Warcraft III Reforged Patch 1.33 Coming August 17

August 17… of what year? 2022? 2025? 2030?


In replay menu, make useable arrows ‘up’ and ‘down’ to chose a replay… Damn Its so dope click on mous and scroll down to search wanted replay :hushed:ouch… When ur hand busy with a cup of tea))

Please revert the Font to how it is on 1.32 currently before releasing 1.33.

Included are images that demonstrate the differences.


And… you really believe that? You believe that if everybody chose to love it, the Reforged chat UI would not be “less pleasant” than its 2003 Frozen Throne Battle.net chat lobby system counterpart? Really?

You are assuming that users patched along with the public game, going from 1.27 to 1.28 when the game moved all maps into Documents. What if a user upgrades directly from 1.27 to 1.32? Wouldn’t the Battle.net Launcher simply delete all of their maps?

Maybe the guy you were talking to is someone who faced that issue, and had all their maps deleted at some point by purchasing Reforged after not playing for a long period of time. I never confirmed what I am saying on my own, but I always assumed it was physically possible.

Edit: Random example off of Google of some user reporting exactly this issue in 2020:

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Look man, just becuase you disagree with someone’s opinion doesn’t mean it’s invalid. You can just say you disagree instead of acting all shocked. It is in part the discussions ive seen on the forums combined with the way I’ve seen some people act in game that are major contributing factors to why I believe that toxicity in the community is at least partly responsible for the decline in chat use.

The chat has a resize button- if you really want to focus on the chat experience you can click the button to make the chat window huge. Since the same window is used for the lobby chat, it in fact makes the lobby chat better, since that was smaller and wasn’t expandable. All I really want to suggest is to be able to drag the window to make it exactly the size I want.

Well yes, I have to make assumptions because of the limited information that was given, however, the game doesn’t just delete your maps, so unless you deleted them yourself, they still exist somewhere on your PC. Uninstalling the game does not remove custom maps etc. either.

I in fact also had an issue early on with the game not showing any maps. However, those maps were never deleted, the game was simply looking for them in the wrong place. Thus I have pretty good reason to believe that’s what the case is here.


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This might be the biggest and most insane leap I’ve ever seen in a forum thread.

If people posted more details, I would have to guess and assume less and could be more precise in responses. But I have to work with whatever the poster deigns to write.

I can confirm that my Reforged installation has no custom maps, while my backup has them.

Did you look in your Documents folder? Mine were all moved there.

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I don’t see any differences?

Okay, it looks like the character spacing is slightly wider. But other than that, I see nothing different. Certainly nothing that would make me demand a revert, even being slightly OCD about such little changes.

Are Achievements coming?

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Mhmm. But is the difference in usability, stability, and functionality between the old menu and the new menu a matter of opinion or a matter of objective functionality differences?

I feel like someone who tried to claim the sky is blue when you said it was red, and then you’re saying that just because I disagree with you it doesn’t make your opinion that the sky is red invalid.

The premise of your claim seems sound for opinion statements, but does that apply in this case?

Put differently, I cannot tell you what to like. If your opinion is that you like the new menu more, I cannot make that opinion cease to exist simply by disagreeing. Sure. But what if I instead am focused on cases where the old menu is objectively able to function better than the new menu? Then your opinion actually does not matter – we can make statements about functionality differences, and find that they are true. And, even if you don’t care, they would still be true.


the reason for the font is due to the older font not supporting international languages, I gladly accept a slightly different font if it means we can finally see characters in other languages, playing chinese maps for example is awful seeing only blank spaces and numbers


I mean, we already have achievements basically the same as other blizzard games. It’s not like reforged didn’t add a bunch of new icons for completing the campaigns on normal and hard alongside the already existing “get wins with each race” ones…

Besides that, WC3 font has always been nice, but, a bit more space between numbers is really helpful…
Remember the endless indistinguishable 11111111111l11lll11111l of names?
I think they did it on purpose because every character of the UTF8 (supposing it’s that now) should support its own space.

dumb reply, use ur brain pls

If anyone at Blizzard sees this: please, we need custom campaigns back! It keeps the game alive for people who are not really into ladder, and just want to play single player custom content.


Great job, will be good with ladder. The new update of the old icons looks great as well.

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Yeah! Yessssss! Yeah! The improvements are coming!!

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You should be the last person to be happy since you already always said that Reforged was perfect^^

Strange people…^^