Remove the 12 unit cap for ALL MODES

I have tried to bring in a hand full of new players to Warcraft 3, and every single one of them would always get upset by the restricting amount of units you can select at a time.
They say they want to bring new players in, so remove this feature that barely effects high level play, but is detrimental to new players


It should really be removed. I haven’t seen a good reason to keep the limit. Changing the limit in starcraft would be a big deal, but not for warcraft 3. Good players will keep several control groups anyways, they rarely want to have more than 12 per group. At best you’ll have one less control group, it won’t shatter the balance of the game to remove the limit.


But are you sure that if the unit cap is changed/removed those players would really get into Warcraft 3? If you get nit picky about something like the unit cap, I’m sure you can think up plenty of other reasons to not play. That’s the biggest reason why I want Reforged to change as little as possible. Whatever is changed isn’t so much changed for the sake of the W3 veterans as it is for the sake of new players, a demographic which we’re not even sure will exist or be that large to begin with.


Its an outdated mechanic. new players will already be skeptical about playing this game due to its difficult learning curve, the 12 unit cap will only make it worse.


as a point i gave another post people that played RTS game after warcraft 3 that gona play warcraft 3 reforged becus of nostalgia gona lose intrest when they noticed the 12 unit limit cap gona lose some of that nostalgia! it wont encourage them more to try competitive aswell as they most likly only gona play custom games or other games! and custom game aswell will be alot better with the unit limit cap removed
but i wuld not force everything from warcraft 3 reforged to change the only thing i think should change is that 12 unit limit

it wont ruin the game but i can see some few bugs come with it in the start


Imo it’s not nit picky. I’ve played Warcraft 3 since launch and even then I didn’t like it. It’s simply a stupid restricting mechanic that has no use, especially today. It is only a remain of an old game’s technical limitations. Otherwise the game has aged very well: the unit pathing and collision boxes aren’t that big things and a casual player won’t even notice such things.


I agree. I made a topic just above yours lol, I’ll copy paste my comments.

The main complaint I see is that it will dumb down micro, but at high levels of play people use control groups anyway. I really think that it will not have much effect at high levels of play, and I don’t think it will dumb the game down

But do you know who it will greatly help? New players. I know many, many new players will get frustrated by the 12 unit selection, and I think it’s a tiny sacrifice for veterans vs. a huuuge boost for the new community.

I think the veterans will learn to like it as well.


I can’t post enough about it. Yes, change it. With the old game delay, this is the only reason me and my friends (1 old pro and a bunch of very high level players) are hyped for the game.

There is no reason for it to stay, it’ ll open more strategies, help pro to focus more on micro. It’s just better for the game.


Im not sure why people keep saying this will hurt competitive play. Iv played ladder for years, and in no way shape or form, will this hurt competitive play.


I’m in favor of the 12 unit selection cap going bye-bye.



It would seriously make macro way too easy and lower the skill ceiling massively. They do not need to change it. This isn’t SC2 where you’re controlling 200 units. Only for custom maps.


I am in favour of them adding a toggle in the settings. Those that want it can keep it at 12 and the rest of us can turn it off.

No harm not foul, everyone just chooses the settings they want


I think having the option for custom maps would be great but you shouldn’t have such a huge army that you need more than two control groups worth of units (most of the time) and you shouldn’t have all your spellcasters moving in the same command group as your melee units anyway.

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they are not gonna spend millions of dollars and resources on a game to appeal the 1% that stayed playing because of “nostalgia”. they will spend millions of dollars and resources in a game which will ensure a new inflow of players. if you want nostalgia go play 1.28. welcome to reforged not HD.


Please remove the 12 units cap. That concept is way outdated. The unlimited units selection makes players life easier, especially for new players.


I’d rather if the 12 unit selection cap stayed as it is. It wouldn’t hurt to give map makers an option to increase it if it can be done, so that we can enjoy more massive battles in maps such as Azeroth Wars. It’s crucial for balancing as most of the time you don’t even control more than 16 units.
Do you people really want the gameplay to boil down to deathballs, like it happened in Starcraft 2? Yes the new players will not like the selection limit but I don’t think that they would stay for long if it was removed anyway. There are much more important aspects of this game with more swaying power, like the insane modability, the aesthetic and the campaigns.
Remember that most people back in the day didn’t bother with melee anyway, most players including me were interested in the custom map scene. So I think that it’s not a good idea to change how melee works to appease the more casual fanbase.


I’ve played Warcraft 1, 2, and 3. Unit cap has always been annoying and it was awesome when you could select 9 (war 2) up from 4 (war 1) and 12 up from 9.

I suppose a true hardcore fan would want to keep the unit cap at 4 to “stay true” to Warcraft 1?

I think that not removing the unit cap is just a silly idea.


Saying “it barely affects high level play” is inaccurate, but that’s besides the point.

I’ve thought long and hard about this topic, and I wouldn’t really be apposed to increasing it a bit, but not removing the unit cap completely. Competitively this game is built around your skill at controlling your small groups of units across various control groups. Being able to lump all your units in one selection would just lower the skill ceiling.

That’s why I’d be happy to compromise by letting you select more units, but not remove the unit cap completely.


i dont think you know what i was talking abut this is still warcraft 3 not everything should be changed we know new skins gona happan i am fine with it! the change i want is to remove the 12 unit limit cap so that the newer player wuld want to stay longer and not for the super hardcore nostalgia that dont want change but forget that this is abit more then hd since new skins but does not meen we can force everything to the warcraft 3 engine

but as i said befor that 12 unit limit cap should be removed


thats fine for custom, but not ladder…
It would be much better if the devs added an option to pre-set our control groups

I posted more details here —>