Reforged should give what was promised

Blizzard on announcing Reforged stated we would have a slew of new features and retconning of the game to fit the lore of WoW as well as bring more prominence to the big names in WoW.

Now I know there’s a vocal community that has been screaming that they don’t want anything changed to the lore. And I have a simple solution for you. Play Warcraft 3. The original Warcraft 3. If you don’t want anything changed, nothing is stopping you from playing the campaign you love.

However, Blizzard has apparently taken your stance and run with it as the majority. We deserve the retcon we were promised. Regardless of your opinions on the matter.

The Warcraft 3 you love will still be there. But now those of us who were looking forward to the retcon, the new cinematics, the focus on other characters…Our hopes are dashed. I hope you’re satisfied.


incoming “reeeeeeee go play your shi**y wow instead”
They will never admit what Blizzard is doing is false advertisement.

I love this game and i loved the story but anyone can see that the story made next to no sense at some point bc they had to rush it.


Otherwise they can lower the price.
I will be fine with 15$.
30$ is definitely too expensive for what it truly is.


Now I know there’s a vocal community that has been screaming that they want anything changed to the lore. And I have a simple solution for you. Play world of warcraft. The original world of warcraft. If you want anything changed, nothing is stopping you from playing the game you love.


Lol are you really gonna believe blizzard? Oh we heard the cry of the fans so we didn’t add that stuff. Talk about blind sheep.


There’s a difference between WoW and Warcraft 3. One is an RTS the other is an RPG. If I wanted to play an RPG, I’m just fine playing WoW. But I pre-ordered Warcraft 3: Reforged with the understanding that I was going to play an RTS.

Literally nothing stops you from playing Warcraft 3 as it currently exists. However, those of us who want what Blizzard originally promised are told to play WoW instead? How is that fair?

I don’t care about the lore, of the original Warcraft 3 or of WoW. But I was looking forward to a game telling the story in a new and different way. Thanks to you and yours that is ruined for me and those of us that wanted that.


it boogles my mind how delusional these wow kids are
they actually think it’s perfectly fine to butcher a complete, finished game and replace everything thing with their wow sh1t
I’m glad u’re getting shat on, kid, I can’t wait for the inevitable “wow campaign dlc, that’ll be $15, thank you sir” coming from blizzard


It boggles my mind these purists who act like Reforged was going to butcher a game that they can play regardless.

If you want to play a reskin, that’s all fine and dandy. But don’t you act like Reforged was somehow forcing you to play it. You could play the original Warcraft 3 with no issues instead.


Funny how never once did blizzard say they are remaking the campaign. All they said was originally they would add additional scenes to enhance the story of Jaina and Sylvanas ONLY. Thenew voice acting was going to be redubbing of the same exact lines to be of a higher quality then what they had in 2002. Why do people read to much into things and not actually read what is there. There was never going to be a new campaign the only “recons” were going to be the jaina and sylvanas scenes and some map changes thats it not lore being changed no new campaign nothing. The mob mentality needs to stop or blizzard could flat out say @$#% it all and cancel this thing and refund everyones money and nobody wants that. stop complaining and either play or dont play what they put out you are a consumer and really have no power over anything blizzard does you only have the power to buy the product dont like it dont buy it simple as that. Once again there never has been and never was going to be a reconned campaign anyone who thinks that was even a thought for blizzard is delusional and only wanting to change things for themselves when people dont factor WOW TAKES PLACE AFTER THIS GAME so reconning this game would make no sense to begin with. Entitlists are a horrible group of people let blizzard do what they want and either support them or dont support them. Dont like what they did in Hearthstone dont play hearthstone. dont like the new Warcraft 3 because it doesnt conform to what you want then dont play warcraft 3. Dont like the wow story dont play wow nobody is forcing you to buy or play anything plus i bet about 50% of the people complaining have never played the originals while alot have its simple. Do what you want but dont force crap on other people if you want reconned lore make it yourself the stories are there as is the map editor but stop trying to get blizzard to do what you want just because you misunderstood what they said you you do not have the ability to read properly

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Yes this, if you want the classic War3 story go play classic War3, if you don’t want any changes then Reforged isn’t for you and Blizz are complete scumbags for backpedaling on that.


An additional campaign would not be replacing anything. The original is still functioning.


The issue here isn’t about the story and what they’re doing to it.

The issue is that because of a few purists, the rest of us that wanted to play a unique storyline that retold the events in a different fashion are being told to pound sand.

This isn’t about the money or anything like that. This is about what Blizz promised when they originally announced the game as well as the fact that rather than come to this decision gradually with actual fan input, it sounds like they either determined by themselves or by listening to the loudest shills not to follow through on it.

Any game out there is a choice by the players as to whether to play or not. But when a game company promises something they should follow through on it, rather than take what appears to be a cowardly approach and say that the loudest voice is the one they should listen to.

You want to know why the people wanting the retcon didn’t come out until now? Because we were at the very least satisfied that Blizz was going to do something.


Biggest issue in your statement. I made them bold. BLIZZARD never said they were changing the campaign or reconning the story they only ever said they were redoing the cutscenes to make them look better and add maybe one or two scenes that expand on Jaina and Sylvanas the rest of the campaign was going to be the same they never even hinted it wasnt so i really dont know what people are complaining about when they literally read into something that was never even there or said

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Maybe but what was implied or atleast gathered I feel that the campaign missions would been changed to some degree so for those of us who have played these campaigns like 10x over and likely beaten on the hardest difficulty more than once, would have had a some new and refresh content by having the missions been changed up atleast a little bit.


I am one of those. They are changing some things like the base on stratholme that alone will change the entire dynamic of the mission since the angle of attack is completely different and your choke point is different. They cant make the game WoWified because wow takes place after Warcraft 3 and WoW is designed as an RPG not an RTS the WarCraft 3 story was basically perfect however it did end on a cliffhanger and making people want warcraft4 then WoW happened…

also on a random note: i have played every game and read the books and i still wonder something… WHY THE HELL IS THE WORLD IN WOW CALLED AZEROTH??? Azeroth was only a kingdom in the first two wars (it is not in Warcraft 3 because they are busy rebuilding and the legion attacks from the north to lorderon) i have never understood that even in warcraft 3 they do not call the world Azeroth but they do make subtle nods to the kingdom in the prequel missions

he issue is that because of a few bfakids, the rest of us that wanted to play a unique storyline that retold the old events in a hd fashion are being told to pound sand.

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Same reason why the hUmans were Christian in the first 2 games, and Orcs derived theit Magicks from Hades in the first one; but neither are true now.

They also said it was to replace some lines that were meant to be placeholder lines that made it into the final game anyway. Just saying.

Amén! 100% agree. Except the part about “I don’t care about the lore” how dare you Sir? Sacrilege I say, SACRILEGE!!! :rofl:

It’s called a retcon buddy. And a good one at that!
W1 has little to zero story in it. The lore of Warcraft was only started to take shape in W2 when they decided “ok, let’s make this into a series”. So “Azeroth” was used for the world because the name “Stormwind” didn’t exist at the time. Basically the only thing that is canon from W1 is that one side is Blue the other Red and that Blue loses.