This is how you should respond to us Blizzard

This is how you should respond to us, the fans.

Dear The Fans,
We are sorry about the lies we made that was promised in the advertisement for Reforged. We are willing to take responsible for what we did to you all. We are willing to fix the game and add the features that you all wanted. We are going to redo the game and do it the right way to make fans happy again.

We were rushed and never successfully make the game that we were making in the Blizzcon back in 2018. We’re very sorry again that we made you all angry about the how the game was released. We are also going to fix the bug and glitches that is happening in the game too. The campaign is also will be remade as so, so please give us time to redo the game. We are willing to re-voice the dialogue so we can allow you to switch it back and forth to the new or old voice for the reforged.

The Warcraft III: Refoged team are going to make this right for the Warcraft III community and the fans. Please keep supporting us and will try our best to improve the game and bringing back the ladder, battlenet, and tournament for the fans.

The Warcraft III: Reforged Team

Don’t you all think that they should respond like this or no? :thinking:


A couple of things. First, no one makes you angry. You choose to be angry or you choose to let things go. Secondly, they didn’t lie. They made new cutscenes and received complaints about people not liking it and wanting the originals back, so they changed their cutscenes to be more like the classic game. They announced they would do this at Blizzcon in 2019. Oh, and finally, why are you so insecure that you need a faceless game developer to apologize to you? If you don’t like a product, get a refund and just buy something else. Simple economics.


They still advertise reforged with the 2018 trailer.
So they lied to all who didnt camped the forum since the announcement.

For all forumcampers who still believe they lied are mostly false and trolls.
But even then blizz lied about the number of maps which had to been reforged.
8 were promised not 3 (even these 3 suck).

The qualitymanagement sleept too like in the german version of founding of durotar. No one tested the map. Why on earth has Rexxar 2 different VAs.


They did. They still do on their website.

Which were a very small minority in the sea of good reception the 2018 Culling demo received.

Which, coincidentally, required less resources and budget. Oh the coinky-dinks.

Which they spent like two minutes on, without going into detail and showing no footage. They didn’t give it nearly as much publicity as they gave the 2018 Culling and kept the 2018 Culling on their website as an example of “4 hours of reforged cutscenes”, where it still sits to this very day. It’s being disingenuous at best. People not following the development religiously would have no idea and would still think they were going with the 2018 approach.

Being angry is an emotional reaction; you don’t choose your emotional reactions, you only choose what to do about them. You don’t choose to be angry, you can only choose what to do if you are.


No. In fact, in an environment where every developer always prefaces the endeavor with “nothing is finalized”, “plans can change”, you’ll be hard pressed to ever find the word “promise”.

The problem with all inclusive statements is that not everyone wants the same thing. They’d never be willing, or even be able, to add everything that everyone wanted.

Of course not. It would be a waste of resources of all types (money, time, personnel, etc). It’s far more feasible to continue work on the existing code.

A large chunk of the content was purposely cut based off feedback. Not saying more time wouldn’t have been helpful, but not all of it was due to time.

Remade? What about it needs to be scrapped and coded from the ground up?

I’m not saying that there weren’t things that could have gone way better, but as far as PR communication goes, this would never happen, in any industry. News releases are always worded very carefully. For example, the whole “promise” thing. The reason why it doesn’t get said is because it can come back to bite. I mean, look all around here. Bliz not only didn’t say “promise” but did what all developers do: announced that nothing is set in stone; plans can change.

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All irrelevant points. And yes, you do choose how you react emotionally. This is a psychological fact. Not worth debating. If you choose to be angry in a circumstance where it is unproductive, it is merely a sign of immaturity.

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And when they do, your duty is to inform your players and paying and pre-ordering customers of these changes in no uncertain terms. All they had to do on BlizzCon 2019 is show footage of how they were going to proceed about the cutscenes. They didn’t, they chose intentionally vague words instead, because they knew the majority was actually in favor of the 2018 approach.


They probably didn’t have footage to show at Blizzcon 2019 and it isn’t their duty anyway. Who are you to make up these rules?

They had The Culling in 2018 and yet had nothing to show in 2019, three months before release? I call bull on that.

Yeah, it is their duty to inform the players in no uncertain terms that the product they will be getting isn’t the one that was advertised prior by a very wide margin.

A self-respecting reasonable person, you?


This is how you should respond to us, the fans.

An apology is the worst thing you can do, in any scenario (especially in the business world). It accomplishes nothing except for feeding the ego of those who feel they were wronged. Nothing of value gets “fixed” or “corrected” by an apology.

Feeding people’s ego’s, even those who feel they are the victim of something, is a bad thing in the long run. It’s an extremely petty and childish compensation, along side something like revenge, that doesn’t actually resolve the issue at hand.

The best thing Blizzard can do is simply release a list of problems compiled by the community, a bullet list of all the issues, and lay out a schedule of when these things planned to be fixed.

If there are people who are only happy when they see Blizzard groveling at their feet, those are disgusting, childish people who have essentially become what they hate.

People feed on weakness, and this is a situation where people taste blood in the water, and they’ve come to swarm. The more Blizzard apologizes, that will be their death sentence. They will never escape the sharks who just want to see them as a company die slowly. You never apologize.

Very important life lesson if you want see yourself succeed at anything. People don’t respect weakness, no matter who’s at fault, and we are hard wired to follow and respect confidence and strength.

That’s just the way it is whether people like it or not.


That is horsecrap. Who was telling them NOT to make cinematic cutscenes? Nobody. It’s a complete lie. They just didn’t want to spend the money to do it.

If nobody wants the cinematic cutscenes, then why are they still using the one from Blizzcon 2018 to market the game? It’s still on the Warcraft III Reforged page. Please …


Be careful with that generalization. Although it would be nice if that was universally true, it’s not required if it has not been agreed to. But with nothing stating that all changes will be revealed publicly/timely/etc, there’s no duty to do so. We’re at the mercy of how much they feel like revealing. Considering all the changes, every single one, to the game over the years, it would be in the 1000s maybe 10000s, reporting them all isn’t feasible or even necessary.

As for monies paid, like the support article says, they’re amending their refund policies for WC3R to let anyone out of the investment who no longer finds it worth it. So even if money was spent, it all can be returned.

They definitely could have been way more overt about it. I agree there. That’s on my list of mistakes.

It wasn’t the wording so much. It was how they announced it: only detailed through private interviews that would show up in 3rd party news articles after the convention.

I’m sorry, SedrynTyros. But you are mistaken. It’s Googleable.

No one said “nobody”. And what’s your point about it being on the website relative to who wants it? The fact is that it is not in the game.

Agreed though that it shouldn’t be on the website. That’s another on my list of mistakes.

Fan1: “They even admit that they’re a crap game company.”
Fan2: “Your apologies are worthless.”
Fan3: “Good of the damage control team to grace us with his presence and another pointless, AI-generaged, copy/paste response.”
Fan4: “How do you guys sleep at night?”
Fan5: “When do we get the real game?”
*5000 upvotes for the above comment*

Why should they respond? We all know the drill.

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A self-respecting reasonable person,

More like an unreasonable, egotistical person. Sorry, but you don’t get to make rules for other people to follow just because you respect yourself.

Nah…Lets blame the fans for having high expectations.

Where did I say nobody wants more cinematic cutscenes? Where did you read that or are you the one lying now?

I said they received complaints about it being too different. Obviously, some people wanted the new style cutscenes. Blizzard made the mistake of listening to the wrong fans.

No, if that were the case then every developer would do it. In the last 20 some odd years during all the E3s and other various game conventions, every single developer has lied in some capacity, because guess what while the game is in its final stages of development the developers have every right to change the game how they see fit, lets look at resident evil 2 on the ps1, that game was basically finished before they scrapped the entire game and remade it this is all while having E3 videos of its beta version. Guess what no one cared.

Two more prime examples resident evil 4 and the legendary title legend of zelda ocarina of time, legend of zelda was suppose to be a massive game at the time and it was going to use the failed n64 disc drive (it failed in japan thus it never moved out of the country) and the game had to be reworked and redesigned.

Get off your soap box and stop making up crap that never did and never will exist.

They didnt lie they just didnt tell the truth!! shills xd

Don’t pretend you misunderstood what I meant, will you, don’t insult both mine and your own intelligence.

Is it a mistake if it’s done intentionally?

That too.

Yeah, I only want the advertisement to be honest and transparent so that my fellow players wouldn’t make purchasing mistakes. How egotistical and unreasonable of me.

The question of the day is, why don’t you respect yourself?

Yeah, I bet “everyone else did the same” defense was a real hit at the Nuremberg trials.

There’s a world of difference between cutting and reworking features mid production and flat-out using old and way superior footage to advertise things no longer in the game. So I’m not the one who needs to get off their soapbox here, sunshine.

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