[News] A soft Warcraft:Reforged relaunch incoming?

I mean, my source is an ex-reforged team dev who had access to the numbers so idk what to tell you other than what I already said :man_shrugging:

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Well without a receipt it’s just your word. And forgive me for not taking everything I read on the internet at face value.
I was able to find you the evidence.
Maybe the Azeroth/Kalimdor RoC community numbers could be low, but the European servers had a healthy population for the entirety of RoCs life. Just look at the links provided.

I stand corrected, it was 2 digits


Well it took them (almost) 3 years but it seems like they finally got an actual team actively working on fixing the game this time, it should have been like this since launch but whatever

Doesn’t state specifics, and shows no evidence. I have no idea who that person is.
As I said before even if this was 100% true this could be referring to one of the inactive realms.
Meanwhile you can clearly scroll through 50 pages (1000 people or less due to multiple accounts) who were active on ladder just in EU alone.

Even if this was true and you can back it up, why would you want less game anyway? It doesn’t make sense to me.
2 expansions, twice as much game. Or delete one, lose all the custom games, RoC clans, RoC community, its own ladder balance.
I played RoC for decades and never had issues filling up custom lobbies even near the end of its life. I never waited longer than 2 minutes to find a ladder game.

Regardless its a moot point.
The original point I stated was that they won’t bring it back, which we are both agreed on. So why are we having this conversation anyway? xD

That is Arcitct who developed all of the reforged campaigns. I promise you I’m not making stuff up lmao

I don’t think the size of the interface is really a problem because things like the chat are only visible when you need them to be. PLlust you can make the chat window big or small or hide it. Really the only issue I have is that they put everyone into a bunch of channels of like a couple dozen people instead of a few channels with lots of people. (Yes, there are many, just type /join W3 General several times, you’ll join several different channels with different people in them)

I got this survey too. Not sure what to make of it, but I shared my thoughts with Blizzard.

Some of these things SOUND promising, but we need to know more about what they’re actually planning before I can consider myself in any way “hyped.”

And I really, REALLY want to see them ditch that draconian DRM platform they’re using so I can freely cut my Internet cord in the future without having to sacrifice my ability to play, should this prove to be a good enough improvement to Reforged.

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Man. Now. Seriously.
That is surely the utmost quality source you can expect the slightest bit of knowledge of WC3 from.
A reforged developer??? Who? the one who made the webapp menu? Or the one who made this wonderful network layer? Maybe was the one working on the famous new cinematics… wait wait! the one who photoshopped the ladder years ago pretending to release it in the following aggressive patch!
I’d think twice before citing a “reforged development” as a reliable source.

He just lied to you. Probably because he was in charge of implementing RoC and he was so lazy that came up with a lame excuse.

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Is the channel name bug still there after 3 years???

I mean, it’s not really a bug, there are several channels all named the same, it was a deliberate decision to limit each public channel to 30something people.

It must be rocket science to figure out what is wrong with a 3 year old game having no correct working ladder and profiles. This incompetence is hughe.

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The problem is the same name. You can’t get back to the people you were talking to nor you can whisper to them. Well, anyway I guess there are less people than the launch now anyway, so the problem doesn’t exist anymore :slight_smile:

:rofl: :clap:

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Pot calling the kettle black?

As mentioned in my previous replies that you seemed to skip over, that source was Arcitct, who designed the reforged campaigns, as well as a lot of the cutscenes.

Also, pretending it’s the classic team’s fault that the game is garbage rather than upper management’s fault (given they’re the ones that pulled resources, axed features mid-development, and imposed a ridiculous deadline) only makes you look stupid in light of the behind-the-scenes knowledge we’ve gained of wc3:r in the past 3 years.


please don’t disrespect Arcitct, he and his team did everything they could despite Activision’s lack of funding


No no, you are absolutely right, I forgot you are a shill.

Anyway, so, Arctic got this number from? (come on, you can do it… I believe in your 2 neurons)
Where is the law saying that when a game that peacefully exists for many years must be cut for some 2 digits players? (ranging from 10 to 99), so 10x range…

The fact that I have blamed the team instead of the management is only in your shilly fantasy.

Guess that someone else is the stupid here…

What I’ve learned over the years: They are quite good in creating a hype and fomo to then disappoint me big time. I won’t shed a single tear until anything is rolled out


I’m not interested in a relaunch. My biggest gripes with the game concern models and animation. Many ReForged models are missing out on a number of animations that even the classic models possess.

Animation Variety / Quality is Very Disappointing - General Discussion - Warcraft III: Reforged Forums (blizzard.com)