PTR Patch Notes

Greetings Raiders, Tinkerers, Harbingers, and Wardens,

We believe we’ve found the last few root causes of the disconnects caused by conflicting game caches. We appreciate your patience with this one, and I can tell you the team here put in a lot of extra time to uncover and understand these legacy bugs.



  • Fixed more desynchronization causes from cached data

Tested and didn’t get any desyncs, seems working so far!

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Well done. Castle fight 1.21 cache doesn’t remove trees on next map.

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I’m having issues with verifying Account it opens 2 apps with the following messages:

Game update required. Please run installer again.

Warcraft III Public Test Realm was unable to initialize. Error 0

I have open a ticket with my dxdiag and MSINFO32 files included with the screen shot with potential hope you guys can fix that issue.

I use Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit . I have pre-purchased Warcraft III Reforged and I used the verify Account option. Can you guys do some investigation? I also tried several times to restart the application for the PTR patch. Sadly it wasn’t working :frowning:

P.S enter cd-keys is working, but for those players who don’t own cd-keys for classic Warcraft III I’m afraid these errors might appear

Nothing more to say Pete, that this bug still exist is rly sad


Good Job @ Blizzard for keeping the patches frequently!

For next fix Arranged Team please! :frowning: The invitation still dont works.


I hardly ever desync, but im still losing my games. When will there be a bug fix to improve my skills so i win more.


Pings are still high. In war3 I get 300ms to EU servers, and other blizzard games I get 100ms. Pings were low when there were hostbots. Please fix this Blizzard. This game is unplayable now.


Would be nice to address the matchmaking (ELO). Even if you are highlevel/active RT player, you get teamed with/against level 1 players a lot and it can ruin the fun. In the old days after some level only good players matched each other for more competitive games. Also there are plenty of trollaccs in 4on4 who do nothing but walk around with a tree (walkingtree) or dance with peons (dancingpeons), afker, teamkillers etc. I’d rather wait 5min but have a game with good and serious players.


It didn’t release for me

I had the very same issue for a long time now. I got some help at Reddit, try this:

Hold Shift, then click on your Windows button bottom left and shutdown your PC. It’s so damn simple but it worked for me. Give it a try!

i agree. ELO is in 2on2 RT really crap and often not fair.

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Is it still existing ? cos in that vod it was 1.27 ^^

Hi, I hear lockstep is fun. Thanks for the patch

its on PTR…:scream:

still exist --------------------------------

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i played custom game on latest PTR,when i quit game the warcraft 3 crash and a window appear asked me if send bug to blizzard,I click “send”,I have no idea why this happen.the map name is x hero siege.

4v4?? When I try search for 3v3 or 4v4 it never finds a game. 1v1 and 2v2 is no problem

Can people actually play 3v3 and 4v4? I miss it

with 40-26 score i find 4v4 in a matter of seconds

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