Version 1.34.0 is now Testable on the Warcraft III PTR

AT is not RT =(

Nice work to the guys down at Blizz! Clan MVP here I come! :d

In comparison to most games, you are supposed to have both high GPU usage and faster clock speed. But this time it didn’t cause 80c on my gaming laptop quite a while ago.


This is incorrect. Increasing clock speed reduces usage. Lowering clock speed increases usage. You can’t have your clock speed be low and somehow get less usage %.

You said “I have high GPU usage with low GPU clock speed.” As I said before, if you GPU clock speed is low, you should be expecting high usage percentages. There is nothing out of the ordinary about what you said.

"You can’t have your cake and eat it too. "

Now, perhaps what you’re really trying to say is “The game is not displaying the performance I would expect from the amount of GPU usage it’s generating.” I suspect this may be the case, but that isn’t at all what you wrote.