Warcraft 3 Desyncing


Every game I play I get desynched from I don’t know what to do please help I can answer any questions.


Just deal with it. Devs broke the game and they need to fix it.


(Pete Stilwell) #4


Latest PTR has a round of significant fixes to disconnects. We’d greatly appreciate it if you grab some friends and play some matches on your favorite maps:
PTR Patch Notes



I’d greatly appreciate it if you did your job which you get paid to do. instead of forcing players to test your (for lack of a better word) ‘work’

At least we’re back to using the PTR now huh.


Granted the current desync issue is rather annoying, but you’re just acting like an entitled child. Grow up and show some manners man!


i buy the game today and what disappointment of every 3 games in 2 is disconnected, only happens in custom maps


i got an error when i try to connection to my account after chaging my password: There was an error in handling the request. (4.2)
I can’t connect anymore to my principal account


You are the most incompetent developer to work for blizzard, you are on pair with jay wilson at this point.