Sentinel Campaign Chapter 4 Wrath of the betrayer Crashing

For some reason, it keeps crashing whenever I’m trying to play this chapter. But I’m fine when I play the other ones. Can someone explain what’s going on?


I’ve been having the same issue. The game crashed like 10 times in a row today on this level all within 10 minutes of starting the level

Ended up not playing it any further and played a different game because the issues

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Having the exact same issue today. Tried repairing, changing settings, updating drivers but with no luck.
Would be interested to hear if anyone has a fix…

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Having the same issue and litterally crashed all the time, sometimes even directly when loaded the world from a autosave.

This is not playable and should be fixed asap.

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Yep, just checked it. It crashes when you click on the minimap. So basically a quite good working game was destroyed with a patch that was released after two years. I have doubts whether all of the issues that were caused by the most recent patch will be fixed, because the work needed to do so is enormous. They should revert to the previous version ASAP. Less nerves for the players and less costs for Blizzard.


Hello All, I am having the same issue. For me the game crashes everytime I am coming near the area of the mission mark (exclamation mark) at the beginning. After that the game crashes immediately.

même problème, la campagne des sentinelles , le courroux du traitre crash a chaque fois que j’esseille de jouer…

Having the same issue. Wanted to start to play again and started with the sentinels campaing. Played until “Wrath of the betrayer” and the game instantly crashes the second you use the minimap…


Same issue. Game has crashed about 10 times on this map, and I cannot get past it. So I guess I’m done playing until this gets fixed.

Same here. The quest keeps crashing…

Same issue here too

Please fix this, i litterally bought the game to do the campain and now im stuck and can no longer play the screnario or skip this stage so i litterally can’t play any more.


If you need some additional information:

This appears to be linked to the 2nd time your base is attacked and the subsequent save which occurs at that time. If I try to load the save game that is created at that point, the cursor disappears, and instead of showing the loading screen map with the progress indicator, it stays on the screen showing the orc banner. I can still interact using the keyboard, but the mouse cursor no longer shows and the game itself does not load.

Same here. At the beginning i buy upgrades for night elves and game crash.

Same here.
I bought this game in order to play the campaing again, but i’m not able to do so. Same with saves after last update, what a colossal s**tshow this game is, i didn’t believe when i was told. Shame on me, i guess.

Same here, wrath of the betrayer keeps crashing around every minute, blizzard fix it already!
UPD setting all graphic options to off / low seems to have fixed the problem

I have the same issue in the same part of the.

I need solutions please, my life depend of this game :'v

Same issue just got to this mission constant crashes

This is a duplicate. Same issue as

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it but wait for a Patch, what probably takes some time, because the resources to this game are so limited. Very sad that each update breaks so much of the game :frowning:

Can confirm that this “fixes” the crash

Options → Video, under graphical settings turn everything to off/low.