So... Reforged isn't even Canon?

Hi, as you know Reforged logically had to make the connection between Wow and War3.
In fact, we have several appearances of Wow’s lore in the countryside… Like the name of the union… of Loken’s troops.
That’s nice. I was glad to see the game was following the wow line to make him look hot.

Still… With Shadowlands we had one hell of a Warcraft 3 Retcon. I was expecting it to be fixed but… no. In the end no. According to Warcraft 3 the Lich King was created by the Burning Legion. They imprisoned his soul in the armor they forged.

Nevertheless… with Shadowlands it was difficult to explain why destroying the helmet of domination opened a door into the realm of the dead… It was there that it was finally decreed by Blizzard that the Natherzim did not finally create the Lich King, but simply found the said armor by stealing it from the Shadowlands.

So the question is this. If Reforged was intended to make the connection between the wow story and warcraft 3 why did they leave it as it is? (This is the discussion between Arthas and Kel’Thuzad after the latter resurrected it in the Sunwell).


Before we tackle ‘what’s canon and what’s not’ you have to remember that the story for this game was initially released in 2002/2003. A lot of lore changes have been made since that time within the MMO and some of it contradicts the story and locations in WC3.

Many of the maps and locations from WC3 are simply out of date.

Originally there were plans for Blizzard to change the campaign to create more parity between current WoW lore and the WC3 campaigns, but fans were vocal that they did not want the game altered in that way, so Blizzard listened and scrapped the idea of changing the story.

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And didn’t Arthas have communication with the Lich King upon picking up Frostmourne? I didn’t know it was the armor that let him talk to the Lich King

My personal hope is that Blizzard decides to create a second campaign, although that may take time, which brings the WC3 story into the canon created by WoW, with new maps, levels and such. So that folks who like the original campaigns still have them, while folks who want the newer, updated stuff can have that too.


According to the wikia:

“Kil’jaeden the Deceiver created the original Lich King from the spirit of the orc shaman Ner’zhul”


And where are the topics where people complained about that? Because on the contrary, I’ve only seen people disappointed by this change of direction.
One of the most seen and liked topics was also of this opinion.

Anyway there are still changes that have been made. And then it just gave me a slap in the face to see that this one didn’t follow because we’re really entering a very important retcon.

Blizzard takes feedback from more places than just these forums. These forums represent a very small but vocal minority of the total playerbase. Feedback from the Blizzcon floor in 2018 likely played a significant role, as did feedback given to Blizzard during various testing phases. The campaign was not tested in the betas that large amounts of players were invited to, but there still would have been testing done to judge reactions from fans and the like.

Man you should not take in a serious way the lore of an mmo, especially if it’s wow.

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I remember last year there were a few really big posts with heated debates about “Lore Retcon Changes Etc”. Some people were for it, some people were against it. I never once posted about it, cause I didn’t see it as an issue, we were always going to have the option of still playing the original, so it made no sense to complain about changes

Personally, I’m disappointed Blizzard scrapped their own plans. I think it was stupid for Blizzard to scrap any content they had worked on, due to “appeasing purists”. IF they had just continued with their original plans, I think their would be a lot less angry complaints right now

I am not a fan of WoW, and I mainly play WC3 for multiplayer, but I would have still enjoyed any improvements for the campaign. I have played the original campaign 10+ times, and I find it kinda boring now. I wanted something fresh and a bit more challenging. Unfortunately, they actually made the campaign easier, even on the harder difficulty :frowning:

The small changes I saw to the Culling chapter were actually pretty cool, and it would have been awesome if there was 4+ hours of new cinematics done in that style


It’s not up to date.

If you follow the redshirt guy on twitter you could see it’s been retcon. The demons no longer created the lich king’s armor but stole it. So no Kil’Jaeden did not, or rather did not create the Lich King anymore because the armor with the powers of the Lich King had existed for millennia in the shadowlands.

well that completely changes the storyline and literally everything we know about it

It was Kil’Jaeden who made the armour prison and Helm of Domination.

The armour didn’t become a factor until he put it on at the end of TFT and the souls of Arthas and Ner’zhul merged.

The story surrounding the Helm of Domination and Frostmourne is an interesting one.

The Nathreziem crafted both, but they did so within the Shadowlands, forging the sword, armour and weapon on the Forge of Domination. They drew on the power of the Shadowlands, specifically the maw, to create these items, which is why when Sylvanas breaks the crown in two, it shatters the barrier between Azeroth and the Shadowlands.

In truth, at least in regards to the Lich King and his creation, what we’re going to see in Shadowlands isn’t really a retcon. The story will still be that the Nathreziem created the tools the Lich King used. We just never learned where the Nathreziem crafted them until now.


No, no and just NO !

Legion didn’t create the helm of domination anymore.

As i said it was RETCON.

They stole the artifact. The lich king was already an entity in the Shadow lands. The only thing Kil Jaeden did was link the soul of Ner’Zhul to the armor, they didn’t forge anything anymore.

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Simple, WoW isn’t canon. At least as far as WC3 is concerned WoW might as well be an alternative universe.

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From what I see a lot of people don’t like WoW direction so they simply not consider canon all the WoW lore. So in this forum we have a great debate.

From blizzard point of view WoW is canon so everything in Wc3 need to be redone. The problem is that will be a great work, a long work, a tedious work. Something that pay only for the people that really want this thing.

For the old Warcraft 3 fans if they really remade Warcraft 3 with the new lore will be a defeat. Because will be official that the game we all grew up is not canon anymore.

Personally I would like to have the campaign redone like the 3 mission reforged. But even that mission need a lot of work. Because in the actual lore, Arthas only conquer silvermoon with the help of dar’khan dratin. So even now reforged is not canon. They only canonise the death of sylvanas that now is made 100% like the bfa cinematic, that’s all.


Is the opposite. Like the Warcraft film. WoW is the canon world. Warcraft 1,2,3, film etc are all alternative universe. I understand you don’t like it but we need to accept that

Yep, they even tell that chronicle are not canon at 100% because sre “from the pow of the titans”. So everything we know can be modify.

Why is that exactly? What gives you the idea that WoW the sole canon?