8-9, Faerie Fire duration on units 10(5) second and Faerie Fire armor 1 and Faerie Fire mana cost increased by 40 and cyclone Cast Requirements 250 mana 30s cooldown.
The next units, the Faerie Dragon i think needed rework buff this unit because long time this not nerfed.
The next unit Mountain Giant: Rework Mountain giants so that they can be always eaten by kodo. War Claw: Lasts of 2 strikes and Hardened Skin reduces all attacks on the Mountain Giant by 2 damage and Mountain Giant supply increased from 7 to 8 and taunt can work only one time amd cargo size increased from 4 to 8.
The Next units: Chimera’s. Remove chimaera’s half damage splash radius and Chimaera movement speed decrease from 250 to 230 and base damage nerf to 30-35. Chimera’s hit point decrase from 1000 to 700
Now about heroes: Demon Hunter is main hero by Night Elfs players , like the undead DK/Lich. Hum has am MK Pala AM or like the orcs warrior Far Seer, TS, BM, so the Demon Hunter needs a small nerf in the form of burning mana 25/50/75 and evasion 2%/4%/6% and Demon Hunter base Agility decreased from 21 to 20 and Metamorphosis duration from 45 to 30 and Metamorphosis cooldown increase from 180 to 240 and HP regeneration: 0.5 HP/sec and attack range 200.
Also pls rework potm u guys rework Archmage now time for potm rework. Maybe Trueshoot aura is OP? Starfall small nerfs and base attack cooldown increased from 2.33 to 2.66 and Starfall cooldown increased from 180 to 240.
Also about Keeper of the Grove, Keeper of the Grove Entangling Roots: Root Damage : 5/10/20 dmg per second, base Intelligence from 18 to 16, Entangling Roots cast range on 700 with 1st lvl so nerf to 500-600-700 and hp with base from 500 to 450 also i needed base armor 2 because all intelligence heroes should be easily nuked like Archmage and Thorns Aura Reflects:1/2/3% of melee damage still they are night elves they must have an advantage at night because each race has its own advantage, and treants base attack from 14 to 11
Now about the buildings: Tree of lifes I looked at all the main buildings of other races Town Hall Great Hall have 180/150 build time so I think we should also give Tree of Lifes at least 150-180 build time and base armor from 2 to 1 armor.
The next build Ancient of War Hit Points from 900 to 800 and base attack increases from 36 to 28 because players for elves abuse them mostly from the beginning of the game for creeping, also base armor from 2 to 1
The next build Ancient of Wind base armor from 2 to 1
The next build Ancient of Lore base armor from 2 to 1
The next build Ancient of Wonders base armor from 2 to 1
The next build Ancient Protector base armor from 1 to 0
Also Warden Avatar of Vengeance change spell immunity to Resistant skin.
Also moonwell total mana -50.
I’m not asking you to do it all in the next patch but at least from patch to patch. Thank you)


Nerf humans please, rifles are still being too strong


So first we get a balance patch that is useless and not Necessarily , instead of actual patch that is beneficial to get the game out of the mess it is atm., and now we get another trash patch with so few things that are actually not changing the state of the game, and this fixes that u provided in this patch can be done in a day,not in a month… yep rip warcraft 3…


Hey blizzard want a hint of what to do maybe? Or are you guys in such a big denial that you can’t or don’t wanna see that game is on a such bad state???

  • fix the damn optimization (game is running like s**t when there are about 100 units on the screen.)
  • add clans
  • return our custom campaigns
  • where are new editor features??
  • where is new soft to create models/icons??
  • fix the damn lime grass already…
    Jeesus how blind can you guys be , not trying to focus on the main problems???

Biggest lol is that they put this on the test realm first.

ok Blizz, you are joking at this point surely


lol :smiley: i love him as ud player

Well, that was boring. I’m starting think Blizzards plan to fix Reforged is to have everyone go into the Emerald Dream for some 10.000 years then wake up and still you got more problems. probably in the shape of a new burning legion invasion.


[slow clap]
I’m giving up on this.


Damn, I think you only pull up the intern’s fixes


can i still refund the game? lost any interest in this game as a new player cause of the lack of ladder. (y i know about pads ladder but im not interested in a playerpool of 200 players)


You guys want to tell us that THIS is the work of 1 MONTH? PAD created a ladder in a few DAYS.

That patch is nothing…

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The support page for it is still up.


Blizzard team, congratz for bein a bunch of imcompetent morons


Undeads need a nerf on Crypt Lord.
There’s been a sudden rise of UD tier 3 players becoming tier 1/2 players in Europe/America. It’s a joke.

Nerf Crypt Lord. Beetles should give more experience and be more mana. A strength hero shouldn’t be able to spam unlimited summons and impale (there needs to be a damage/stun cap on this like other AOEs too).
Nerf Acolytes. It’s impossible to harass any undead workers now while undeads casually walk in and kill 4+ peasants and wisps. How is this balanced. Undead already only needs 3 workers on ghoul while races like HU sometimes need like 20 food on wood. And those 3 workers on ghoul for UD can be used as army too. That’s an imbalance with wood resource management considering unlike other races, UD only needs to build 1 building at tier 2, the slaughterhouse, as its tier 1 Crypt has everything: this means UD just needs less resources compared to everyone else already.
Nerf nerubian towers and make it more expensive for UD to make a gold mine. Currently, 2 nerubian towers is equivalent to 50+ food. What kind of gameplay is this. UD bases are untouchable and I’m not sure if it’s a slow tower or an army stun tower. Right now, there’s no real penalty for UD to make an expansion and the game since 1.26 was balanced with 2 gold mine HU/Elf vs 1 gold mine UD. Now that UD can make expansions every other game, that balance is completely broken.
And nerf necrowagons. Mass summons that give little to no experience points is not fun for players to vs and the counter to necromancers for HU/Elf has been heavily nerfed. HU priests don’t dispel much even with brilliance vs an unending army of summons and Elf chimeras are too resource expensive for the timing push (lumber is a huge problem -look at the cost of chimera roost alone-) and it doesn’t help chimeras got nerfed 50% on its AOE.
Also, panda is still an underwhelming hero. Honestly, compared to undead spells especially like Dreadlord swarm, Lich frost nova, Crypt Lord impale, panda’s spells are pretty garbage. Impale does as much damage as breath of fire if not more and it has a 3 sec stun and twice the range and has no unit cap. Dreadlord swarm has a huge unit cap and its range is half the map. This hero called Panda needs a buff again.

Also, what is the point of crow form in WC3 for talons. Talons are already the worst unit in game especially cause fortified counters talons. Master crow form takes 3 upgrades, a huge chunk of upgrades, and requires tier 3. One would expect with that many upgrades, talons to be the best air unit in game. Nope. It counters nothing in this game. It’s so bad you never see a master crow form ever in anywhere, not even 4v4 ladder.
And dryads need a redesign. Because every race has stupidly powerful piercing now, dryads just can’t do anything. Either buff dryad mana or make its dispel do more OR better yet, have a master’s training for dryads so that its mana pool is large enough. Also, make dryads cast abolish a bit further away. Currently, I tell my dryads to abolish and it dives into the fight and dies in 2 seconds to rifles or fiends or trolls.

Thank you blizzard for making this game piercing craft. Range units counter everything in game. Mass rifles. Mass fiends. Mass trolls. Mass archers.
And of course, to supplement it all, mass summons. Is this pre-starcraft cause I see unlimited beetles, skeletals, water elementals, serpent wards, wolves, treants in the game.



how do you all still have your jobs?


I am actually shocked by these patchnotes. Honestly at this point I don’t think the stuff everyone wants SINCE launch is coming soon or even in development. But guys for real, who needs profiles, stats, clans, custom campaign, etc? You have custom games which are working sometimes, show a bit of gratitude, won’t you?

For real though, taking away all the features which the community had for OVER A DECADE and calling the game “Reforged” is not only a slap into the face of all us loyal fans and customers, it’s actually a disgusting cash grab. Pathetic attempts like these patchnotes which should please us have me like “for real, FOR REAL?”.

I still can’t believe what they did to this wonderful game which played a big role in my life for years. I kept on keeping up my hopes that I can one day come back to this game and have fun like in the old days. But this train of hope will never arrive.

GG, “Blizzard”. You played yourself.

EnTaroAdun out.


I am a bit disappointed. I expected more.