Remove the 12 unit cap for ALL MODES

There is already quite a few things that make the game’s competitive side have a high learning curve, it is definitely not as easy as Starcraft 2 even if they ditch the 12-unit limit, and as such I have found the 12-unit limit to feel very outdated, especially the restraining of loads of custom games and casual melee’s with my friends. This reforged, I assume, will likely clean the game up and allow larger custom games and other things without crashing, so limitations like that should be removed.


Lumping all units would be an extreme low level play, it wouldn’t be used be used like that at all at high level. “F2 A moving” will never beat micro in WC3.


Already glad to see players be more than NPCs who just scream “but but but the korean elitists and old players claim they somehow have more fun with the unit limit”

This would be a good idea, give us an f2 key


as somon with big nostalgia there are time nostalgia can limit game like keeping the 12 unit limit
story mode wuld be nice with the 12 unit limit removed aswell as a competitive play for newer player or to keep people to play the game longer
ofc we should have a classic competitive option with the 12 unit limit even if this divide the player base it wuld balance it! but we cant fight for more changes then this

Yeah, but we should also be able to disable it

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Maybe a 16 unit selection limit and please dont add a select all units F2 function.


As a really bad player i totaly agree there are so many points in games at which i just lose units on the map because they didnt fit into my control group.
Also i want to be able after a fight that i just completly stomped just drag all my units and march forward and not have to look if i missed some only to then get ambushed.

I think this is a very fair compromise.

Honestly, the unit pathing and collision are not good in this game. They’re not the worst, but they definitely aren’t good. I expect both to be better in reforged. If it’s in line with dota 2’s engine (based off WC3) I’ll be happy. The real question for me is whether I’d like to see collision boxes reduced. If they’re any smaller you can’t 4-unit surround, but they are so big it makes movement clunky.


Not losing track of your own units and not allowing them to die is a crucial part of micro, I think you’re having unrealistic expectations of what this game consists of. It’s very micro heavy, unlike Starcraft or AoE which are generally more macro focused.

Big collision boxes along with the upkeep mechanic are some of the ways to prevent deathballing and a-moving into the enemy base


its still a limit it does not help new players to get into the game! only the returning players! but some of the returning players gona lose interest in the game with the unit limit that will make them go back to custom game or another game but as i say befor there should be a classic playstyle option for those who want the 12 unit limit and a limitless unit for the newer players
we are not talking abut the food limit becus that stays

for competitive 1 of classic old players and 1 for the newer and the old players that want this!

keep the nostalgia abit under control this is a rts!

and dont forget even if they are able to move all units does not meen they dont need strategy! removing the unit limit just opens it up more and gona encourage more players to try new stuff ofc micro unit is importen but they gona learn to micro more with the unit limit removed!
we want new players to have fun and not restricted to a 12 unit limit right?


Changing core game play mechanics for new players is unreasonable, if someone new wants to learn to play they have other options. Competitive game play should not change to support players as they have other methods to learn such as “Campaign / custom”
What new player sits and plays competitive 1v1 ladder? I believe the unit selection should be removed in Customs and Campaigns and maybe a “training” league for new players.


removing unit limit is not a big change as you are trying to make it as but for the new and old players its better to have the divided option! no it does not attack the core of the game if you can still play your 12 unit vs another 12 unit limit while somon else are fighting with the unit limit remove 1v1
you are just defending the older players base like it do not want newer players wich is stupid i have seen many other post that will destroy the core of the game but unit limit removal is not 1 of them


what current games are you playing?

if you are trying to compare a rts remaster to a none rts game you have forgotten that a controller game is not a rts that u move more unit then 1 i have tryed to go back to warcraft 3 many times but thx to the newer rts game that showed me how better the rts game are with the unit limit gone! it is really hard to enjoy warcraft 3 story mode and normal games! i wuld just go back to custom game or play another game like many others!
ofc unit limit works in divinty sins but thats an entire diffrent game!

Competitive game play by nature strives on equal playing ground.
One player having 12 units vs the other having unlimited would not be even

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thats why i said it should be a optional no we dont let people with 12 unit limit play vs somon with a removed unit limit ofc thats unbalance! thats why i say let the people with 12 unit limit play vs others with the 12 unit limit
while the the other players that plays with 12 unit limit removed plays with others with that option! its not hard to understand!

For people saying they should add it for some modes, but not melee, I couldn’t disagree more. This would confuse and frustrate new players who got done playing the campaign and went to multiplayer. This would be another factor that would discourage any new players from coming online.

Gears of war 4 tried to do different settings for competitive modes, and it was a complete disaster.

another way to say what i meen have a toggle to play classic 12 unit limit for those who want to play together with the classic and the super nostalgia gameplay
while we call the other toggle modern unit with the unit limit gone
as i said it will be divided but it helps newer player it gona make custom made games even more fun! and gona open new gameplay experience for some returning players that just wanted that small change!

it helps both side the older players and newer!

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That is a fair point.
But i dont think, that allowing for bigger control groups will lower the skill celing of the game.
But it would be a real quality of life change for noobs like me.