Three Versions of the Campaign = Everyone's Happy!

It baffles me that they’ve broken their initial promise by no longer adding in the amended lore + voice acting, but I’m confused why they couldn’t just offer three versions of the campaign:

  1. Classic Version - The standard campaign with the old graphics
  2. Enhanced Version - The standard campaign, but with new HD graphics
  3. Reforged Version - The campaign in HD, with new lore/voice acting/cutscenes

Wouldn’t this literally just make everyone happy at literally NO additional work other than what was ALREADY promised at Blizzcon 2018?

It seems to me that the MAIN reason (that we’ve been told TWICE now) that they decided to not amend the lore + new voice acting is because of an insignificant # of purists who are afraid of change because of daddy issues or something.

Yet it doesn’t make sense to scrap WHAT WAS ALREADY PROMISED, but instead just offer an additional version of the campaign. The old campaign is already there, so there’s nothing new to add - that’s your Classic version. Then, since the HD models/terrain/etc are being done anyways, just apply that to the Classic version and call it Enhanced. Finally, DO WHAT WAS ORIGINALLY PROMISED, and do the Reforged version of the campaign. New voice acting, heavier emphasis on certain characters, new dialogue/lore, even the possibility of new characters/renamed old characters (like Falric + Marwyn in the Human campaigns, Arthas’ right-hand men who later followed after Arthas at the end of the RoC campaign).

There. Literally everyone would be happy. And by the way, to anyone who says “they don’t have the time anymore” - I guarantee you they already have all, if not most of the voice lines done already, and this is something that can be worked on in the coming weeks. If not, then just delay the game a month or two, ffs.

It baffles me that they didn’t just think about this from the beginning.

If there’s a legitimate reason this can’t be done, please explain why below.


1 is accessible now if you can get classic to launch, 2 should be playable with little to no work given that its on the same engine and custom games work. That just leaves the question of how reforged is 3 and i don’t think there has been any real info on that.

There has been, here:


And here’s where they announce what’s been scrapped (and reinforcing what was originally promised):




Looks like the same old wc3 campaign with slightly better atmosphere, no real changes.

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Yes there are 2 legitimate reasons and they are VERY likely the real reasons why that is not happening:

1)Time/deadline. Reforged team said the game would be out in 2019 and it seems like for whatever reason they are not allowed to be slipped from that deadline. And because of that deadline, they figured out during the development that there was simply no way they could do everything with the new voice acting, entirely remade cutscenes and lore additions in 1 year

2)Budget/money/resources. And this is ofc linked to the time/schedule. If they had not enough resources/big enough budget to pull all this off (I doubt Activision-Blizzard really wants to put too much money on remaster/remake of 17 year old RTS game) then it ofc would have effected their original plans as well.

So I think this is why they had to scrap some of their original plans that they told us about last year. I mean think of Activision-Blizzard as company and what they have done recently/where they are aiming at…I think it makes perfect sense (sadly) why they wouldnt want to put anymore time or resources to something like Warcraft III: Reforged that is necessary…


What’s their inventive to redo all of the cutscenes and voice acting? Like, really, how lucrative do you think an 18-year-old game is going to be? And that’s exactly what it is when you go beneath that fancy updated skin: A crotchety old man.

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ffs they’re still working on 1 version of the game and take a look at how that’s going. Do you have an idea how much time, money and resources they’d need to dump into making 3? And that’s not even mentioning the logistical nightmares involved in just getting this to work

You only need 2 though. Classic version you can already play

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perhaps they took a look at how many had pre ordered the game, and based on that number, the budget for this “reforge” was cut down. ( the number of sales was lower than they expected )

But that’s exactly what was promised but now the Reforged version has been cutted so only Classic and Enhanced will be enabled.


Except not really…you WILL still get some maps/locations that have been remade/redesigned to look like their WoW counterparts as well as some character models like Anasterian Sunstrider has already been added, meaning you get to kill him in Silvermoon map/mission. Also Reforged version WILL have improved cutscenes, but obviously not on the same level as they had originally planned with Stratholme/The Culling demo last year.

So you will still get your “Reforged” campaigns…just not with entirely remade cutscenes, entirely remade voice acting or those retcons/lore addons, aside from characters like Anasterian Sunstrider appearing and some of the layouts/looks of certain maps redesigned.

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If anything, they could at least add it in later as a dlc or a patch.
It would be cool to play it again in its original form and later play it again in its reforged state when the extra content is ready for launch.
Sadly this may never happen now


It was what i understood would happen back in 2018 when the game was announced to be honest. But Blizzard decided otherwise, to be honest i don’t feel like our voices are being heard at all. Sad.


The idea OP proposed is something I thought of making a thread about a week ago. Indeed, I agree that doing this would satisfy just about everyone. To those who talk about time concerns: The developers themselves said the reason for scrapping the reforged version is that people don´t want it. That of course sounds to me like an easy way to mask lack of time/finances as catering to players. Hell, myself and I am sure many other people would rather wait for the reforged version to be released post-release than not get it at all. Do not get me wrong, I like the old voice actors more than the WOW ones. However, the old warcraft campaign did have some holes that were later filled by books and other media (death of anasterian, captain having an actual name, arthas actually paying some attention to muradin´s apparent death…). It is not really changing the lore, just filling the gaps. Only by making new voicelines would Blizzard be able to include such moments the way deserve to be done. However, instead of simply not caring about the existence of reforged campaign, the purists seem to actively prevent the other players from enjoying it. Hell, the original campaign would be playable in reforged graphics one way or another, there was nothing for purists to complain about on this front. Blizzard should add a proper, reimagined campaign with new voicelines, which was, after all, what was advertised at Blizzcon2018 and is now being discarded in the name of purists. If the development team lacks the resources to create a real reforged campaign, they should at least not pretend the true reason for scrapping it is the public opinion.


Nah. Purists will never be happy as long as a real reforged version exists. Even though they don’t play new campaigns, they are jealous of us having them.


I think we “purists” and you have quite different idea what actually a NEW campaign means…

Personally I think its quite pathetic how you seem to think that getting some 1% new additions to the existing campaings would somehow make them entirely “new”…not really, if you REALLY want to talk about NEW campaigns, then we should talk about ENTIRELY new campaings added on as DLC or Warcraft IV, not having some small additions on existing campaings…

Honestly, its so utterly laughable that you think that even if you had gotten what Blizzard initally promised that you would have gotten “brand new” campaings, whehn 99% of it would have been identitcal what you are getting now :joy:

Anyhow I take immense pleasure from the fact that there wont be WoW voice actors in Warcraft III, period and that the ONLY way you can play Refroged is with the original voice cast, as it SHOULD BE!

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You get a campaign, you get a campaign and you get a campaign. Everyone gets a campaign!

Thank you for proving my point.


i dont WANT campaign things, the reforged game look the same to original.

I will give you my three versions;

Classic Enhanced - No map changes, only reskins.

Director’s Cut - Clarifying details that were already known at the time of the game’s creation, but not reflected in the game. Omitting things like Anasterian’s name (2007 addition), but reflecting material between 1999 - 2006, during the life cycle of Frozen Throne. This would be to preserve the record on what was definitively known and thought at the time, as if the game had been updated in 2006 with 2019 graphics with information from, say the Warcraft Chronicle, but omitting information from the Burning Crusade.

Maybe a couple extra missions or a mini campaign detailing the War of the Ancients novel or other Warcraft books released at the time, for posterity.

Moruzond’s Chronicle - Reincorporating changes from the current canon. This is considered the ‘experimental’ or ‘elseworld’ stories. Not strictly canon, but more in line with what a player who joined during, say, BFA. Lampshade it with references to the Infinite Dragonflight and let Blizzard go hogwild with this one.