Remove the 12 unit cap for ALL MODES

What would be the problem IMO is the UNDEAD race for Skrmish.
When you look at it, UNDEAD doesn’t really have much powerful units, but what they have is the skeletons and imagine them crushing on each other, player full force unleashed?
Either that should be nerfed or 12 should remain the same, though I would prefer nerfing imo :smiley:
Im not a pro, but definetly Blizzard should try talking to pros about this…

Worst idea ever. This is one of the things making WC3 special. There are no lots of units fighting each other like in Cossacks or SC2 so it’s not necessary and it helps newcomers to learn using at least two control groups. I really hope they won’t change that.


100% agree, its an unnecessary change in ladder. It is a GREAT option of custom games.


This is exactly why it should be removed. The effect this will have on veterans, is close to none. But this will negatively effect newcomers, which is what this community desperately needs


as i gona say it is nostalgia talk you dont want change becus of the nostalgia within you and want people to learn the game they way you did! but with the modern rts game they will compare the unit limit! and it wont increase the player base! but by adding the toggle it wont make the game more special but will be a divided player base for between super nostalgia player that want that 12 unit limit! and newplayer/old players that want that small change!
if you want the game to be special you change everything but thats not the goal!

2 diffrent ladder wont hurt the game! if you dont like the idea of more player play the other option then the classic option then you do forget the player base wont increase by alot they will only play story mode just for the story while not all of them gona like the 12 unit limit so they try to finish the story mode then maby play custom games instead becus normal skirimish and competitive game wuld be limited! i dont know how many way i can explain this point! we are not trying to stop veterans that dont want the 12 unit limit removed but they should have their own ladder!

talking to pro but also need a view for newer players

Lololol guys please :smiley: :smiley: if we start separating ladders for each change you know what will happen, right :smile: ? This is absurd of course Blizzard will never do that …

About the cap … As a veteran player I would say I would be happy if it is removed. I guess a PTR tryout and/or a vote by the community would be good enough to take the decision. It would definitely not affect high level play… there is so much more skill in other stuff…


a ptr with vote wuld maby be the best choice but it should atleast be remove in story mode and custom game while the ladder be voted on but i do think the player base will increase with the limit removed

To be fair this is an assumption, WC3 had a HUGE player base for many years even with the unit restrictions. Assuming that it will boost or drop the amount of new players is unrealistic my friend.

Additionally, SC2 had unlimited selection and the player base dropped dramatically.

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and almost all of those were playing custom games

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You are overreacting. To be honest i love w3 and im all in for removing unit cap. Its not AS BIG as you think it is but it restricts new players. In Beta of Legacy of the void blizz did a HUGE impactful change: autocast on spawn larva. That was massive since then zerg players could just ignore that part of zerg gameplay since queens were doing it all by themselves. SO they reverted it BUT added an option to queue injects. High level player didnt noticed it, newer players had easier time since they could queue 3 incjects that will be done while they are focusing on other things. I believe this is similar to that change and i think, they should removie unit cap in beta and see how it plays out. If it would have that HUGE impact you are talking about they could revert it. If not i dont see the point of keeping it. Just let everybody test it.


tell that to terran and protoss players in pvt matchup. Micro is also VERY important part of the game, micro battles in zerg vs zerg when one mistake can cost you the game, or terran spliting marines against banelings is another example of that. Just because macro is more advanced it doesnt mean micro is marginal or nonexistent. And in sc2 you dont have selection limit. Would it add depth if you could select just 20 units? i dont think so, and player base would have dropped. As ive mentioned earlier blizz should launch the beta without the selection cap and see how it all plays out.


I’ve seen a lot of people saying it should stay the same, they don’t seem to understand that the game needs to reach more than the average hardcore w3 player playing it for the past 10+ years.

For people like me it’s really not that fun to have limits like this as it’s already hard enough to pick up RTS games.

People need to stop being purists when a game gets a remake, some minor changes that streamlines the gameplay a bit and invites more new people is not a bad thing.


Unit selection cap wouldn’t really work for other reasons in sc2. Starcraft 2 has much bigger armies with smaller units and much faster gameplay and a lot of aoe instadeath units/spells which are an attempt at fighting the deathbally gameplay.
While warcraft 3 also has some pretty devastating aoe effects that share the same purpose (combating the deathballs) they’re nowhere near as powerful. You won’t lose all of your army if you get hit by a carrion swarm, shockwave or war stomp like you would if a baneling hit your marines before you could split them up.
Also I didn’t mean to say that micro in sc2 isn’t important but rather that macro is more important. It’s the opposite for Warcraft and that is the game’s niche (besides the custom maps obliviously)

well said. Its more a REMAKE not REMASTER (like original sc was) and blizzard is saying that on their page that they want to make w3 up to modern standards.


still if one guy uses only one group and you are using 3-4 you can outplay him by being in multiple places at once, since with everything on one hotkey he will have very hard time with reacting to that. So then he will try to work with multiple groups and he wont be 1 a moving as many people say they would. Aslo with more control groups yu can surround easuer again abusing that your opponent only uses one hotkey (just like players can abuse f2 a move in sc2). So i believe removing unit cap wont affect skill gabs since better players that learned how to control their army can outplay teir opponents and force them to learn. Then without unit cap you can have 14 ghouls selected at once :wink:


who ever groups their units in 12 would have an mechanical advantage to whoever can’t and makes a huge group. so I don’t even know why people are so scared of taking the limit off.


it might be tahat some of them practised that mechanic for soo long and when it woud be removed all that practise goes away. Chill out guys, its not going away :wink:

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If you can hotkey your own control groups there is no need to have a 12 unit limit…as you can impose that on yourself?

At that point having a limit is ridiculous and just inhibits everyone else playing the game who does not want to only have 12 units selected!!!

Definitely agree, for all the time i used to play WC3 i always got annoyed by the huge collision boxes, and i think i played from release up to like 2006-7 it could definitely be made better, DOTA 2 is actually perfect now that you mention it.

Oh, and i would also be up for atleast increasing the unit cap, if not removing it alltogether. Think it would be a good change for everyone, both new and old players since you still have the option to micro a few units, it really doesnt change anything except making it harder for new people to get into the game.