Warcraft III Reforged Patch 1.33 Coming August 17

We’re completing our testing of Patch 1.33, and we plan to deploy this update on Wednesday, August 17.

We expect to take the game offline at about 10:00 a.m. PDT on August 17, and we expect maintenance for this patch to take 4-8 hours.

Thanks again to everyone who tested the patch on our PTR and provided feedback in our PTR Discussion and Feedback forum. We really appreciate it!


Zoom option is great.
Proper ladder match making is great.

  • Bring back better UI, the old chat channels were 40% of the reason why the game was so great.
  • More servers for better ping.
  • Bring back Reign of Chaos, it was removed unjustifiably.

Can’t wait for Custom Campaigns to return!


Thanks Kaivax, just wanted to remind that some classic models like the naga tower were broken (texture animations not working in-code)… hopefully that is fixed before release, anyways thanks!


cant wait to see you ruin the game again! prove me wrong lmao

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Please continue investigating bug reports!


I hope you have fixed the numerous bugs in the campaign before release. Thanks


Thank you!
About time!

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Good job lads! I can’t wait to play! I’m hoping to reach at least Gladiator!


?? the chat system is pretty much all still there. You can create and join private channels as always. Clan channels are missing because clans aren’t in the game, but that will probably be restored in one of the next patches.


While there’re other more important issues that should be addressed, I hope you will fix the remaining mistakes/suggestions for Classic portraits: fix background glow for many of them, add blue pupils for Thrall’s portrait and three more default ones (Peasant, Acolyte, Wisp).

Did you fixed an save & load issue and many others? If not - single player maps will not be properly played and Reforged Save Menu will be useless.


Do we need to back up our custom maps folder?

I doubt it, was that a thing in the past?

People just lost all their custom maps when installing Reforged. Besides that, no issues at all^^

I honestly forgot this was a thing, literally who cares about their little baby ladder. I just expect one or more aspects of the game to be broken from poor QA testing.

You cannot share channels with players with different language settings so private channels are pretty meaningless. Furthermore, viiksi is talking about the UI, if you compare chatting with people on wc3 now with chatting pre-reforged, you will probably agree that chatting is much less pleasant in reforged. Furthermore, the chat in reforged doesn’t follow the new lines said, you have to manually scroll to the most recent message at times. My biggest point of conern is how chat channels look, they are somewhere in a corner as if they are not very important, while they are indeed as viiksi said about 40% of the wc3 experience.


They weren’t lost - the game just looked for them in your Documents instead of your War3 install directory. They are still there.

Cannot see the folder in my WC3 overwritten installation. Luckily I had a backup…

Make it 60… what happens in the bnet chat stays in the bnet chat^^

that sounds like a bug to me. Chat channels might be region based, but language based? Citation needed on that. Make a video of you trying to join a channel with someone shown to have a different language setting.

I don’t think it’s particularly more or less pleasant. If it’s less, it’s because of changes in the community, not the chat feature itself.

Furthermore, the chat in reforged doesn’t follow the new lines said

It does for me normally, there may be bugs with it, but it certainly is capable of doing so. Bugs can be fixed.

You can click a button to make the chat take the whole screen. While I’d prefer being able to freely change the size, it can be as important as you want it to be. But I think this is more just changing player tendencies I don’t think people chat in games as much as they used to.