Warcraft 3 Desyncing


Every game I play I get desynched from I don’t know what to do please help I can answer any questions.


Just deal with it. Devs broke the game and they need to fix it.


(Pete Stilwell) #4


Latest PTR has a round of significant fixes to disconnects. We’d greatly appreciate it if you grab some friends and play some matches on your favorite maps:
PTR Patch Notes



i buy the game today and what disappointment of every 3 games in 2 is disconnected, only happens in custom maps


i got an error when i try to connection to my account after chaging my password: There was an error in handling the request. (4.2)
I can’t connect anymore to my principal account


Pete Stilwell - i am sorry you have to deal with such negative loud people. SOme of us are learning to be better human beings as we grow and play blizzard games.

I appreciate your work and i know you’re human and have human problems. I wish you good things pete. Don’t be discourage. Not everybody is toxic or low conscious minded.

Be well friend and best wishes. Warcraft 3 is great so far :slight_smile: